Thank you so much for joining uh today i wanted to uh, do an unboxing on the hs700e and the hs720e. We just got these in today from uh from holy stone, and i got ta tell you im super excited. They reached out not too long ago asked us if wed be willing to review these so jason and i are going to do full reviews on both of them. But today i just want to do a comparison. So im going to go on a trip to california and i was trying to decide, as i was looking at them online. Can i take which one am i going to take with me on my trip. Well, look at the difference in the size of these two things: theres its pretty pretty significant, almost two times as thick here, so well, find out whats in the packaging and go from there. But it looks like the specs are almost identical in terms of the capabilities. So they both have the electronic stabilization. They both have 4k cameras. They both have the ability to adjust the camera at a 90 angle, 90 degree angle remotely, so you can, you know, point it up and down. They have follow me capabilities and point of interest. One of the things that really excites me here is that weve had dji. We had a dji mavic, uh pro, no, no, no, no, we had the dji mavic air and i now have the air too, so jason and i each have uh errors, and i have the air too now and um one of the things thats missing on those And i dont i havent used enough of this or gotten into these enough to find out how they compare.

Obviously, the price point is quite a bit different, but one of the things that theyre missing without like third party software is point of interest are like. I know like a guided flight path and were doing a big conservation, habitat project in southeast ohio on an old strip mine, and we we take a lot of footage to see. You know how is it hows it advanced from from one time to another and weve been talking were like hey. We really need to find like a spot on the property where we always take the same video so that we can really see the progress from the same point of view, every time and im like yeah, some of these things actually fly. You can actually put the points you know we can fly the whole perimeter of our property. Do that sort of thing. Well, i found an app thatll do that with dji, but these do them out of the box. This is also quite cool. Look at that nice case, so for my dj eyes, i had to buy a nice case that fit the uh the air too, and neither one of them came with like like nice cases, they were kind of garbage um these little like purse, like things thats, pretty Slick right there, this one right here – really nice and compact, so uh yeah – lets check these out. This is the um, the 720e oh yeah, and this is the bigger one.

This is the 700e okay. I got some stuff up there in the top, maybe some blades. I mean thats a pretty cool, looking drone, i havent flown one that has this type of uh body shape. This is kind of like the phantom on the dji line uh, but im used to more of the the fold up ones, the travel ones. I think this is the one im going to take with me to california. Look at this thing. You do have to unfold them in the right order and im, not folding them in the right order. There we go almost got to have like a do. This first. Do that – and it probably says it somewhere in the directions – and i have not read them, but thats uh thats, pretty slick that is pretty slick check that out so uh im gon na make sure the cameras capturing all this yeah so right out of the box. That that looks like its almost ready to fly. I think these are probably gon na. Be my batteries lets see. What do we got here? Yeah we got a battery there. Charger here looks like so uh looks like i can get both batteries charged. At the same time, yeah battery one and two with a cord battery now all you have to fly more kits with the other uh, with the djis little screwdriver and now what we got in here is this extra extra blades im gon na leave those in there Nice looking uh remote control, its got a screen already on it, so a little different on the djis, the the knobs come off just so you dont break them, but its not a problem.

Theres your antenna, uh Music. Where is that how you hold your phone antennas up here? There we go theres, my phone holder, okay, im gon na have to read the directions a little bit more, just to make sure i know what all i got going on here: um, but uh. That looks pretty cool up here in this one. What we got lets look at manuals and stuff got the manual up here. In that little area i mean this is pretty slick. The other battery is already in it, so it did come with two batteries. That ones got like a little thing to keep it from going all the way in and connecting in. I need to read more about like does it have avoidance detection and all that good stuff it looks like it does a camera, not sure if i think thats, maybe a two axis gimbal ill have to look into the details there, but yeah thats, thats, pretty cool. So look at the size of that and what it came in and then lets check this one out over here. So we got the full size drone there, nice stabilizer on that looks like the exact same controller, so i wont bother pulling that apart. I got my uh screwdriver and my usb cord there battery here theres no battery in that one right now in the other battery there. So really nice. Carrying case, though, and uh looks like all of my propellers are here and im wondering these propellers look kind of big yeah thats a difference here.

These these propellers fall down. Those seem to be quite a bit, maybe like a half inch longer on each side and they dont fold so thats part of the the challenge. Is you know to pack this up and go? You have to take the propellers off, which im sure isnt a problem, but from a portability perspective, this is definitely more portable, its the one that im going to take with me, but i cant wait to fly these things and just check them out. I kind of do like the fact that you could. You could launch this one a little bit easier out of your hands and uh the landing doesnt necessarily land right down on the sensors and stuff so like my djis, have have legs on them. So um pretty cool, though im gon na get these batteries charged and well do a some video footage on my trip and thatll. Give me a good idea of how well they compare but pretty solid, and what ive read is this holy stone brand has really come a long way, since i think, like 2004, when they launched theyve really started to come up, and both of these drones were priced. The same so really, i think it just comes down to the form factor from what i can tell uh. Everything else seems to be the same. Cameras are the same uh. I did read that the flight time is maybe like two minutes better on this one and its probably just because of the weight and maybe the the size of the propellers.

The other cool thing is these are brushless motors, so they should be pretty quiet. So um yeah got the return home function, got the auto launch function, uh all the things that youd expect from uh from a high end drone. You can change between your camera and your your video. You can. You can change the angle of the uh, the camera remotely, so i dont have all the details on them. Yet i just wanted to see what was in the box today. I want to compare the sizes of what what we have here and whether or not id be willing to to pack this one with me and i think, im going to pass because weve got a lot of stuff were taking so im going to take this one. With me, i think itll fit right into my backpack real nice or into my suitcase either way and well get some cool footage to share in the future.