Ultra kill opens up surprisingly chill. I dont mean a laid back day at the beach or anything, but a game called big murder. Starting you off with a mega man x like calibration screen, thats, all diegetic and stuff is pretty neat. You get to set your audio levels and pick whether you want to make it look normal or like an ugly christmas sweater. Dont worry if this is too pretty for you, because you can make it look like cruelty squad running on a virtual boy. With a few settings, if thats what you prefer, then you pick your difficulty and youre. Given all the plot, you need in 9, quick words Music. The setting does actually have plenty of backstory, but as far as what you should know to get yourself going, youre a machine called v1 mankind is dead, blood is fuel, hell is full, is enough to get the picture, and the picture is beautiful. Ultra kills tutorial drops into a room that gives you plenty of time and space to mess around with your basic punch – and i like this thing, its quick and snappy and its got a nice keyframe to its animation. The game doesnt waste any time in flexing its movement abilities either letting you know you have an airdash, an infinite slide, a ball jump that works on any surface and a ground stump which you can repeat over and over to gain height. However, the most important part comes in the brief, combat tutorial room, which tells you the only way to regain health is by soaking yourself in the fresh blood of your enemies.

It may come off as a gimmick at first because you usually expect a retroshooter to have basic health pickups, but it will become very evident why this is the case. Very soon, remember blood is fueled. You pick up some blue balls on your way out and jump down a hole. These dark, crimson elevators will lack the zero level transitions through the whole game and they really tie together the whole experience of descending down the layers of hell. Much better than a door leading into a loading screen would theyre physical objects in game as well. You can make your way up any of them if you want to, although they do have a ceiling and dont actually transport you into the previous level or anything well enough about going down. Holes lets go make some instead, all right – this is goes from zero to 100. In an instant you get a hit scan revolver with a charge shot and immediately start mowing down: faceless demons kinda like doom 2016.. The difference is that dooms, laser pistol didnt really have a lot of kick to it. While this one is punchy as hell, you can also just stomp the enemies into chunks like an unfunny 2010 dorkly animation about super mario. Oh, my god. This was 2019 come on. It doesnt stop for a second. You immediately walk into a tight hallway and get sworn by even more enemies. Already blasting, the out of him with your fist, pistol combo.

This glass panel in the next room teaches you about environmental interactions, which you can immediately start applying in combat to really appease that style meter quickly and also have a laugh. The game soon introduces a pair of these ranged enemies and theyre, not a huge bother, because all they do is slowly fire. These avoidable projectiles. It does make you fight them alongside a pack of melee demons immediately after so you know, youll have to prioritize targets in the future, but ultrakill is not about swerving away from projectiles its about doing this with them Music, oh okay, this is a game that wears Its inspirations on its sleeve, so when youre, given literal style points for executing a well timed theory, it becomes really obvious how you should be playing it royal card. Oh god, one guy and you are set free. The last basic enemy encounter in the stage doesnt introduce much besides a slightly different arena, but its all nice and fun. You might notice, or even accidentally, shoot this wall, which reveals a secret orb for you to collect and then spawns 10 guys. On top of you, because this is serious m due to a lack of ammo and health pickups, the only reward you get for finding these basic secrets are orbs, which work as currency for weapon modification, theyre, honestly pretty fun. To look for with the games, moving abilities and youll probably come across a few, even if youre not very observant, they emanate this weird noise value in their vicinity and some of them require pretty out of the box.

Thinking to acquire. This may be cool to some people, but i actually live inside of a box, so i just look up a youtube voxel for them: instead, Music, ah heres, the boss baby, the malicious face is threatening at first but its one of those bosses that shows up later. As a regular enemy, so its naturally a bit of a pushover, i mean its as early as this fight that you find out. You can parry these projectiles as well, which makes it for a moment but gives you enough time to wail on it before it even launches the explosive attack, or sometimes it just dies instantly. You kill it stomp on it notice that the exit door kind of looks like its wearing cat ears and finish the stage. Oh great. Now i feel all underaccomplished boo, you stink stage. One was a pretty explosive introduction, so naturally stage two lets. You cool off a bit check out the terminal, read up on the demons, get acquainted with the strategy to fight them in future income, yeah im just with you, you buy a coin that shreds nearby enemies. If you hit in midair power of money, you can also hit multiple targets. If you time it right shoot extra coins to stack damage, punch the coin into guys, juggle the thing for additional hits or just bribe the enemies to leave you alone. I made that last one up, but what im saying is this is cash literally its some of the most fun ive had with a weapon in a video game, and i havent even shown you the full extent of this things capabilities.

Yet until we get to a later weapon ill leave it off and pointing out, you can use it to fire malicious faces, laser back into its stupid mouth. On your way to look for secrets, you might get your first glimpse of this yellow machine, its just tearing to all these demons, but its its fine. All together it happens to all early access games. Just dont worry about it. You get your first glimpse at this. Yellow machine and its just tearing to all these demons with no effort, kinda like how you were doing up until now, you cant interact with it from here because of the iron bars, but it does immediately make you wonder if its a rival or an ally the Game is littered with all these cool bits of setup for upcoming encounters, and it really makes the whole thing so much more immersive. This stage in particular introduces some interesting, more advanced secrets, such as a way to fight the next stages boss and get its weapon early, or this well get back to this way later, the bones other than the copious amount of stomping traps. This stage doesnt introduce many surprises mechanically. So let me take a moment out to say this: soundtrack is phenomenal. Music, retro style shooters often go for heavy metal, sometimes synthwave if youre lucky, which is fine, because the games are usually frantic and you need something fitting to back up the carnage on screen, but ultra kill instead opts for very distinct brake core style.

