It is by dongming to rc ill, just call it drc. It is a foldable arm. Wi fi fpv altitude hole rc quadcopter ready to fly with a 2 megapixel wide angle, lens camera, so lets open up the box and check it out all right. Everything is out of the box and laid out on the table, so lets check out what we get in the box. First, we get a bag of goodies. We got some prop guards here and i do recommend you put the prop guys on. If you are a beginner, you can help protect the props and, in turn, help protect the motors theres. Some extra props here looks like a full set of extra props and there are small little pieces of something in here as well as a screwdriver. Let me go ahead and take out what those small little pieces are and check it out, and we also get some screws in here as well, so be careful with those little screws theyre not in a separate bag. Im pretty sure they are for the prop guards. But heres one of the small little pieces that were in the bag theres four of these and i do believe what it is is. It is some landing legs for each of the motor pods. So you push it in like right here and it provides a landing leg on each of the motor paws kind of like what this picture is showing like just like that, all right so but im not gon na put that on.

I think the quadcopter already has some landing legs built in so well come back to the quadcopter in a little bit, and that is what you get in this little bag of goodies and we also get the screwdriver somehow took the screwdriver out and heres the charge. Cable usb to a little barrel style, connector and here is the battery proprietary battery and there is the port to connect this barrel style, connector and power source. The usb to charge up the battery and the battery itself is a 3.7 volt. I cant see any writing on there. So im telling you what im reading from the product page, it is a 3.7 volt, 1000 milliamp battery supposed to be good for about 10 to 13 minutes of flight. So that is pretty good all right so and you also get the instruction booklet yeah in all kinds of different languages and drone wi fi scalp, it says okay, so maybe it is named that as well and we also get an addendum to the instruction manual with The wi fi fpv app that you can download in the app store it is called the ht ooh ufo, app thats. What it looks like i have that app already installed on my phone, so were gon na go ahead and use that, and there are the qr codes to download the app it is called htufo all right there we go so lets, go ahead and take a look At the quadcopter and the remote control a little closer all right guys, so here is the quadcopter foldable design once again, and it is looking kind of like the mavic air clone here kind of anyways uh here are a couple of led lights.

Looking like eyes up in the front – and there is the camera – the wi fi fpv camera and it is tilt adjustable, but i feel a slight resistance as im tilting it up and down theres kind of like a soft mount on the camera tilt angle. So when you push it up, it kind of kind of bounces back a little bit so its kind of soft mounted. Hopefully it takes good jello, free videos, and here is the wi fi antenna on the bottom, and here is the whole wi fi fpv module, and there is a little slot on the bottom. Here. Uh looks like its supposed to be for a micro sd card, but it is not a dvr on this one here and theres a little notch or a little protrusion, looking like it could have been for a optical sensor, camera perhaps maybe on a different model. Anyways uh, we see that there is a on and off button right on the top, and even though it is a foldable design, the props are not foldable, it looks like it is foldable, but it is not so lets go ahead and spring out the arms here. The front arms fold out just normally just fold it out there we go, but the rear arms have to go below and it clicks out. Theres four clicks to click it out all the way out. Two three four, and now we have a significant size quadcopter, just like all of the rest of the foldable type of quadcopters, so that is just about it on the quadcopter yourself and theres.

Also a little led light fixture in the back as well right. On top of the battery compartment, so here is the battery, so you just slide it in and it only goes in one direction, just like the contour of the quadcopter, so just push it in all the way clicks into place, and then now you can turn it On by depressing the on and off button there so lets put the quadcopter down and it doesnt look like i need to put the landing legs or the little pieces of that landing leg on the motor pod looks like its going to land itself, pretty good with Those built in landing legs on the body all right so lets go ahead and take a look at the remote control and it is another familiar type of remote control. Ive done a bunch of reviews that utilize the same type of remote control, and here is the hidden phone clip on the bottom. Just pull it out and lets see if itll take my iphone 6 plus with the case and oh yeah itll take the iphone 6 plus with the case, so that is nice. We take that off and it provides a nice little handle too. When once you put the phone on there, so these antennas are just fake antennas but looks nice when you flip it out theres the power on and off button there thats the throttle. This is the pitch and the roll.

