tv and today, ive got a really exciting video. Something ive wanted to do for a while now, but this video is all about the best dji drones for all budgets, so that ranges from 169 all the way up to 4 200 australian dollars. So its basically all budgets covered here, ive got five drones to show you, and this is going to be a really cool one, because hopefully it will help a ton of people make the right buying decision for their needs. Ive created a bunch of content on my channel for the five drones that i will mention so make sure to go to the channel subscribe. If you havent already and also check out those drones on the channel, you know if youre, considering one of the middle drones or the first drone i mentioned or whatever one of the five drones i mentioned, go to the channel type in the name, search for it And youll find some content on that drone. Just to give you a bit more of a better understanding of what youre going to get from the drone. If this video doesnt cover that which it should, but there will be a ton of other content over there to help you make the right decision – Music, okay, the first drone is the dji tello or the ryze tello, its kind of like a hybrid kind of collaboration. Here between like intel, ryze and dji, so its the most budget friendly drone, its 169 australian dollars, but man this thing is remarkable for such a small drone.

It really does an amazing job and ive tested a bunch of toy drones in the past. This is the only drone i can recommend honestly, like ive, tried tons of different brands, all different prices and theyre all kind of in that toy category, but the tello packs so much into it. There are so many options, its even programmable, its only 169, its the best like hovering experience, ive had from any toy drone a lot of those toy drones out. There will kind of move all around and they cant really handle themselves. Whether tello does a great job. It is very small, so id recommend not flying it in, like really windy conditions, definitely testing it in a contained environment. First and even just testing it in the house. You know its so small its a toy drone as long as no ones around it should be fine just to test it in a controlled house or like an area thats contained by trees, so that theres, no wind, because i have had occasional, i want to say, Fly aways with it where the wind has been too strong and i havent actually been able to fly the drone back, but just be aware of that it is still a toy drone, but the telo is remarkable for just 169. It does everything you need for your first drone with all of that being said, the telo has a five megapixel camera, so youre not going to be using this footage to capture breathtaking high quality films that are going to be seen at the cinema.

You know theyre not going to be something that youre going to be necessarily proud of. Sharing on social, like the video quality is okay and its decent to share, but just keep in mind. This is not a filmmaking drone. The camera is more so just a guide. So you can see what the drone can see, but outside of that you still can record you can take photos. You can do eight different, flips theres, all these crazy flip modes. You can do theres this bouncing mode lots of random fun things, but the thing thats. So cool, especially if youre getting this for you know your kid or someone whos relatively young, its got programming options, so you can actually help people learn a skill like you can actually teach people how to program different modes and different things into the drone. So theres a full software theres a full like programming option within it, which i think is probably one of the best selling points here, because its not just a drone, its also an educational tool as well Music. So it really is a budget friendly drone, its a perfect gift for someone on their birthday or for some sort of event or celebration that youve got going on its fantastic 169 australian dollars and youre gon na have a lot of fun. I would recommend getting additional batteries, though, as they dont last for too long, but besides that its a really good offering and anyone who gets this would be happy with it.

The amount of people have recommended this drone too, and then theyve bought it for their dad or their friend, and then that persons unpacked it unwrapped it and theyve been so happy with it and theyve got so much out of it and then moved on to a More expensive drone later on, but this is kind of like the gateway drone lets call it. It really gives you a chance to have fun with it and really see what drones are capable of doing at such an affordable price point. If you do want to pick up the telo, i actually do have an exclusive discount code for the d1 store. The code is dans tube and youll save 10 off your purchase, so this will apply to the first four drones that i show you the final drone. The fifth drone will have a different code, but this code dans tube, will save you 10 off most of the drones cameras and accessories from the d1 store Music. The next drone up in the budget range is the mini se, the dji mini se, which didnt come out that long ago. This is actually replaced. The original mavic mini really hard to get a mavic mini now, so the mini se is my recommendation and honestly get the fly more combo. If youre going to be getting the mini se, the flymo combo is the one you want. It gives you that additional battery options youre going to have three batteries instead of the one youre going to have a ton of different accessories and its just worth it like more so for the batteries over anything.