That really gives the games soundtrack a lot of identity for a shooter thats, so ludicrously fast and violent. An intense and kind of purposely messy layering of drums, accompanied by guitar tracks, does wonders to complement the gameplay and atmosphere. The games director hakida, is also its composer and is a very musical person, so it makes sense that the ost would be so perfectly fitting. I dont want to dwell on it too long right now, because each layer of hell has its own distinct style of music, which almost makes the first one sound basic by comparison, and also because i feel like the more i talk about any type of music sampling. An amen break the more im in danger of hockey thats, showing up at my house with a baseball bat, brake core break b, trillion base mud drum and bass, jungle, reggae jungle, happy hardcore who the names the genre happy hardcore, idm, intelligent, dance, music come on now Stage three things start getting vertical in this one: once you get past some enemies, you might notice this glass ceiling that can be shot apart, but not reached by conventional means. For now and putting the emphasis unconventional with the glass ceiling broken, all the oppressed groups shall prosper, especially the most oppressed group of all gabers dont, bother with that. For now, though, you made this new enemy called schism and theyre a real bullet sponge, a nuisance until you realize what applies for a headshot, with these guys ive heard of having a good head on your shoulders.

But this is ridiculous. Whats the deal with burger king clumping up the stairway youll find a cracked rock that you cant break. So naturally you backtrack down through this cool dark corridor and oh sweet its. My buddy, osha violation. Source machine is your first real semblance of a boss fight and it can really whoop your ass if you havent figured out dodging and pairing yet funny thing about. The latter is that terrain will deal some decent damage, but also enrage, this boss, which causes it to become stronger and faster, its absolutely worth it for the damage window youre. Given, though, so, you should definitely study that flash timing after getting its health bar down source machine just kind of off but leaves you a cool little present Music, and this is where the game goes from. Good to great ultrakill shotgun could humbly be described as butt clenchingly orgasmic your default shot, annihilates basic enemies and the secondary fire is a grenade launcher that can be charged up for range. You can also shoot that grenade in midair for a bigger explosion, and, most importantly, you can do this. Did you catch that here? It is again so whats going on here is shot punch, shot, punch, glitches that become features are like a less appreciated cornerstone of the gaming industry. Most people are aware of things like quakes rocket, jumping dmcs air juggling or street fighter 2s combos becoming staples of their genres, essentially on accident, but it makes you wonder how often things like these still happen in modern games, especially indie titles like hades or food effects.

Dick dine and dash in ultrakills case, the fact that you can deflect most non hitscan attacks and return them for added power, means that your character ended up being able to literally punch the bullets as theyre coming out of the shotgun to make them explode. As soon as you nail down the timing, it becomes one of the most addicting ways to dispose of enemy groups and its so in tune with the games style that it feels like it was never a glitch in the first place. So the lesson here is, i dont know nurture your bugs. They might save your life one day. You eventually run into this glass floor and because your monkey brain tells you so you can blow it up and jump down. Womp, nice job idiot youre the start of the stage again, oh well time to backtrack well. At least this time, ive got sufficient firefighting, sufficient firepower its time for a rematch with source machine and its actually weaker this time around because you well, you stole its gun that youre now using to kill it so yeah its gon na be a little pissed. Dont get too addicted to projectile, boosting because youre gon na start using it in melee range, and then this can happen. The funny thing is the secret boss. Fight in the last stage is swords machine with both of its faces, and it actually drops a shotgun at the end of the first phase, its a real of a fight with this super tight space and limited firearms.

You have at the moment, but its a cool discovery and beating it is required for the stages challenge. It was actually intended that the boss would not spawn in the next stage at all if you cleared this fight beforehand, but the dev thought the empty arenas would confuse the players that stumbled upon the secret and did not want to rob them of the intended experience. So the idea got scrapped soon enough. You beat its face off and also beat the level Music okay, so its got ta slow down a little after the first real boss, fight right. Well, of course, not you get a triple pump charge on your shotgun. That turns it into a weapon of mass destruction. If you overcharge it, it hits you for 50 damage unless you quickly dash out of it, in which case it doesnt hit you at all. It can also launch you a mile in the opposite direction of what youre facing, which is how youre intended to get through the ceiling in the last stage. Did i mention you can also use the shotgun up close to parry and attack the way you would with a fist. Also, now that you have an alternate shotgun mod, you can quick swap between the two variations to cancel the weapons, reload animation and maximize your damage. Output, if the sound is cutting off youre doing it right this insane amount of movement and weapon tech that you can pull off on the fly, regardless of enemy type, really gives the game a bunch of replayability theres a point to be made here about giving the Player a smaller number of tools, but having those tools interact with each other in various fun ways to intrinsically make people want to constantly swap and experiment with their effects, as opposed to adding dozens of separate combat options without too much depth to any of them.

