Today, i got this box pretty uh, sometimes that it is a drone, because i ordered one we’ll be unboxing. It anyways dji, tello, quadcopter, drone it’s, pretty affordable i’m. A beginner i’ve never used a drone before so i’m. Gon na be testing this one out before i upgrade to something that’s a little bit more expensive, see if i can get the flying down, go ahead and dive right in and unbox this thing all right. First thing you should know about this is when i picked up the box outside when it was outside my door. When i picked it up, it was extremely light, like i mean extremely light, so it’s kind of weird it’s off putting all right it’s got intel inside the dji tello drone. So we got here a little bit of information about it. It’S got a 13 minute max flight time. 720P. Hd transmission, multiple flight modes, easy operation, electronic image, stabilization 5 megabyte photo precise hovering packaging is nice, feels quality all right, there’s that and there it is Music very light, very small, as you can see, compared to my hands blade guards, blades everything’s already set up, so It looks like the uh battery goes in here and it charges on the side here with you see it a micro usb cord which is supplied here, micro, usb cord and it’s, not too long about a foot long, which is cool it didn’t come with the charging Box cube or square whatever you call it, it just came with the cable, which is very short, and it came with the battery here Music.

This just slides in here there’s connectors at the end a little hard to see because my lighting is over there, but the uh there’s connectors inside and just match this up with the connectors right here, slide it in there and boom and to charge it it’s. The micro usb cord plug that into a power box that you have see what it says we got this here so here’s the battery the battery is 5 volt. 3 amp. Is the charging cube capacity that you need for this particular drone? This is it: you’ve got some uh sensors here on the bottom since it’s the altitude, and then you have Music. The camera is right here, very light, very compact, all right, so we’re gon na charge this bad boy up like i said it takes about 90 minutes before you can put her in the sky, so 90 minutes and it lights up there and it flashes blue. Once it’s a solid blue color, then it’s fully charged came with an extra set of propellers. Just in case i decide to crash into a tree or crash into a building crash into a bush crash into myself crash into anything. If you crash and you break propellers there’s extra ones, there are four extra ones in here now with the charger again with that cable by bolt three amp, it is short and it does take from what i read on the internet takes approximately 90 minutes to get A full charge on the drone before you can fly it and that full charge of 90 minutes gives you 13 minutes of max flight time.

So connected come back. So if you want to take off the from your hand, you put it on the flight mode from toss from hand, and you just have to do this so it’s kind of a little bit of a pain because you have to swipe it with one hand. So you tap this guy that’s, the big Music Music Music. So oh look at this thing. The only thing that happened is the bitty uh the battery got dislodged. Where is it? What happened? Is the battery got squashed, this thing’s pretty pretty durable? The only thing that happened this thing, the battery popped out when it hit the tree. This fell down, none of the guards propellers broke, nothing happened, everything’s intact, so come to find out Music. I know there’s a hack for lengthening the range so i’m, probably going to do another video on that, as i learned that a little hack let’s keep flying Music, hmm, Music, Music. Ah that wi fi signal strong, again: Music Music. Do Music, hello, Music, Music, Music! Give it a second to connect all right, so there we go. You can see that it’s working the camera’s working everything’s on so to set your flight plan, go here, i’m going to do, throw and go because that sounds awesome and gives you some instructions. There go back, and you hit this button right here with the arrow coming up out of a circle for liftoff from your hand, and then you’ll you’ll have to swipe right here or lift up and there it goes report some video here.

Let me put it in fast mode: there we go Music that’s about the distance, the range of the wi fi there’s, a yellow mark there’s, like pumps of yellow or red on here. Let me know how far away you are. I also have only limited time on battery it’s only 13 minutes, so it lets. You know on this indicator here hard to see in the sunlight.