So we need to okay, okay. Here we have the manual of course, but if you know how to – and this is for the camera for the drone – okay, so thats done – and here we have the here – we have the indicator, which is i mean? What is it again? Oh, i mean the transmitter, so this is the transmitter, and here we have a charger and a screwdriver. I think – and we have some protecting frames for the ground, and here we have the quadcopter its kind of really put it in there. I need to get it until ill see see if i can do this, see you in a bit. Finally, so so Music hold it Music, oh Music! Here we Music have okay. Here we have the drone, it says its a foldable, Music, foreign and yeah. So were gon na take a look of some some items. This must be for the phone yep so that that looks like thats. It yeah hey guys tomorrow and i will make a flight test tomorrow.