Now that you have a weapon with a lot of crowd control, the enemy counts increase exponentially. You would think this is a problem, but if anything, it only showcases how ridiculously powerful this game makes. You feel when you do stuff like this. The only issue here is that i think the style meter is a bit too lenient. While it does account for weapon variety, it seems to heavily favor damage output and kill counts. This is a game where many things die quickly and simultaneously. Hence the name, and it just kind of feels weird – that blowing up a bunch of trash instantly skyrockets you to ultrakill rank. It makes sense in dmc, where killing a whole group of enemies within 2 seconds is a rare feat, but in this game, explosions are like a shortcut to a perfect style, ranking dont get me wrong. It feels good to see it. I just wish it felt a little more earned stage 5 last part of the prelude. This one does actually slow down a little bit, but only because its leading up to a boss fight your first time around youll, probably go through this short obstacle section, but on subsequent playthroughs you realize gravity is a matter of opinion and just do this. Instead abandon hope, all ye who enter here well thats really mean spirited. How about i live life love instead, i guess he didnt like the idea. This is a boss named cerberus that stands in front of the gates of hell, and yes, it is weird that its just some big rugby playing white guy.

There is actually a story reason for this, but even if there wasnt, i would honestly still think its kind of a cool and unusual choice to not just make it an evil dog. These statues were all over the earlier stages, so its a neat payoff that actually come alive and fight you halfway to the first statue is health bar and the second one wakes up, and it gets really hectic, especially because the arena is pretty small when one of Them dies, the other becomes enraged, so you have to kill them in quick succession. If you want to stay out of danger, this is a good spot to find out. Your dash has iframes on it, which you can use to avoid getting damaged by the shockwave or you can take the pacifist route and just let them die for you. You should kill yourself now and with that we finally arrive at the end. The end of the tutorial that is at this point, i was ready for anything. The game has proven itself to be a perpetual curveball. So any surprises on how much further things escalate are gon na fall flat in the wake of my preparation, its time to look directly into the face of true hellish intensity, as it pounds me right indeed, Music. Ah now i dont want to get all corny and sentimental, and but this is the exact moment i realized – i was playing something really special for the first time since you picked up a gun, the game holds back the violence and just lets you chill out a Bit going from the brown quake, 2 style, techno, horror, environments of the overture to this gentle ambiance, accompanied by the sounds of nature, is such a drastic shift, but it works wonders for the games atmosphere.

However, while exploring around you might quickly realize that something is off. Youre still very much boxed in by these fake walls and the aforementioned nature sounds are actually coming off of speakers hidden in the corners. It turns the initially laid back appearance of the stage into a much eerier vibe and right around the time. You start figuring out that this piece is an illusion. These brand new drone enemies show up to prove it to you by force. They can be a bit tricky to dispatch in the middle of combat because they zigzag all over the place and also launch themselves into an explosion when they die, so the key is to be on the move with the pistol earlier i said, explosions in this game Are like a ticket for an instant max rank and drone deaths are no exception. Oh, i got a new weapon. I think the nail gun is weird, or at least weirder than it should be. It can easily mow down a horde of enemies and makes quick work with malicious faces, but what the hell is this an ammo count? What am i playing stalker? The thing runs out of juice in 5 seconds and takes almost half a minute to recharge back up. You can beat whole stages in half a minute. In fact, watch me beat this one in three seconds: youre too slow its really jarring after you went the whole game up to this point without having to worry about ammo or even noticing, theres no ammo system.

In the first place, due to the games, intense, basing it also has this bizarre old fire that lets you prop down magnets for your nails to swirl around and explode into shrapnel. At the end of a countdown, it looks cool and racks up style, but it basically has no interaction with your other weapons, so you tend to forget, it even exists. The countdown also makes this god awful noise. For some reason, i dont hate the nail gun in his current form, and i understand that dev felt the original version that had infinite ammo didnt fit too well with the games arsenal. But i feel like the patch up job could have gone a bit differently, but who knows, maybe hikira saw wooly versus play through the entire game, holding left click on the thing and took it personally like? Where did i even pick up the gun? I have no idea where i even picked it up from theres a secret above the glass ceiling at the end of the stage it gives you a button to press, nothing happens on the spot, but the text lets. You know its a surprise tool that will help us out later in the next stage. You get the alternate nail gun mod, which makes it secondary fire a lot more fun because it just turns the weapon into a 30 millimeter gall weight. The layout of this stage is already a bit more unusual, with two locked doors at the start, going to the door up top leads you through a dense, hallway, packed with enemies, which means you get to do funny stuff like this soon enough.

You pick up a blue skull and circle back around to the hallway, where it turns out somebody made a bit of a mess out of the whole stage. This is the way the game introduces these new enemies, the street cleaners. You really have to keep your distance from them, because their flamethrowers can melt your hp super quickly, not to mention they can also knock your grenades away. So their ex are dangerous is what i would say if you didnt also have this option oh hold up, i missed one. If you take the time to check out the secret in the room, you just unlocked your old pal cerberus wakes up, although its only one. This time still a really good way to escalate the enemy encounters, though, besides an orb, this room to the side houses a very peculiar secret, which you access by blowing up two cracked walls. Music. At this point, theres a few different reactions you could be having its either ha or oh or oh. This hallway is a reference to cv11, a youtuber based around shooter reviews who promoted autokill during its demo period and hes got this whole channel lore with a dungeon and a character called cancer mouse, which you can kill in this joke boss, fight followed by an actual Mini boss, outside the dungeon thats, all fine and dandy, i mean i like the channel ive been subscribed to it for a few years now, but i also kinda cant stand youtuber references in video games, especially in ones with an atmosphere as tight as this one.