But man. It makes a big difference to have that additional flight time. The mini se will set you back 569 australian dollars, like i mentioned before, you can use the code dans tube from the d1 store, and you can save 10 off this drone. I would recommend the fly more combo and thats that 569 for the fly more combo. It includes everything you need, and you also get those additional batteries as well, which makes a big difference, but this mini little drone here is slightly larger than the telo, its built. A lot more solid than the tello and it can withstand a bunch of different wind conditions. It does a great job in really any condition you throw it out for such a small drone. Amazingly enough, ive had no issues with it. It really can handle most conditions. Keep in mind, though, that if youre flying, you know against the wind to try to get back to you its still going to struggle a little bit, so you need to be aware of that. Wind direction is a big thing when youre flying your drone make sure that youre flying with the wind or, if you have to fly against the wind, make sure you you like actually give yourself enough time to fly back. You know its a really big thing here: youre getting 2.7 k video out of this drone 12 megapixel stills its got a flight time of 30 minutes, even though youre probably getting about lets, say 25 minutes wind resistance of level 5, which is improved over the mavic Mini which this guys replacing the mini se, is replacing that original, mavic mini and youre getting like.

I said that level five wind resistant, so it really can handle lots of different wind conditions and it does a great job when it does it. Another thing to mention is that the mini se actually has a three axis gimbal, where the telo, for example, it just has a fixed camera. It does have some form of digital stabilization on the telo which i mentioned before, but its definitely not like stable at all, and this actually has a proper three axis gimbal. So stable footage 2.7 k footage so very usable if you want to put it up on social media. This drone does a great job. It also captures great photos as well at 12 megapixels and, like i said that wind resistance, this can handle all sorts of wind conditions where the tello, i would not recommend pushing it too far. Also, when you compare the mini se to the telo, the mini se actually has a range of four kilometers. It has a bunch of different quick shot modes and its got a really reliable return to home mode. Where again, if we talk about the telo, it does have a few little features and modes and whatever else, but youve really got to be careful with it. You cant trust it in high winds. You cant fly it too far away where, with the mini se, you really can like. This is definitely the next step up from the telo and its extremely capable, like its actually quite a large leap.

If we look at the telo to the mini se, its a large leap, youre spending, obviously a couple hundred dollars more like a couple of hundred dollars more, but its definitely worth that bump. If you want to go straight to this, you know if you want to buy someone a gift. This is actually the drone id recommend for most people, its just a really capable drone, and it has a ton of options. The next upgrade or the next progression in the budget friendly space, is going from the mini se to probably the most budget friendly, 4k mini drone. This is the mini 2. They look, almost identical, which is kind of weird ive got a full comparison on the channel. If you want to check out the mavic mini compared to the mini se, compared to the mini 2, they all look very very similar, but the difference is the mini. 2. Actually has a 4k sensor. You can capture 4k video. Its also got the option to capture raw photos as well, which the other two dont and its got improved range as well. So i would say the mini 2 is a big improvement over the mini se here, but they look very similar like remarkably similar but theres. Definitely some improvements here with the mini 2 Music for 949 australian dollars, youre getting yourself the fly more combo, which includes those additional batteries. You also get a bag and a few other things its definitely worth it and, like i mentioned, remember, to use the code dans tube through the d1 store to save that 10, and you can get yourself.

The actual proper fly more combo, which is definitely worth your money. I promise you now again looking at this very similar design, its pretty much the exact same chassis, the same body here, but youre, getting a different controller with the mini 2 youre, also getting that improved. 4K sensor on the front, which is really nice, its still got a three axis gimbal. It still only captures 12 megapixel still so its not a massive increase, but you can capture raw images. So that does give you a lot more uh options to play around with. In post production so for people out there that want to take their drone a little bit more seriously. The 4k and those raw photos are going to make a big difference and then, obviously, that improved range with that new controller is a big calling card for the mini 2.. In terms of the controllers, this little one here is the controller for the mini se. Its actually been a staple in djis world. This controller design has been around for a very very long time, so this is the one youre getting with the mini se, and then this is the improved one. A lot of people actually prefer this one for some reason, but you get this improved design here for the mini 2 and it comes with a top mounted option for your phone. So you dont actually have to take your phone out of its case where, on this one, you have to take it out of its case, to put it in the controller as it kind of folds down like that, for example, and then you have to slip the Phone in where this one, you literally just load it up on top, you can leave the case in the cable managements, really nice, its just tucked around here nice and easy, but youre getting that improved range with the mini 2, which again is a big calling called Calling chord calling card for a lot of people out there range and quality and obviously battery performance is a big thing.

The mini 2 does have a quoted flight time of 31 minutes where the mini se 30 minutes youre. Getting one extra minute could make the difference to someone out there, but probably not its more so to do with that 4k, the raw photos and then the improved controller, but also that improved flight time as well. I keep saying flight time the improved range thats. What were talking about here, the improved range for the mini 2 – so definitely an improvement here again its hard to say whether you need to go for the mini 2 or you know, if youre considering a drone, you dont think the telo is worth it its too Cheap you want to get into the market if youve got the money for the mini 2 go for that, but the mini se is going to do. You know the right thing for most people, it really is a fantastic drone and most people are going to be happy with the mini se, its just for those people that want to get those few additional offerings, theyre, probably going to consider the mini 2.. But again remember that there arent too many differences here. The mini se still has a lot of those quick shot modes and a lot of those options. They both cant track you, but the mini two cant track you, the mini, sc, cant, track you and also the telo cant track you. I believe there are options to code that in, but i dont know how reliable that would be.

