com ive, been finding the dji mini 3 for the past few weeks. Now, whenever i go out and test, this drone ill normally try to bring another drone with me just to do some side by side comparison. So in this video i want to show you some straight out of camera, footage that i shot with the mini 3 pro as well as some of these other drones. Things like the spark mavic 3 dji mini 2 air 2s nano and a few other ones, and most of the footage is just me testing it out shooting during the day, except for one morning when i took the mini 2 and the mini 3 out to shoot It was a little hazy morning, so youll definitely see some differences there and everything in this video is shot at 4k. 30 frames a second except for the dji spark. The spark only shoots up to 1080p and as far as color goes keeping everything on auto keeping everything at standard profiles. So no post processing was done im just going to show you guys what i got straight out of camera. I will normally preview my videos on my 4k monitor in my living room before i post it. So if you guys want to see it larger itll be better for you to see some of the quality differences if youre, seeing it on a larger screen compared to just something on yourself. But if youre just watching a cell phone, its going to be harder to really see the difference in quality, now this video isnt sponsored but of course, im not gon na.

Let you watch a lot of footage without some background music and of course i get all my music from epidemic sound. So if you guys do want to use music and sound effects in your videos and not have any copyright claims ill leave, the links down below to epidemic sound theyre, actually giving my audience a free 30 day trial, make sure you guys use that link down below. So lets jump right into that video comparison with the mini 3 pro and a bunch of other drones on the market, so so so so huh so foreign, so so so so this so so huh so foreign, so do so foreign! So huh do so and there it is guys. I just want to give you some sample footage straight out of camera on all these everythings set to auto. So at least you guys have a better idea of what to expect. If you do pick up the mini 3, what to spec as far as camera, video quality comparisons to some of the other major drones on the market. Hopefully, you guys got some value from this video, and, if you did, a big like would be much appreciated and also, if you guys want to see a lot more dji mini 3 footage make sure you guys check out those links down below in the video description. Dont forget to subscribe hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is aldrin estacio with flightpath.