One moment youre tearing up in the depths of hell youll find a secret buried in the corner of a stage. You expect some cool rewards and then all immersion breaks when you realize its just a shout out to some guy with opinions on the internet. Johnson not saying you cant pay tribute to a content creator. You, like, i just wish it wasnt disagree just given that its mandatory for certain unlock well, i am kind of blowing it out of proportion, its pretty funny without context and its not like its a literal fight against the youtuber himself or something yeah no were not Going there today, once you beat the big cancer mouse, you get access to the second button. The final encounter of this stage takes place in this neat regal room with the red carpet and stained glass windows, because the aesthetics of limbo are still sick as hell. The next stage is the best part of the slayer youre presented with a lock door along with a red and blue stand and the game lets. You know that you only need one skull to pass through and to quote avoid hardship stay indoors. So obviously we go outside this room is nothing too special in terms of enemy encounters, but it does have the most secret orbit limbo. You can clearly see the thing, so you try, jumping punching, shooting and dashing, but nothing works turns out. What you need to do is stand on this little ink line and then hold the slide button.

I said: hold the slide button so that you retain your body position as you launch off the edge and pass through the crack. This never comes up anywhere else, but whatever the jokes on me, i guess this is my favorite room in the stage its populated by a ton of enemies which spawn in groups as you go along the pathway. You can either pick them off one by one or you can do what i prefer and quickly skedaddle through the whole place, so that all of them show up at once and it turns into a big old blood orgy every single enemy type. You fought up to this point comes in for a party where everything dies harder than it has ever died before its great. The level design gets a bit confusing here as it crosses over with the alternate path resulting in a few backwards checkpoint signs, but it doesnt really matter since you can take any route you want. I understand why most of the stages are linear hallways, given this games non stop momentum, but holes of sacred remains kinda makes me wish we hit a few more of these big winding levels that circle in on themselves. Also, the music track going on here is literally called castlevane and it sounds exactly like youd expect. Music one skull will open the door in front of you, but two skulls will open the door behind what it waits for you. There is an extremely subtle blinking youll, miss it reference to dmc3, oh god.

What could it be its on? The tip of my tongue, agony and tundra are a bit more difficult than you would expect from just a double sword. Machine theyre super aggressive and will recover with lower health if you dont, kill them both within a small time frame. The red one behaves as permanently enraged and the blue one will use phase 2 attacks. So you need to put in some conscious effort to juggle your attention between the two. No talking beating them will unfortunately not give you a set of dual swords, but you will get a fancy third button finishing off the stage you meet the biggest boss in the game. So far, this hideous mask named. Well, what do you know this? Meat scorpion? Has a pretty nasty moveset, its almost completely armored it shoots. Projectiles that are hard to parry creates huge shock waves and it can pin you down with this harpoon attack, thats technically variable, but im, not the flash and also the harpoon comes back, so it doesnt matter anyway, when its near death, hideos mass, will start having a Temper tantrum – and you basically won at this point, but you still got ta, be careful about the missiles or, if you just think its fighting dirty, you can give it a wash Music. With this victory, you reach the climax of limbo, clear the loon. The stage plays the titular piano composition and, while it does fit beautifully with this serene environment devoid of enemies, i also decided to believe that cocky to put it in, so that the game would have some sort of in it.

Not like theres no precedent for this theres a huge door in your way that requires three blue skulls to open, so youre sent on a little scavenger hunter. This mansion youll find a piece of written lore detailing the descent of somebody being driven mad by limbos artificial structure and seems to be a waiting absolution at the hands of somebody named gabriel. This is already pretty unusual as far as the games presentation goes, but the real standout part of the boss build up comes after you place the first blue skull and go back to the door a hedgehog. Another significant point of interest in this stage is the final stone slab after finding all four buttons in limbo. You finally receive your reward: Music Applause, Music, oh thats, the sound of success. The alternate revolver is a variant of your starting pistol, which deals more than twice the damage per shot, but reloads way slower. The piercing old fire hits through more enemies, and the coin hits one enemy multiple times. Instead of splitting, when you shoot the sweet spot, the sheer damage output on this thing, combined with its great sound effects, makes it super satisfying to use, but its not a straight upgrade over the original, its basically impossible to quick draw due to its long swap animations. So you cant rack up your dps. The way you can with the default and in quite a few places split coining is a lot more preferable over multiple hits on a single target.

