It is the new HGLRC sector, 25, a 2.5 inch tinywhoop let’s, say to start in this fpv. You see that it has protections for the propellers And at the same time, well even before at least it could be transformed into a 3 inch ete free drone. Let’S fly it like this in this configuration to see how it goes, but first we will know about it later. Video, the box in which the drone comes white box without more here we mark, which is the model we have, which is sector 25, came flight with the camera each sat, the motor is 4800 kv and xm plus receiver. We are going to open it, and here we have the drone ete. As you can see, we are going to see what it is, what we have first, the drone. We have some spare screws, an adapter to place the go pro screw for that adapter and for the other, some velcro for the battery a complete set of spare propellers a sticker. That tells us that the propellers turn upside down to take it into account and another bunch of stickers with instructions. A diagram let’s say of what the drone wiring is that this usually comes in handy save it. You have it in Chinese and you also have it in English. So much what has come to us and how we do. We always go to the drone and zoom in on the drone to see how it is here is the drone you see.

It is very cool. This is the update of sector 132 that we already saw before you. You will remember it was a drone that was going very well to start learning to fly. It was very good, especially because we could fly it with the propeller protectors in a cinema book plan, or we could also fly it as a 3 inch drone without the protectors. Well, here we have the update of that drone. It is an update, according to the lighter and more powerful manufacturer, this drone, the versions that two drones have come to us at the same time that they are in sector 30 and sector 25. 30 are with 3 inch propellers gadas within the ducts, and the 25 is, with 25 inch propellers. What is the 30 comes with larger engines, 2004 3000 kv engines is, although the electronics in the rest is the same as the 2.5 as usual, we have two versions of each of them. On the one hand, in sector 30 we have the analogue and the digital. One, the analogue goes from 180 euros to 206, depending on the receiver we carry and the digital one from 278 euros to 305 euros in this case uses a camera that is the cadex nebula nano with what is the emitter, the vista of caracas? What is sector 25, we also have it in digital and analogue the analogue costs in 364 euros and 190 euros, depending on what is the receiver that we put while that digital goes between 254 and 280 euros, it has the same camera as sector 30.

This is one to each ex nebula. We do not start with the first electronics. You see that we have here inside the stack. We have a zeus, 722 controller. This is an f 7, with a turn m 6000 and at the bottom, as you can see, the sc is placed which in this case is a 28 amp sc. This sc is designed for types between 3 and 6 s and gives us what is a direct current of 28 amps and peaks of 35 amps for 10 seconds. On the other hand, in the back here, you see that what is the video transmitter is placed is an old acquaintance. We have already seen it in other models. It is zeus, nano 350 that has output powers of 25, 100, 200 and 350000 watts. The camera that we have here on the front is one each crater, a camera that is being seen a lot in the models of this brand and it is a joy. It goes very well, it is the tele2 face with a sensor of 1 between 1.8 inches 1200 tve leds, et cetera, et cetera, and the important thing about the motors you see that they are 14, 0, 4, 4 thousand 800 kv motors. This is for 4s and the propellers that it carries in this case, as the ducts already mounted are 2.5 inches, some 5 blade funk gen like you can see. It is a simple drone. It is very light.

You see that it barely weighs 149 g. Are we ready to fly, or we have another 100 grams left for the batteries in general? It is a very cool drone. We have nothing bad to say, of course it is more beautiful than the previous one, especially because of the way the engines have. Yes, in this case, no, We have a camera with recording, as if we had it in the previous one, but they bring us. What is this piece printed in 3d to place? Our own camera already installed comes the one with the 360 insta, and then we can place it with a go pro type, for example, that It is the one that you have seen that we have there in general, a very nice drone x, 30 connection for the Battery does not have anything without anything. Special cool let’s see how they fly and see what this one tells us in the sky, cute sky. What is it important? We are going to fly it very good guys. We are already in our usual spot and we are going to fly this little one to see what joys they give us or what disappointments. I hope they are joys and not the second. As you see, I put a lipo of 650 and on top of that Urge 360, because to record with better quality what we are seeing. We are going to try it good. Beginning good starts well the animated thing and to fly like this calm down at first let’s say for newbies: it is going well.

The issue is that it flies well good, nice good, cruel, but it has stabilized. It is A good drone to start with. I think good soft is quite noble in the end. What there are demands it answers it and what it is for first flights, so smooth without any problem. You see that it is going well, it is going quite well and as we start you can learn to fly a little more. We are going to see a little promos, but it is going perfect. It is going very well, it is going very well. The gift responds well better than I expected for this type of drones. The pleasure we take a run and jump the tree. You see that it is going quite well already. I like it, is very agile and enjoy. I quite like it is a gift that, as you can see, for different levels can be worth because it is that even to get a little cold quite well that, yes, they eat the batteries. That is nice. As you see how you see, They eat the batteries. You stay in it and quickly, it goes very well, we are going to change equipment and we are going to try another to see how the bug is doing before we load the good ones to raise. The wind.The. Only downside that I put on this drone is a Little. They spend read the post right away, but if you don’t see what a pretty good image is going well in terms of image, it takes us away without any problem enough to start and much more with this, you will not have any image problem and it is Agile, it is very agile, it goes very well.

We are going to make a town here and without any problem you see that the is going very well. Depression is not bad, it is not expensive and to start the first one I liked it, and this one is already much more agile. This one shows – and That goes with two and a half blades, and when we mount the d 3 inches that one day I will cheer up. If you want me to mount it, you put it on it in the comments, but it is that I like it. It uses it as a grandmother, it is super soft. It goes very well, It seems to us in principle. I believe that, to begin with A nice option, you have the ducts I’m going to buy the blue ones as a replacement, because I think the blue ones. Last longer because this breaks down soon the black ones, you have to have extra ducts and the bored guys look at it. He puts them without ducts and that’s it. There is no problem, I like it. It is not put in the comments to see what you think of the, and I this one, but in principle it is a nice going back and everything is to enjoy it. This is to enjoy you can enjoy. It is not that it is the best where Explain that they are not much less but hey, hey, he defends himself. The bad thing is that the batteries two and a half minutes three minutes at most, no more because they eat them, and these are not very bad is they are not old.

Put me in the comments to see what You have thought about the drone this this. If you like it or not below, I put the link with more information about the little guy this and a coupon.