It is the mode too and theres some buttons on the top, so this button here is the headless mode button. If you press it short press it, and if you long press it, it is the one key to return. This will be the photo and video button, but it will not function on this quadcopter because it does not have a dvr. So a single press will take a photo if it did have a dvr and a long press will take a video and on the right side. This this button in the back here is the speed button, and i do believe it has three speeds. This button up here on the front, it is for flips, just press this button and do the direction of the flips that you want. We got some trim buttons here to the right to the left forward and backwards and some little light fixture. I believe it just turns on the second one turns on to indicate the power is on and it is a red indicating led light heres, a one key to take off and one key to land. So that is nice and bolt sticks to the bottom and in will arm and disarm the motors and both sticks to the bottom and out will calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter all right. So this has a control distance of about 100 to 150 meters thats. What it says on the product page all right so lets go ahead and uh do a little demo flight with the x12 by drc.

All right. We are just about ready to go with the x12. We got everything connected. The transmitter is turned on, as you can see, theres a red led light on that second little hole there. I have the wi fi fpv app turned on and i do have connection and we do have pretty good fpv and the camera seems to be pretty decent. Looks like a 720p fpv camera, so lets go ahead and let me start my screen record on my phone, so i can show you what the app looks like and there we go all right. So that is how it looks like if i turn on the displays. Thats, what it looks like and altitude hold – and it gives you the button for to one key to take off one kilo. Land emergency stop and i see a microphone icon as well, and that is the phone app and im just gon na leave it just the way. It is right now because im gon na fly it with the hard remote, so both sticks to the bottom and out will calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter. So lets see there, you go led light flashed and it has stopped and both sticks to the bottom and in will arm the motors and arm disarm the motors as well. All right so lets go ahead and take some photos. First lets go ahead and place. It horizon level here and oh yeah. I got the quadcopter nice and straight and we got nice horizon 50.

50.. All right so lets go ahead and take a photo there. We go taking a photo taking another photo taking another photo by the way, the app that i thought i have downloaded and it was compatible. It was not – and i was referring to the hts ufo app, but this one here is just called the ht ufo app looks very similar, but it will not work with the hts ufo app. So i have to redownload the app or download this brand new app. Alright, so taking some photos there, Music and lets go ahead and hit that video icon and we are recording video as well. Let me make sure i got screen record on all right, so lets go for a little demo flight with the x12 lets hit that one key to take off. Oh yeah takes off automatically and there is a led light in the back and it is red and i am able to see it when the quadcopter is at a angle where i can see the led light and let me turn it around and i can see The led lights in the front as well theres a little breeze kicking in so there you go and the motors are embedded inside of the arms and are lying laterally with the arms, so its kind of like the jjrc elfie type foldable quadcopter here. Okay, that is speed number one. I am assuming okay, not bad. Let me go to speed number two, a couple of beeps and theres speed number two.

Let me see if i can see if theres any lag right off the bat we got altitude hold so there. I am coming towards me and hey. That is not bad. You can fpv with this thing right off the bat. Oh theres, a little bit of disconnect there you go bringing it back and probably the car was in the way here so signal got lost, but this is not bad and there you go all right. Speed number three do a little flip oops. It will not do a forward flip guys, oh and theres a little bug trying to get at my quadcopter okay, it will do a left flip. It will do a right flip, but it will not do a forward flip and a re rear, flip back flip. Okay, so just left and right flips can be had with this quack open all right. So let me go ahead and hit that headless mode here and yep. Headless mode is working, no annoying beeps on the transmitter. That is good all right, so going forward coming back in a full, yaw spin, so headless mode is working just perfectly as i have calibrated the quadcopter, so that is nice. Let me hit that button again out of the headless mode. Now yeah we are out and long pressing. The same button is the one key to return. So lets go ahead and there you go. It is returning to the southbound heading and redirecting it gets you out of the one key return and see if the button will get you out as well, long pressing it and long pressing.