The point is that its a fun side grade with its own pros and cons, as opposed to a boring flat percentage increase on your weapon. So you get to decide whether you want to use it or not. I love that the dev put this much attention into making the basic starting pistol relevant to the whole game, instead of being like yeah, just get rid of the peashooter theyd forget about it. The moment they get their hands on the shotgun anyway, its basically clogging up the inventory Music when trees calls down you step into the moonlit arena and meet face to face with the final boss of limbo, Music wow, he is literally me. V2 is a great rival boss, in the way that it puts you up against a copy of yourself, which has fewer weapons, but is most likely utilizing them better than you are at this point, youre objectively stronger when it comes to the loadouts it only having the Default pistol and both of the shotgun variants, but you wont get far without using your own tools in a higher level, its the closest you get to a versus multiplayer encounter, which has long since been deconfirmed as a feature, but its hard enough dealing with one of These so id rather not imagine what kind of an online free fall would look like see. The fight itself is a bit messy. V2 is a really fast and lanky target, so its not rare that you spend half the time just looking for the damn thing when it decides youre not worthy of having it in your line of sight, its movement is super erratic and your only clues on what Its gon na do next are its wing colors, which does help to know but youre sure, as hell not gon na figure that out before you brute force your way through the fight at its best.

This is an extremely fun battle against survival character on even ground. At its worst, it feels like trying to slap a mosquito out of me. There hey, wait a second there, its attacks flashing. I can just do this, then no looks like you dropped, something this seems kind of dangerous. I better go, give it back Music. Before i head into the next layer, i want to bring attention to v2s terminal description. It claims that v1 was made as a highly efficient war machine with special plating that allowed it to refuel itself using blood from the battlefield, but its production was cancelled due to humanity achieving world peace in the meantime, however, v2 was built during this time of peace, But with a more durable exterior without healing ability, as it wasnt necessary due to the absence of war, so this whole world peace scenario leaves me with a few questions. Why was v2 built in the first place and how did decommissioned machines end up destroying humanity? We just dont know the game is not done yet, so we dont have concrete answers to either at this point. But what interests me the most is: was there a purpose to programming sass into v2s code, or did they pick up the habits somewhere else? Its smogora mocks me layer, 2, starts off looking kind of like a mid 2000s corridor shooter, but immediately mixes it up. When it puts you into a platforming section over a tall bottomless tower, you can use your new arm to knock back enemies in projectiles, but it cant parry, like the blue one.

What it can do is make the funny screams happen. Why did they sound like that? The real introduction of the last layer is wonderful, youre, basically catapulted onto a high rise bridge between a set of massive buildings, extending over a cityscape surrounded by a dark, violet sky and theres, a weird guy. The director made it this way because, while the games layers of hell arent directly based on dantes inferno, some inspiration is lifted from parts of the work to make each of them unique in their own way. For last, the intense winds that served as punishment became the basis for setting the stage high up in the air, which is also reflected in his gameplay bridge burner, has the most verticality out of any stage in the game requiring you to ascend two different towers to Complete it as well as being packed with bounce pads and dead force, you can use these to your advantage to send enemies flying down for easy kills, or sometimes this happens, but at least its funny Music zipping through the air is also how you get this secret, Which is one of my favorites in the game because, along with 200 health, you also get a fun ride. Back home, hey ron, hey billy theres, a lot introduced in the second last stage, especially for a level that challenges you to beat it in 60 seconds. First of all, theres pepsi man with a gun. Second, this is a really interesting environment compared to what we had so far, its basically a condensed city block that seems to have been populated at some earlier point.

Theres rooms you can enter and see. Skeletal remains in the furniture people lived here, people shot here and the entire stage is accompanied by this really melancholic track. That implies. This town was subject to some sort of tragedy. Music. You can find some elaboration on what happened here in this book inside one of the houses the writer describes watching in horror as their noble king minos was being slain by gabriel, allegedly in the name of some divine justice. Hmm, you know the more i hear about this gabriel fella, the more i just dont care for him, but, most importantly, he will find this. The real cannon might seem like the designated bfg at first, but do yourself a favor and dont treat it as that, its not a screen nuke, but an extremely powerful piercing, hitscan attack. That goes in a straight line and recharges every 16 seconds, its basically free damage. Output and helps immensely when multiple strong enemies are present. You can increase its damage by shooting it into an enemy covered in nails and also, i said, hitscan, which means you can do this god. What a good video game! Man, the old fire on this thing must be crazy. Oh stage, 3 of lust is kind of similar to the limbo levels, and that is based around the central room, with several lock doors that you need to open, whats unique about. It, though, is that youll be going through water quite a bit, which means floaty physics and muffled audio, but at least theres no accident meter.

Unless you look for secrets or replay levels, a lot, you might not have the cash for it yet, but the real cannon has two different fire modes available for purchase at the shop. One is the malicious variant which replicates the explosive laser attack of the militia space. This is a good, immediate way to clear out groups of enemies if you cant be asked to charge up any of the shotgun variants. If you shoot an ejected grenade in mid air, it basically turns the attack into a mini nuke, but the precision required to pull this out consistently combined with the rail cannon cooldown makes it more of a fringe option rather than a reliable combo. The other is the screwdriver. It launches the drill into the targets, dealing continuous damage and making them bleed the entire time. Jesus christ, its like im, describing a scene from hostile anyway, its essentially a passive healing option against larger enemies, and also it can be reset by punching it in the direction of a different target. This is difficult and basically pointless unless theres another enemy, with a ton of help nearby so id say, stick to the healing and this shot damage in other ways. All of the rail cannon variants are fun to use depending on the situation, and you honestly barely feel the cooldown, because you rarely have to use it more than once during a large encounter or a small one such as this singular mind player.

