co.zede develop a new version today. I want to review them and show you how good they really are for 1200 round with really good sound, which i will prove to you at the end Music. First impressions, honestly, they look great and i think these are the best version of ultra buds made so far build quality. So here we are driving over them and not a single scratch. Just kidding theyre made of nice polished, plastic and compared to previous models. The edges are finished off really nicely ive been using them for about two months now, and the only thing i regret is not buying a cover for them. The second they arrived because they do pick up scratches along the way, and on that note, the case for the ultrabots has a nice aluminium hinge and the plastic seems pretty sturdy, but you cant drive a car over it. If you want to look like this guy subscribe and like and if youre wondering about audio quality, hang on ive got a plan to show you how good it really sounds ergonomics. I was concerned that they wouldnt fit as nicely as the originals these ones and i suppose in some ways they dont they dont slip in as easily the new shape involves placing them in your ear, pushing them in slightly and shifting them in your ear into a Position that feels natural, oh and the case its somewhere between the size of the original and the sport versions we received a few months ago.

It has a nice smooth finish. The lid snaps closed in a way that has that sort of asmr satisfaction about it and the buds snap in magnetically very easily dont forget to click on the link below and use my coupon aiden for your discounts functionality. Now, before you tell me those look great, but they dont really work. You know there was an issue a while back with other manufacturers and other companies, shipping things that just didnt work just to ride off the sort of fake pod scenario. These are not those they connect, as you would expect they charge. In the case, the battery lasts for at least two hours. The sensors pick up when you place them in your ear. They do not have gps, but they will register on the finemai app and tell you where they were last working in relation to the device they were connected to. Although audio quality is the most important part of this video, its very difficult for me to translate that to you over the camera, i can go ahead and say wow. These are amazing, ive not been paid to say this, and i have done that in the past. But it just doesnt prove to you that they are any good im here with dundee and christopher and were going to try these ultrabooks with them for the first time. So these ones you just kind of give them a push. How do they feel oh yeah? They actually feel comfortable do they feel quite comfy yeah, because usually once the plastic on is like you know, it hurts you yeah, but these dont feel like theyre here, okay and then you like to pull out yeah amazing, actually hows the sound compared to yours, thats, Cool its like its got bass, though its got bass, its got bass thats.

All thats important were gon na check if it works with the helmets. It does awesome, like i said, for plastic ones, theyre, actually pretty comfortable, okay, so dandruff. What do you think sweet sound? Is like crisp and clear, but its got that nice sustain of basement yeah away Music cool. What you guys thinking, i think its awesome cool thanks guys it sounds very clear: yeah yeah its got some good bass on it, yeah and compared to yours. No, it sounds better than mine, better yeah, very clear black, a lot better like youre. If out of ten yours isnt about nine nine eight. This is at eight yeah, and this is a now.