A few minutes later, Music im so excited its a count of five four three two and one Music yay Music. Meanwhile Music. Oh my god, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, dream come true! So, oh my god! Thank you. Lord for all, the blessings friendly christmas gift, oh yeah, and in the description box below Music Applause, a few moments later: Music, foreign Applause and so whats inside the box. Oh Music, medal ceiling, dji box, guys box, Music Applause, Music, each battery um duration is 30 minutes per flight Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, okay, Music, djitou, Music, another mavic mini combo instruction instruction dial the line of the instructions, especially natalya eye, beginner, Music Applause, Music, a Pair of propellers from bangla aerial shots and the highlight of the hour is an adding dji mavic mini drone Music Music today welcome dj mavic mini toyoncios vlogs, oh my god: Music Music, second hand, Applause, try nothing, Music, another Music, Music, okay, Music and then another intelligent Battery so plugging that in charger and then click so Applause Applause then attach the control, sticks and cable, so get it out. Music. There. Music is Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, propellers, Music, Music Applause, lightning for android Music, Music. The star of this video is taran. All about the finally, the dji mini so beautiful, oh, my god, Music Music! Please remove the gimbal protector before taking off propellers Music, three extra pairs of propellers extra. So thank you.

So much change to activate the battery before Music charge to activate the battery Music, Music and fold the front arm forwards forward out guys forward forward. Oh my gosh forward, oh my god and then uh unfold, the rear arms downwards. My arrows shine up again, and so, if we flip nothing now Music, the wings instructions. Few inches later, please remove the gimbal protector before taking off okay, its a gimbal protector, Music and 249 grams. All right so ballet nothing only rear arms again from ganon Music Applause, Music, Music, Music about the technicalities of this drone im not so familiar. I am not really hundred percent ninja techie and also manager, Music, Music, uh. Okay, so i checked the netting young, adding adding remote control all the antennas and mobile mobile device. Clamp then attach the control sticks and people guys sticks, okay, Music, Music, adding phones, look very incredible so and guys for the part, two nothing um sure part one is unboxing. Part two is the review so far, guys from the external boxing grab is super secured with bubble wraps with external box and the little shine completely sealed and accessories so actually guys, just search for dji official store and in current price for nothing, dj, mavic mini drone. Actually, with again with the 64.3 64 gigabytes now sd card combo is flying more combo, epics long, intelligent batteries, so, for only i mean so 30 minutes per battery, so times 3 equals 1.

5 hours. Now before guys, its 26 thousand four hundred. Ninety nine pesos Applause. I was redirected to their shopping at home, so nasa Music, Music, 499 minus 19993. Imagine guys 6509. shopping Music, Music unboxing to reviews through the course of the fun super solid, show so part three, nothing guys! I said going down nothing 101 stars parasite.