The maven app is now available in the app store with support for mini 2 se and air 2s, its a paid app. But if you watch the video to the end, i will tell you how you can get a chance to win a free license. Theres a lot to cover so lets jump right in when you launch the app its super clean and minimalistic, and you have access to all the features that you would expect to be available through a third party interface. At first glance, it looks a bit boring dont, be fooled by that, because it packs a lot of cool features as well as using augmented reality to display home point and point of interest directly on the screen. Let me start by showing you waypoints when you start a new mission, you have the options to do it from scratch: import a csv file, fly a mission and then recorded. I planned a mission before i went on location by simply adding a point of interest and then i added a waypoint making that point towards the point of interest adjusted the height, so i made sure it cleared the surroundings. Sometimes this is pretty fiddly on a tiny screen, but with the maven app you get a magnification glass that will allow you to fine, adjust the position of the waypoint, then adding additional three waypoints by just long pressing the screen where all the waypoints inherent the settings From the first one created that makes the process super easy.

When i was on location, the only thing i had to do was to pull up the saved mission and then press the small rocket icon in the top of the screen for the drone to execute heading towards waypoint number one. While turning so it faces. The point of interest when it reaches waypoint number one the recording starts, which is an action that i have pre programmed and saved to the mission and then continues to follow through the waypoints. One thing that struck me executing the mission is that its actually quite smooth, of course, its not perfect, and you can further improve this by increasing the distance to the point of interest and also playing around, of course, with the curves and the spacing between each waypoint. To me, this is the smoothest implementation ive seen based on virtual sticks, meaning that the mission is not stored locally in the drone once reaching the final waypoint, i programmed the drone for return to home now, youre, probably thinking oh thats, really no surprise that you can Set up a waypoint mission and then thats it, but what you can actually do with the maven app is that you can convert one of these waypoints into a orbit waypoint. And when you do that. That will allow you to do something called automatic orbit. And when you turn this option on, you will get a circle that has a radius equal to the distance between the waypoint and the point of interest.

That will allow you to fly a perfect orbit around your point of interest. But what if you dont want a full orbit that is possible because you can set it up in quarters, as is possible, to select down to only a quarter of an output that will allow you to customize your waypoint mission. The flexibility is really huge, as you can go from quarter of an orbit up to five complete rounds and with that capability we can take it up a notch. By introducing spirals with the spiral you define the starting radius and the end radius, which will allow you to either increase or decrease your distance to your point of interest, while orbiting theres a lot of options here – and this is actually quite unique, as this can be Integrated as part of your autonomous flight, meaning that it will be possible to do this while youre doing your waypoint missions with the maven app, you get access to something called virtual co pilot, and that opens up to some pretty unique features. Where cablecam is one of my favorites, you might have seen the commercials where they put on like a wire between two fixed points where the camera just zips by doing a dolly movement. This is now possible with the mini 2. You can even make the drone look at a point of interest, while gliding along the virtual cable. Then you fly the drone to the first anchor point, and then you enable the cable cam option.

You can set the cable cam speed by simply using the pitch roll. Will disable the mission at any time, regardless of the selected speed? The drone will stop automatically when it reaches the end point of the virtual cable. You can also do an instant orbit with the virtual co pilot. Again, you can use the pitch and roll to adjust. The speed of the orbit, as well as the radius, you can increase the altitude for a nice upward going spiral, while the drone and camera is still facing the point of interest, giving you the chance to make some really unique shots. If you switch the virtual co pilot into trackme, you will enable the tracking capabilities of the maven app where it will follow the position of the controller where the position is shown in blue as augmented reality directly on the live feed. I can make the drone circle around me, while im walking and i can adjust real time – the rotation speed, as well as the distance to me and the altitude by simply using the sticks on the remote all of this, while its trying to keep its relative position To the controller, this works a lot better than expected, but you have to be careful as theres no senses protecting the drone. The tracking capabilities also work when you are inside a vehicle, so i jumped in my car drove a little bit around just to see how well it worked and by simply using the follow me function.

The drone will try to keep a fixed distance to the car, but again i can enable the circle option, making the shots a lot more interesting. Also, the virtual co pilot can compensate for height differences, meaning that if you are driving up or downhill, it will be able to compensate for that. This is quite unique, too, and something i havent seen before. By the way, do you recognize the scenario that you have a lot of interest when youre flying your drone and people want to try it especially family members? They want to try it, but you dont want them to fly the drone, because you are afraid they might wreck it. With the mavin app. You can set up a virtual polygon gear fence that will basically allow you to fence in the drone and set some boundaries for how far that you will be able to go with the drone, and in that way you can put up like a safe zone where You can fly around with the drone and the drone will automatically stop when its getting close to the edge of this geofence. In that way, you can keep the drone away from colliding with anything and its super convenient. It can be enabled and disabled whenever you need it. As you can see, theres a lot of cool features included here, you will be able to use vr glasses and you will also have easy access to course lock where you can fly the drone along a line like you saw with the cable cam, and then you Can independently orient the drone to make some really cool, dolly shots? Another variant of that is called home lock where one end of the line is attached to the home position.

So what do you think of the maven app? You probably have a lot of questions right now, so pop them in the comments below or simply write maven, and you will have a chance to win. One of the five free licenses that i have available. Winners will be picked randomly from the comment section, and the winner will be contacted directly through the email that is listed in your about section get on with it, as i will do this no later than one week after this video has been published. In addition, i will post a video announcing all the winners, as well as answering the best questions, to put the record straight. This is not a review of the maven app, as this is a sponsored video, but this does not take away that this is a really cool, app thats, very easy to use and bring some really unique features to the table that we havent seen by competing apps. Like a rainbow and lychee ill be doing more videos about the maven app covering the individual features more in details and ill make sure to put all of these videos in a playlist that you can access through this card. I hope you liked this video.