My first ever 4d rc drone, which i bought from lasada price, is ranging from 1400 to more than 2000. I think so this one i bought with extra battery so thats why it costs more than 2 000, but yeah um lets start uh the unboxing process. So, as you can see, the box comes with uh bubble, wraps um to protect the package during transportation or the delivery. Okay, all right so lets open. So it comes with a bag and a manual right so lets see whats inside there you go okay, so it comes with another manual. So at first i was confused as well um, but the other one is actually in chinese and other languages and the other one is in english. So yeah first thing is uh the battery. I bought this one with extra battery because um it only lasts for about five to ten minutes, so you really need an extra one if youre gon na use it for um traveling plugging right. So these are the propeller guards. So when youre practicing, okay, thats the usb port, uh, sorry usb charger, okay also comes with um extra propellers. In case you, you break one of yours also a screwdriver right. So here is the remote control for our mini drone. Okay battery is triple as i dont. Actually have extra or spare batteries um anyways. Personally, i wanted to use my phone mobile phone and controlling the mini drone. Instead of using this one.

Okay thats, where you put your mobile phone, looks good. Okay lets put it back now, um get to the mini drone. At first i was um really shocked. It was very light, only weighs um 94 grams. I think so its very light. I was really worried if it can fly outside, especially on windy weather, so im not sure if its well stabilized, but we will see later, we will do a test flight, so yeah, first retract the arms and then the legs. Now it looks bigger earlier its just um. My hands is a bit bigger than the drone, but now its wider here is the camera. This one comes with 4k. Okay at the bottom is the battery, so yeah make sure um your drone will not get wet its. Not protected theres a lot of holes in it. Okay, it looks good personally, i like the design and when its blinking, that means its already turned on its ready to be connected to your mobile phone or to your remote control and thats. It now uh. Well, do a test flight, so this is my first time controlling this drone. You know just to kind of see how stabilized it will be before i try it out outside. Okay, as you can see its very stabilized, its, not wiggling its, not going left or right. So later, once i charge my batteries, we will try it outside okay. So, as you can see, it automatically saves money.

It has an automatic button for that also for landing Music. So, right now i am using my my mobile phone and controlling the drone. You see how stable the drone is its not going left or right by the way i am only using gear one, it can be upgraded, but the only difference is um. You can control it much much faster. If youre on gear 3, you can go left or right faster, like here on gear, one its steady, very steady Music. So i cannot go higher than that by the way um. If youre gon na practice flying your drone, you should do it outside or in an open area, not in a crowded place like this theres, a lot of wires so just to avoid causing trouble or avoid having your drone torn apart. So should do it outside Music, Music, very good, very steady next is we will show you the Music camera view from the drone Music. You see how steady it is, its very user friendly or very good for beginners. Like me, although this is my first time, i can control it like, like that, not crashing the drone Music, okay, here, youre just gon na press, the automatic landing, and it goes right down. So this is the camera view from the mini drone looks fine Music Music. It also has a following function, so just gon na have to focus it on a person, and the drone will follow that person, but i havent tried it yet.

I need to practice more Music Music, Music Music, so you can easily take photos on this Music once you practice enough, i think youre gon na be able to shoot much uh, much better videos photos but, on my case, im still a beginner, so Music Music. So here, um, im, gon na show you just to show you a bit of how you can control it through your phone Music, its like youre, just playing video games, Music and thats it. If you like, my video, please comment subscribe, so we can do more of these things.