The button again will get you out of the one key to return, so that is awesome. Nice everything is working. Just fine lets see lets test out the one key to land here, one key to land and directing its path to land on the landing pad and there you go touchdown and the motor shut off. So everything works lets go ahead and arm the motors manually there. We go and take off manually awesome everything works perfect and it is very controllable as well. Even with the wi fi phone app turned on sharing that 2.4 gigahertz frequency, i dont see any lag on my remote control, so this is a pretty good one and its got a pretty decent camera as well. So lets go and check out the sides. I went down to speed number one so hopefully well take some good videos theres a little turbulence. Let me do a little pan, decent quality videos, guys that is not bad, okay, making a 360 and there. I am okay coming towards myself pressing over me, so it should be right there, nice, all right so pretty decent flyer, so lets go ahead and bring it in and see what happens when i turn the remote control off simulating signal loss. It says 100 to 150 meters, so im not sure about that, but well demonstrate what it does. If it does disconnect okay turned off the remote. I have no input controls. It is slowly descending by itself.

That is very nice behavior nowadays, with all of the quadcopters there you go, it came to a nice little soft landing and the motors have shut off. So let me go ahead and turn the remote control back on and rebind and lets see if it takes off here there you go, we are rebound and we have regained connection speed number one speed number two, all right, so very, very nice. So far, the behavior on this quadcopter is just awesome. Okay, let me go ahead and bring it in for a landing manually. Let me go ahead and land it on the landing pad oops. That was all a little hesitation after it almost touched the ground all right. So there you go guys with the hard remote all right. I was able to turn the quadcopter off and restart the whole process, and now it has reconnected and the lights on the quadcopter is solid. We have connection and let me go ahead and turn on the virtual sticks or the altitude hold i already have. The virtual sticks turned on now. I have one key to take off one key to land and emergency. Stop lets go ahead and start the video as well, and i do have my screen record turned on so lets – go for a little demo flight with the x12, with the wi fi phone app lets check out what speed we are on and there is the speed Button, let me go to medium and let me go to high speed and looks like there is also a gyro mode as well.

All right so were gon na check that out, so first lets go ahead and check it out with the virtual sticks. One key to take off and lets see if it takes off. Oh yeah, not bad. We got altitude hold on this thing and even though we are in speed number three or 100, and that is the full pitch forward and as i let go, it is slowly coming down. No, hopefully not all right, so the wind is pushing it back. A little bit so there you go guys lets see if i can fly it with the virtual sticks here, oh yeah, you can control this quack up there, but it doesnt have a very good speed with the wi fi phone app. It did a lot better with the hard remote and theres the speed with the wind. So the wind is playing a little factor here, so it should perform a little bit better if it didnt have any wind right. So that is the virtual sticks, and i think i see that the lights are slot starting to blink, so lets go to gyro mode and demonstrate the gyro mode going forward. It looks like its got better pitch with the gyro mode doesnt it alright, so theres a little twitch right there not sure what that was. So taking a look at the lights here, i can see that the lights are still solid in the back all right. So we are not low on battery, so there you go guys the gyro mode and it is functioning very well theres, not much lag but theres a little twitch here and there when i change directions.

