Some footage coming off a telegram again. As always, this footage is unconfirmed. This comes from various russian and ukrainian telegram groups ill mark in the top left corner and with a flag denoting who it is and if im unsure who the footage is or its been 100 unconfirmed, then ill place. A question mark just keep it a bit easier. Remember this is purely for educational purposes, giving people a better understanding of the war also gives you that insight in what combats like on the ground as well lets jump straight in hit. Yes, it sounds like one of the american volunteers in the foreign legion, and this is meant to be severe donetsk as well, so this is believed to be on the river and severed the next river Music sounds like hes, not armed it. Probably you so, as you can see, theyve got a variation of weaponry there and theyve got the in laws. Laws theyve got any any number there, so this is believed to be the ukrainians. Um, dug it on the opposite side of the severe the next river. I cant remember the exact name of it um, and this is the defensive positions that they hold. Just now that is insanely close is that within maybe 10 meters is insane and at that sort of distance, the pressure from the explosion as well um youd feel that 10 times would be enough to disorient you for sure lets. Just hope. There was no one directly under that theres some cqb footage.

This is maybe severe donetsk again and this ukrainians fighting um. As you can see, cqb footage as you can see, hes using the brain. There guys are discussing it in the the discord um. Definitely the czech brains that have been given the brain twos again its hard to tell so the so the footage himself. When you look at the guy whos firing, he doesnt actually know where the enemy are. It is very apparent because hes found at various windows, he may be under an impression that the enemy in a certain building he just doesnt – know hes firing um. So it begs the question to see whether he just wiped the camera on his firing to make it look good um. You can definitely hear a battle in the background which gives you an idea that they are moving through a battle, but the specific video himself is again: he just found it windows. So this footage here has been um hasnt been confirmed and they have no idea what date time or location is it. But you can see its in a trench system and you can hear theyre aware theres. A drone coming in ive never seen drone footage um with thermos before this is absolutely insane. This is, i dont think youll have ever seen anything like this before, and this will be a commercial drone theyre using because only the commercial drones come with the thermal cameras. So theyre a bit more expensive than you would normally get, and i can only assume hes using this to target with a grenade, but jesus insane, absolutely insane id hate to know what side are using these to this kind of effect, um and thats absolutely mind blowing.

Never in my life ive ever seen anything like that um, especially through thermos, and if this is night time that just is an absolute game. Changer image enhancing itself is pretty impressive, but once you start moving to thermals in this sort of environment, its unbelievable looking at the footage im unsure if there was a infantry attack going at the same time, these guys have already been hit because looking at them theres, No movement at all in the bodies before theyre hit by the grenades, which kind of gives impression that theyre already out again thats. You cant, really tell for thermal footage, especially if they try to hold static and not give away their position. So this is believed to be ukrainians um in the trenches im, unsure exactly what it is, but this is supposedly what happens every morning the russians bombard their positions every morning and it gives you that idea of what being on that end, the artillery is like, and People who say it doesnt whistle when it comes in it whistles when it comes in is frightening, so this i think, um again its been confirmed. This is dpr um, our shell and ukrainian positions here and, as you can see its very accurate so far, its already taken up that main event point and you can see theyre moving through, but its very accurate and the use of drones for fire control is okay And its mind, blowing the factory at this point in warfare with drones are being used for things like this is just its an absolutely different beast and its been talked on very accurately, as you can see its hitting that position 10 in the trench, its a really Good fire control – it almost makes you think if this was like world war one during the trenches, if that this capability would have been a different battle, would have completely changed the the whole course of the war they just.

You have to think about that and its just blows my mind, so you can only hope the ukrainians have built with that hard cover above that admin position. Theyve got there and you can only hope, thats well built and its deep enough, but as you can see its its very accurate fire coming in, but it looks like a mixture again that didnt exactly idea that looked like a um necessarily some form absolutely mind. Blowing the footage thats coming out just gets its so diverse, and it really gives you an idea of what the battle is like um on the ground. There you go heres an example: how theyre using the drones um. So these are void, grenades that have been whats. The word its insane so thatll be a custom made device thats made for the bottom of it as well, and it just shows you the release mechanism that theyre using thats. It now move forward im still unsure as to how theyre, targeting using the targeting system, whether theyre just lining the the target up with the center of the screen and dropping from there and but again thats thats the hard one to figure out Music. My variation in future again and its it really is showing you what the battlefields like at the moment what the trips are going from the ground on both sides. But if you enjoyed that guys make sure you hit the subscribe button over every two days.

Variation. A combat footage and it gave me review stuff thats, going on um on and off the battlefield as well. Any footage youd like me to react to or review leave it down in the the comment section or again. If that doesnt work, you can join the discord and leave it in there, but thank you for stopping by guys hope you enjoyed it.