This thing can shoot projectiles fire lasers punch you in the face, teleport detonate when it dies and its always got slightly more hp than you think it does so fighting it can get pretty annoying. Sometimes that is, of course, unless you say it and just use the trick, but apparently it picks its own form, which seems to be a neon green lady with abs. Therefore, all of my complaints are nullified. I guess immediately after this youll have to fight one. In addition to a bunch of nearby mobs – and my suggestion is that you always prioritize killing it first, unless youre actively handicapping yourself after this encounter, the stage is done and you move on to the climax of lust. I dont have any jokes to make about that because its too easy, you start off by taking a nice little rail cart ride to the court of the corpse king yeah. Nearly all the stage names are music references, some less obscure than others. It reminds me of this one popular tv show and im pretty sure. Most of you already know what im talking about thats right, greys, anatomy, the card comes to a stop near this door, so you have to get out and look for a key. The atmosphere is very tight here. The only music you get is creepy ambience and the baron environment does a great job at making the dread settle in. It really feels like something bad could happen at any moment.

The major boss fights in this game are already fantastic. As they are, but the slow build build up preceding them in their stages, just elevates the experience so much, especially in contrast to how the regular levels are non. Stop action from start to finish. According to the stories ive heard, this seems to be a fateful depiction of the new york city subway, the giant fist can seem tricky mostly because you dont have much room to maneuver and its shock waves cover a lot of ground theyre telegraphed pretty. Obviously, though, and its nothing you cant avoid by practicing your slam jumps in air dashes soon enough. This manicure session ends and youre free to proceed through the rest of the tunnel, but you know what public transport i ride with the wind. Soon you reach another station. Go fetch another skull and then things get rumbling. Oh hey, dude, im! Sorry, the 7 pm just left. Why is everyone so mean to me at first, the corpse of king minos appears to be a standard action, game, colossus, fight, meaning it will stand behind the chest. High ledge and periodically throw a punch as you pump it full of lift. However, hes also got this dangerous zorb attack that follows you around to the whole boss face and reduces your hp to 1 on contact, leaving you unable to heal for a while, which keeps you on the move, the entire time. The second phase gets pretty nasty, as it turns out.

The giant corpse is actually being reanimated by these parasites that can attack you with different kinds of projectiles, its a fun fight that can get pretty hectic with all the orbs going around, but theres a certain aspect to its design. That makes it go from cool to mondo cool. You can carry the punch. This is such a good way to increase the fun ceiling of this fight, which is pretty telling, as it has no ceiling its also a great way to give the player an option to utilize the melee attack in a fight that initially seems like it would have. No use for it, especially when its revealed as a challenge after you beat the boss and makes you go hold up. I can do what it rocks, how such a basic combat option being carried over into a boss, fight against the colossal enemy, not only made the fight way more memorable, but retained the feeling of controlling an unstoppable powerhouse, which would have definitely been diluted. If you couldnt do anything about the punches but run away from them, the longer the icon of sin is on earth. The harder the global economy will crash after dealing the finishing blow you go, do the only thing that makes sense, which is, of course getting yourself bored by an old man. I know the next layer isnt literally set inside of me knows because it makes no sense and the elevators are meant to be more like surreal transition areas, but you im still going for the magic school bus interpretation Music, its time for the final layer of act.

One gluttony: you players, ask moses jones going to the body of king minos, which seems to be 100 anatomically. Accurate hes got extra spicy stomach acid from all the red bull he used to have for breakfast. So you have to watch out for that, while dealing with the most brutal enemy lineup in the game so far, thats, basically the whole point of the stage, its a visually striking gauntlet of all the enemies you previously faced in the act, putting your skills to the Test with the encounter density turned up to 11.. I really like this segment with the emc usher bone walkway becoming illuminated as the soundtrack intensifies. You can skip most of it by just jumping around the place, but its fun to dispatch enemy groups when they spawn as youre going up and down the stairs. Oh man, i thought this guy was rooting for me. The next room has you trying to deal with this, followed by multiple malicious faces and the one soon after that has a mind player that you need to fight while surrounded by a lake of boiling piss, like, i said its a gauntlet, and it comes before the Axe final boss, as the layer only consists of two stages, so theres not much else to show here: Music, no, no, its, not time for that. Just yet give it a few minutes. Well get there Music. What do you mean palace were literally inside of a guys right now.

You know that right, your choice is made, i didnt say anything as the righteous end of the father. I shall read you upon: you no need for the facility and you will become inanimate once more. You know dude. I was ready to be friends because youre, the first guy with a voice ive heard so far, but i really dont dig your vibe right now. Yeah. Well, i have the power of god: gabriel, is an absolute monster of a boss. Hes got a huge moveset with several different melee combos and range attacks that are hard to parry, as well as teleportation and a second helper in which hes enraged way stronger and surrounded by damaging swords. If v2 was supposed to be a fight on mostly equal grounds, this is what it feels like to be up against something way above your pay grade. The most reliable way to beat this guy is simply to learn his patterns and be patient, because, even if you think you know the fight, like the back of your hand, it still tends to take a while, because there are no easy tricks for you to resort To well, at least not until the phase transition, where gabe will be extra vulnerable for a while, allowing you to wail on him for a ton of hp, as he is potentially suspended in midair. This doesnt make the rest of the fight any less hectic, but it might significantly speed up the process to victory during all this time, youll be accompanied by the lovely sounds of gianni matagrano yelling various vergilisms at you foolishness machine foolishness you make even the devil cry.

