This new drone has been hyped up and it is totally justified up guys, im devon howard on instagram, as at devon howard, and i am back again with another episode of unbox. This today were unboxing an exciting new dji product, the mavic 3 drone. They really outdid themselves with this device lets get into it. This drone is for serious aerial, photographers and videographers youll capture, incredible photos and videos with the hasselblad camera and omnidirectional optical censoring. It comes complete with two camera lenses, giving you an unparalleled look at the world beneath your drone guys. I am so excited to get into this lets unbox this so Music, so wow, okay, okay, so first thought pulling this drone out of the box. Its got some weight to it, its pretty hefty okay lets see what else is in the box spare propellers here for those moments when you accidentally fly your drone into a mountainside and you break something Applause. This is the dji controller Applause, the quick start guide. Now these cords will help. You connect your controller to your phone, no matter what kind of smartphone you have. They have a connection for you. This is a usb to usbc cord in this little bag. These are the joysticks lets screw these in right now. Actually there we go here, we have a safety guide and two other pamphlets, Applause, and this is the ac adapter. Okay, so thats everything that comes in the box now lets pull out the propeller arms.

Here it comes with this case. Wow you guys. This is a big drone. This is much bigger than others weve unboxed on this channel, and it has a lot of weight to it. It definitely feels like it can withstand a lot. We have some peel moments here, so lets do that Music. Okay, that was all the peel moments, so satisfying now lets clean things up here and get into the details about this new mavic 3. Drone im really excited to talk to you guys about it, because it is seriously impressive drones. These days seem to get smaller and smaller people are impressed by how portable they are, but if youre after some seriously high quality photos and videos a little bit bigger might be a whole lot better. It comes in at just under two pounds and like most other drones, it folds into itself, so it does get smaller in size. You guys have already seen how it looks when its all folded up, so you can easily throw it into your standard, photo backpack or case its just not as tiny as some of the other drones weve looked at on this channel. The updated battery life will give you up to 46 minutes of fly time, which is 15 more minutes than the mavic pro 2 drone. Now, as you would expect, it is durable in its design. So, even though you should avoid getting it stuck in trees or running into things, it can probably handle a little bit of roughness if youre, not confident in your abilities to keep your drone out of trouble.

The obstacle sensors on the front back sides top and bottom will help it keep clear of any obstructions. Itll smoothly and seamlessly move around objects without direct manual control, which means you will be less likely to crash. You also have 15 kilometer video transmission range, giving you the freedom to explore the world from your drone, but the most important part about the mavic 3 drone is the camera system. Itll snap photos at 20 megapixel resolution youll also get 5.1 k. Video recording giving you magnificent detail in your shots, along with 120 frames per second slow motion, video and 60 frames per second standard video. The tele camera features 28 times hybrid zoom. So this can help you scout and plan your shots. You just need to activate explore mode and itll unlock. The telecamera also lets you zoom in on objects that are far away, so you can record at a distance and not disturb your subject. When you want your drone to come home, the auto return function enables the mavic 3 to determine the optimal route back to its home point and itll. Get there quickly. The dji mavic 3 has successfully surpassed other fixed lens consumer drones, youll, be able to capture artistic, detailed videos and photos without a lot of the limitations you find in other drones, available right now. All right, you guys, if you are ready to get a new view of the world shop, the link in the description below dont forget to subscribe and tap the bell in the comment section.