You have to put battery for the remote control. Yes, Laughter just put the butter in use the battery guys uh triple a is two and in the light blinking it means the remote control is on. Then you have to calibrate opposite lets. Run Music Laughter, Applause, Music, find out the apps, and actually i already downloaded apps there is that one? Yes, they have to connect wi fi, yes, wait for the thing yeah. This is connecting that face. Yes right here, open the key! Yes, now start you see the camera. Is this very clear spirit and young guys? This is a phi. 10. 4K. Dual cameras. We have follow me mode, engage your control, visual photo ratio, recording attitude, hold one key left and rotating planning, and then we have to connect the zero four squared to the beginning, guys know the a god father Laughter, oh no, another one Laughter, the other side Laughter. Then you have screw, then we have the cable usb for charging the battery again. Yeah im, alright Laughter, Laughter, foreign, nothing, hey, Music, see just Music. Music Music is wow, Music, now wow Music. This is yes, oh no, Music, Music wow – and this is a phife. P10. 4K, dual cameras drone six axis gear we have following mode. Is your control and gives your photo? Is your recording attitude hold one key left voting planning how to wow Music optical flow positioning, fvb, real time barometer attitude hold for the wall and headless mode? This 60 degrees cliff sd camera surfing for psg yarn Music, guys.

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