They are planning to release the hubsan as pro plus pro and standard edition, se versions. Now s e is sitting right here. So today, in this video, yes im going to show you a quick unboxing, so you can see what comes inside the box when you order hubsan as se aerial filming drone, and i will give you a very first closer look in this video and finally well talk About its features before we proceed, i would like to say if other drone channels would like to use my this video or part of this video on their channels. My mcn will claim the video and monetize it in my favor. It wont be a copyright strike, though it will be a copyright claim and the video monetized in my favor in this case no copyright strikes so just wanted to clear that out. If someone wants to use my this video or part of this video on their drone channels now i dont want to keep you all waiting lets start with the unboxing. Please excuse the little area in my uh little room, but hey its plenty. So this is not like here we go thats how it comes inside the box. You get a nice bag. Look at that sweet, so nothing else in the ass e box, ill put it aside and now lets start digging in. So once again, a nice carry case right here in the front, zipper ill start taking out the accessories.

So you can see what you will receive in your box by the way, i believe that im, the very first one to have received it so not sure if things will be different or not so here we have a spare propellers will with the screws. Okay, more spare propellers a screwdriver, a usb micro cable, come on hopson. You are still using usb micro, its time to upgrade to usbc, and then we have three different cables for android and ios devices. Of course, you have to connect your phone to your drone. Using amazon x, exception 2.0 app. Now this is the one that you want to watch. So let me see if i have a right camera angle. Yes, once again here we have oh look at that. Come on dont! Be shy, yes check this out. This is hubsan acese, the all new aerial, filming, drone, okay, so ill. Give you a closer look very very soon, of course, so stay with me right here, dont be impatient. Now we have a user manual. Okay and i have a spare battery – this is a 3800 milliamp, 11.4 volt 43.32 watt hour battery intelligent battery thats. What have some says? Okay and after that for the charger. Oh look at that. I am very much familiar with this. This is kind of similar charger that came with older hubsan drones, like have some xeno tube. I remember you have this little charger unit and a wall outlet and you have in and out this means you can actually connect two or three batteries.

If you have more of these, you can connect two or three batteries and charge them, and they will charge one by one, not simultaneously digging in more and yes behold, we have the radio control, which is the same radio control, as you have seen with xenomini s E and xeno mini pro okay same kind of radio, all right, because the drone is completely white, so i have to grab a black shirt because i dont have any black background clothing in my house anyway. This will do the job, so you can see the quadcopter really clearly against the black background right here, so folding state. This is how it looks once again well talk about the features later, but epson has stated that this is 543 grams heavy. I believe so. Let me remove the propeller covers okay and unfold right, so in its unfolding state. This is how the asse looks like im, trying my best to give you a very, very close, look at the drone itself. Now you can see a complete white build with the white material, okay and transparent plastic at both sides left and right and, of course, front and back all is a transparent plastic. I believe if they added leds there. This would look amazing man. I can tell you it will look amazing while it glows at night with different colors of leds. Now right here on the back, you can see, there are two black dots. Two black circular dots, i believe the pro plus and pro versions of aase – are going to have obstacle avoidance and obstacle detection.

Sensors. Okay. So there is nothing here on standard edition, theres, just uh two. You know plugged dots right there and then on the front side. You can also see there will be obstacle, detection and obstacle avoidance sensors. Now i see that there is a folding section down here, which is the antennas these. These are the drone antennas, okay and they do unfold and fold on the arms pretty nice. So you can unfold the antennas and they also become legs for the drone. Okay, make it give it a little bit of ground clearance so that the gimbal will be protected from hitting the stones and or grass and shrubs. If you are taking off from the grass. Now lets remove the gimbal cover and we are exposing a gimbal and advertise is a one by two point: six inch sensor inside this camera, the camera shoots 4k 30 frames per second maximum resolution. Video, okay – and this is a three axis gimbal. It will lock at a point before the gimbal hits the walls okay, so it is limited, but still it will compensate. You know the third axis or the er access okay now lets come to. This is the left side of the drone, and i see right here. Theres, a tf card slot kind of thing, which is blocked, so you cannot insert anything there. However, we have one slot right here where we probably have led and a button and a usb micro port, okay, usb micro hubzone.

Please update to usbc, i believe, thats the trend now now, if coming to the right side of the quadcopter, you will see that there is another tf card kind of slot which is blocked, but you do have a tf card slot right here. This means hubsan, as se right here, in my hand, does not have a built in memory, but you will have to insert a tf card making sure that its a high speed, tf card many people, didnt, like the built in memory in xeno, mini pro and xenomini. Se, because you know of the questions that the memories go bad over time, they liked the tf card slots. So i believe hubsan has been listening, and this is really very, very nice to have a tf card slot, because you can insert up to 64 gigs of tf card and replace whenever you are getting full okay. I also see kind of button right here and an led light im, not sure what that is for. I will have to find out by reading the user manual now if we come to the bottom of the quadcopter okay, let me just hold the propellers this way. Now you can see on the bottom, we have a downward facing led floodlight for night vision, positioning system assistance, we have tof sensors, we have optical flow sensor, we have a fan nice, we have a fan here and under this, yeah does feel like plastic cover, which Is fixed with the screws? There is a metal heatsink as well with lots of winds here fan and the vents at the back and the vents at the front side.

So the people who are wondering about how hot the drone will get during the flight. Well, we will find out anyway. We have a new fan here this time, an additional one, and this should keep the drone cool during the flight i mean they should keep the heatsink and everything else that heatsink is connected. It connected to cool during the flight. Okay, so there isnt much to see, except that now we can take a look at the battery compartment as well and there you are, and once again as i have shown you, the battery is 11.4 volt, 3 800 milliamp 43.32 watt hour battery and its a lipo Battery lithium polymer battery all right lets talk about the features of ase very, very quickly. The features that hubsan has advertised so im just going to describe them very, very quickly number one. The drone is capable of shooting 4k 30 frames per second clear and crisp video, and with the 3 axis stabilized gimbal, your videos should be nice and smooth and stable after that it offers 1080p full hd video transmission and a 10 kilometer control rate using the hubsan Sync, last 3.0 technology: you can fly ase in winds up to level 7 and it also offers level 8 wind resistance. If you turn on the anti wind mode in your app those who, like the drones to track and follow them, ase does have hubsan atvt 3.0 vision tracking system. The camera also offers up to 3x digital zoom, which i should be able to put to a test.

Once we take it out for a spin hubsan claims that the flight endurance of ase could be 35 minutes with this intelligent battery right here, and i have already shown you that the drone has optical flow, tlf and barometer for its accurate position hole no matter. If you are flying outdoors with gps satellites found and locked or youre flying indoors indoors, without gps, tof, sensors barometer and optical flow sensors should be able to offer you a very, very solid position hold for more detailed features. Im gon na leave the links in video description. Please follow those links and you can get all the information about everything that you want to know, including yes, it can do live broadcast as well, which i gon na try someday somehow. So. Thank you very much for watching this video once again. If you want me to do certain kind of test flight testing on hubsan asse, please leave a comment mention that in the comment and if you have any questions you can mention that in the comment as well. Give this video a big thumb up and dont forget to subscribe, hit that little bell icon and turn on all the notifications. So you will not miss flight testing. Videos of hubsan sse. Alright now lets charge the batteries and bring this baby out and see how this flies and how it performs come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it.

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