Maybe that has something to do with the wind too. There you go coming back towards me and the response is very quick, yeah, so very nice all right, so lets go ahead and get out of the gyro mode and regain control with the virtual sticks. Oh oh, it does not want to respond. Okay, there we go. We are good to go once again. It took a little while for it to respond to the virtual sticks. Let me go ahead and bring it in for a landing here, because i want to see what the commands are for man. I just missed the landing pad here, so lets go ahead and hit that microphone button. Okay, okay ive seen the commands that i need to command so it can take off it can land turn left turn right, go forward and backwards, so lets go and check it out. Take off holy crap go forward. Let me go up in altitude. A little bit turn right right forward forward. Go forward forward, go forward, go forward, go forward, go forward, turn right turn right, it does work, but it doesnt go for a long time. So im saying other words and it is responding. Oh, it is coming down for a landing guys, so i think maybe the battery is kind of depleting. I see that the lights are still solid. All right so lets go ahead and take it back to the table. Yeah, the lights are still solid, so it is still good.

Okay lets try that one more time take off land. Okay, i want to check out see to see whether or not it landed by itself as well with the voice command, and it does so. Some of the functions do work. It is not the very best, but the microphone and the voice command does work very nice lets see. Let me hit that other button and there should be a there. You go flight planner, so lets go and check out the quadcopter with the flight planner, so lets go ahead and take off one key to take off join a line forward. Let me go up in altitude: oh man, it travels for a while with a strike stroke of the pen, so to speak, so there you go holy crap its gon na come at me. Isnt it yeah all right. So let me go down in speed to speed number one and the distance that it travels is a little less and it is a little docile, so you are able to control it with the flight planner with lower speed. Let me go up in speed here to medium speed, oops its going the wrong way. There you go go forward there, you go flight, planner works as well. So let me get out of that flight planner and take control with the virtual sticks. There we go taking back control with the virtual sticks and i was able to demonstrate just about everything there is to demonstrate with this quadcopter with just one charge of the battery.

So it does have a pretty decent amount of flight time with this one battery. So that is just awesome, so lets go ahead and bring it in for a landing here, and let me see if i can land it on the landing pad now. Okay, come on there, we go there, we go there, we go come on land there we go made it to the landing pad all right. Let me go ahead and turn off the recording and let me go ahead and turn off the screen recording as well. Nice. All right there we go. What im going to do now is im going to turn off the altitude hold im going to turn off the virtual sticks. I want to turn on the remote control and see if i can bind it back to the remote control, and let me just put my phone on the clip here and see if i can fly some more with the hard remote nice right im gon na go Ahead and record all right, so we still got battery power and im still able to fly with a single charge. Speed number two thats, pretty good, nope, still kind of slow speed. Number three all right lets run out the battery with the hard remote. I still see that that led lights in the front, looking like eyes, is still solid and it is not blinking not bad. Do a little speed pass, yeah its a pretty decent flyer, guys responding to my controls very nicely, and the lights in the front is still solid, so that is just awesome man long flight time.

Okay, let me see if i can fpv a little bit more okay. There i am going over me passing by me, going away from me to the right side of the field turning around and got myself on my sites and passing right over me again and check it out. It is just doing fantastic, okay, bringing it down a little bit. Let me see if the lights are blinking. Yes, i see that the led lights in the front, looking like eyes, are blinking, so lets bring it in for a landing. So far, everything has worked and responded beautifully, so lets go ahead and bring it in one key to land and i was even able to do fpv in speed number three. So just awesome lets see if i can land it this time, sort of in the middle. All right there, you go guys the flight demo of the x12 by drc. Alright, so just got done, checking out the x12 by drc, the foldable rc quadcopter with the wide angle lens camera, and it did just fantastic. I was able to fly it with the hard remote while i had the wi fi phone app turned on as well, so there was no delay or latency whatsoever, utilizing the hard remote with that 2.4 gigahertz frequency conflicting with each other. No conflict whatsoever with this quadcopter and i was able to fly it also with the wi fi phone app. The virtual sticks work great, the gyro mode as well as voice control and the flight planner all worked pretty decent.

So just a fantastic of a flyer and i was able to demonstrate everything with just a single charge, so the flight time on this quadcopter is also very, very nice all right, so there you go guys my review and test flight of the x12 by drc. Thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.