Its a fantastic fight against an enemy that genuinely feels like a supreme being, especially in his presentation. There has been some religious imagery in the game beforehand, but this is the first time it gets overtly abrahamic, so his presence alone comes off as mythical, especially when compared to the grotesque environment. You really feel like youre having a head on brawl with a religious figure. Instead of a turgid tug of war against an alien in power, armor surrounded by basic moves, the entire time, okay, i got ta cut a bit. Listen, i dont hate doom eternal. I dont even dislike it. In fact, it was my favorite game of 2020 until the ultrakill demo came out, i think its an extremely fun fps, with a great combat loop, amazing, soundtrack and probably one of the best aaa shooter campaigns in a decade that, as a whole, is too different from Multiple to be compared side by side, however, i also think most of my problems with it are remedied by ultrakill, instead of doing nothing in basic combat due to having to balance the healing system, the punch is a core part of your arsenal, instead of getting killed By killing enemies, which means trash mobs need to be around 24 7. You heal by just dealing damage, so you can still have intense one on one fights. Instead of the weapon tech being limited to quick swapping, you have a bunch of interactions between your abilities.

Instead of the low amount of natural momentum, you have more speedy movement options than most 3d platformers. Instead of the funko pop shelf. There are no funko pops on the shelf in terms of gameplay, going from ultra kill back to eternal feels like going from ninja gaiden to god of war, but in terms of control complexity. It feels like going from the atari joystick to the steel battalion command board. It gives you so many tools, but their functions are restricted kind of tightly which doesnt allow for a lot of mix and matching this isnt a problem by itself, though, because the thrill of survival with the options youre given can still feel amazing, especially in super hard Enemy waves, where i think the game shines, the most you could more accurately compare auto, kill to seven drone stuff, such as vanquish for its combat attack or hell even bullet storm, for the kill, with skill emphasis. But do maternal is the most recent point of reference and there was definitely an attempt to give it more of a character action game pacing, so i dont think its a completely unfair comparison. I, for one hope that this emerging genre of stylish action shooter catches on, but i feel sorry for anything that has to live up to ultrakill thanks finland, if youre really out there, what? How can this be bested by this? This thing you insignificant well language. This is not over, as you can tell gabriels.

Downfall is very ungraceful. His sudden whiny outburst upon defeat is followed by a scolding from the angelic council and the removal of the fathers life from his body, as he was deemed unworthy to wield it after the humiliating loss. He is given 24 hours to rectify his mistake, leaving him with a burning rage directed at machines. Damn now i feel kind of bad for the guy. Let me read his log entry, one of the most respected and feared archangels gabriel, earned his reputation through power and efficiency, regardless of the task given gabriel would always perform it quickly and ah hold the fort. He hated jews, im, sick of these kind of characters and so act. One of ultra kill comes to a close Music or does it Music Music, but its probably not good. At this point, i would not blame most people for doing this, but the whole thing is a lot less frightening. When dissected you see, each layer of ultrakill has a secret stage. Thats accessed by unusual means and presents a complete departure from standard gameplay in the prelude. Placing the secret skull on the blue pedestal leads you to a 2015 screamer bait. Slender clone youre meant to find the exit from the dark maze while being chased around by a spooky stickman that announces itself by breeding. In your ear. I dont see what a big deal is. We have one of these at the local park. You only have the default pistol in this stage, but you can still defend yourself when it comes close and as these things usually go after the initial scares, the fear and repeat, attempts is mostly replaced by annoyance.

It goes from oh jesus to, oh god, damn it. I will admit, though, i really like this hilariously evil moment where you finally find the blue pedestal and think the stage is over and then the door opens revealing a different skull. You need to put down time for another meeting with the pp poopoo man. This is an optional level in every sensitive word, so you really dont have to bother, but if you genuinely feel like playing it, my suggestion is hug the right wall for the blue skull and try to find a way up for the red one. Your reward for going through this dark descent seems to be the words of god regretting the creation of man, possibly after seeing them make the stage the secret in limbo, is accessed by throwing a coin into the fountain has demonstrated quite a while ago. This might come off as too cryptic, but the levels containing secret stages usually hint towards it with a challenge, so its pretty fun to figure it out. For yourself, this one is literally just the witness, as in the 2016 puzzle game by jonathan blow, the jonathan blow that cried in a dark room, because soulja boy was laughing at braid. This called brave. This is about this little guy in the in a suit and he walked around and aint got no points in the game. You just walk around jumping on it. Look like mario in the future, its nice and chill.

You connect some squares to other squares pick up. Some pellets and avoid some dead ends: theres no esoteric audio queue analysis or having to watch a movie for an hour to solve a puzzle, just simple shapes and colors your reward for beating this one is swans lyrics. The last secret stage requires a bit more work, as you have to go through most of the level to access it. You need to drain the water from the stage by blowing up three different panels. You should be able to find these just by looking for secrets and then you simply come back to this room and slide right in Music huh. What oh, this is pretty ominous. Is this about a human survivor Music? Oh man, somethings gon na happen. Yes, i see. Yes, its anime sex. This is the prettiest girl in town. Her name is mirage youre, both late for school and shes, really rude, and i know thats more than enough for some of you thats. The first fade in that made me produce a noise so inhuman. I havent been able to replicate it in more than a year. I initially wasnt really feeling this. Maybe it was the whole ironic, visual novel angle, that made me think the joker and his course too quickly, especially when it gets all creepy and existential out of nowhere. But it ended up winning me over when, after listening to mirage deliver, this whole nihilistic tirade about the pointlessness of life being cursed with intelligence and the fear of becoming nothing youre.

Given a dialog box containing a single option that just says youre wrong. This is followed by increasingly elaborate refutations of her philosophy, which is also funny in itself, as you keep being given a singular dialogue option over and over saying, incredibly specific things to outline your own optimistic worldview. Finally, you tie the whole thing together with a pretty little bow and watch the walls disappear and the color literally returned to mirages world having found a new meaning in life. It is pretty cheesy, but i really cant knock it because it was based on hakidas, actual experiences with existential dread and finding a way to overcome it, which is something im sure might resonate with quite a few people playing the game. You share one last moderately friendly exchange and the deed is done. Music anyway. Did you know the new blood store, sells official body pillows to access the secret stage in gluttony? You have to jump off the stairway onto this lonely platform in the darkness, but that would be a bit too easy. So it turns out your progress is gated off and if you think this is a lot of pee on one door, just wait until you see a public toilet in the balkans. The p stands for. I assume the perfect rank the highest possible grade. You can get to the end of a stage by going as fast as possible, killing every enemy and doing it stylishly all, while not dying once and in the context of this door.

It means having to beat every single stage in act, one with a p rating. It probably sounds like a daunting task, but honestly, even if youre, not a super invested player, its really not a big deal, as all it takes, is learning the stage layouts and enemy placements, not to mention you can replay any stage with all of your new equipment Which turns most enemy encounters into a satisfying joke? Really, the only problem you might face are the boss fights dying to a layer. Boss counts as a restart, despite the rest of the stage not having any substantial challenge in it, the giant hand, being the sole exception. So if youre aiming for a p rank, you might end up retreading the same boss run a few dozen times before. Getting it right, the dev is aware of this, which is why the boss stages are designed with it in mind, offering shortcuts to get to the boss faster, while still playing the stage. My suggestion is fight the boss over and over, while restarting in the checkpoint and once youre, confident enough in your performance. Try going for the p rank by restarting the level. Thankfully, you dont have to find all the secrets or complete the level challenges, because grinding for some of these could effectively double your play time. It does feel pretty good to have the selection screen all lit up like this, though. However, i got ta say that my favorite part of the whole ordeal is the silly implication that p ranking some stages would be enough to prepare you for whats behind the door Music.

So there is no joke here: thats, just the best build up to a boss, fight ive ever experienced in my life. Let me be clear: the flash prison is a nerve wracking battle in every censored world. The visuals are nightmarish, the music is more chaotic than ever, and the boss itself is essentially a 3d bullet hill. It can send out dozens of projectiles hit you with a vertical light pillar, spawn minos, homing black hole as well as summon 10 minions, which attack you and then get used as a healing source by the flash prison. If you dont, kill them all quickly enough, you have to carefully manage your targets as damaging the boss too much triggers the healing phase early, but taking too long to dispatch the minions without focusing on the flesh, prison can make the fight insanely drawn out and exhausting Becoming aware of this, vicious cycle can be pretty demoralizing at first, but resorting to the good old circle, strafe method and combining it with standard coin. Shots to take care of multiple minions is a reliable way to get the upper hand. Eventually, you get your together finish off the meat cube watch, it explode guts all over the place, and then this happens. Music, ah free at last. Oh gabriel, now dawns thy reckoning and thy gore shall listen before the temples of man. Creature of steel, my gratitude upon thee for my freedom, but the crimes thy kind have committed against humanity are not forgotten and thy punishment is death.

Oh hes, not a fan of genocidal war machines. Okay, minos prime, is the best boss fight ive played in an fps in my life full stop. He has the moveset of a fighting game, character or beowulf in dmc, hitting you with combos drop, kicks dive, kicks overheads launchers projectiles and the gets an install halfway through which gives his attacks explosive shock waves and super armor. And yet somehow, despite taking the average player more than 100 attempts to beat, he doesnt feel unfair in the slightest. Your defensive options complement his attacks like yin and yang theres, nothing, you cant dash out of or perry to avoid damage, and his moves are telegraphed. Just well enough to still be reactable on top of being extremely fast and varied. The games wonderfully snappy restart option helps out so much to not break the flow of battle. Even if you keep dying over and over, it has a sort of super meat boy quality to it like this. There are basically no tricks to this fight. If you want to win, youre gon na have to commit your full, undivided attention to it all the way. Through because minos prime does not tolerate slipping up or standing in one spot for too long or missing your shots or breeding or leaving, there is a very handy tip.