So none of these drones so far can actually track you theres no active track. Uh the mavic mini can track you with third party apps because the sdk was released, but that might be a little bit too much for you right now. So just remember no tracking right now, at the time of me filming this video for the mini 2 mini se or the telo. Another big point to consider is when it comes to that transmission, when it comes to the actual range youre going to get out of the drone based on the transmission thats getting sent, the mini se is using advanced wi fi, but the mini 2 is using ocusync 2, so thats, why youre getting the significantly improved range? But with that being said, um it does actually make a difference because obviously theres a lot of wi fi networks around theres a lot more potential for interference on the mini se, where the mini 2 is using. Ocusync 2., so its like a standalone technology that dji have created, which means that you are definitely going to get a more stable flight with the mini 2. So it really depends if all of those points help you out. I really hope so because yeah theyre very similar when you look at them on paper, even though it is 4k for the mini 2. I would say that its not a significant noticeable improvement like yes, its noticeable that its 4k sure, but i have a feeling that theyre very similar sensors here when we look at them and when we compare them both great video quality 2.

7 k, a slight bump up For the mini two at 4k and obviously those raw photos as well but again, very similar, offering just uh, keep in mind what you need. The drone, for you know, is it for social media. Is it just for fun if its just for fun and if its just for social media, the mini sc, is probably good enough for you, but if youre really into your photos – and you really want to color grade and tweak them, and you want those raw photos That could be the calling card for you or if you really need 4k, that could be the calling card or if you want that additional range again, that could be the calling card. So i think theyre, the three things you need to consider when youre, comparing the mini se and the mini two for my fourth recommendation now this is getting a little bit more expensive again. So for 2099 australian dollars you can get yourself. The air 2s fly more combo now. This is a big leap right here in terms of quality in terms of flight, in terms of just the build quality of the drone itself and actually what youre capturing on that one inch sensor on the front there. The air 2s is when you start taking drones seriously, like id, say the mini 2 yeah youre, probably getting relatively serious about your drone, but the air 2s. Could you try again siri come on were talking about dji here, not apple.

Now, when were talking about the air 2s, with that one inch sensor on the front there, it really does make a big difference in terms of quality, so the mini 2 can obviously capture 4k, but its got nothing on the air 2s. Remember if you do want to get the air 2s, you can still use that same code dans tube and you can save 10 off your fly more combo again thats the one id recommend just because of that flight time. You know it makes a big difference to have the additional three batteries in total or the additional two makes a big difference. You get the bag, you get a few other accessories, definitely worth your time, getting the fly more combo for sure. Now. The reason that this is a big leap is because it just takes everything on the mini two: every offering everything you thought was so amazing about it, and it just jumps over it significantly. You know it hurdles it. It just keeps running its a 5.4 k sensor. So its not just 4k, you can capture 5.4k at 30 frames per second amazing stuff. It looks remarkable im very impressed with what you can capture out of this one inch sensor mentioning one inch. Sensors is also significantly larger than the sensors on definitely the telo, but also the mini se and the mini 2. that one inch sensor is going to make the world of difference. If you care about photo and video its a 20 megapixel sensor, not a 12 megapixel sensor, like i said its got 5.

4 k plus it can also track you, so its got active track options, unlike the other ones ive mentioned prior. So if you care about tracking yourself, if you want to go on a bike ride or a walk or drive your car, something like that and you want to track yourself, then you really need to get the air 2s, because the others dont really offer it. You can maybe look into some other offerings if this is a little bit too expensive. There are definitely other dji drones that can track you, but i think the air 2s is almost the perfect package. It really has everything that you need in a drone. It comes with the same controller as the mini 2, so nothing majorly different about the design but its ocusync 3, not ocusync, 2 youre getting 12 kilometers of range here, ridiculous stuff, and you definitely do notice the improvement here. Even though the mini 2 has great range on it, im noticing that the air 2s just really does take it to the next level. You know i never have issues with interference. It never drops out its just reliable and consistent all the time. The other thing that takes this drone to the next level is that it has the a pass mode as well as, like i said, the active track, so it can actually genuinely track. You avoid trees, avoid all sorts of things and it does a remarkable job. Its probably one of the best tracking systems ive used on a drone, and this is on the air 2s.

I havent even gone to the high end drone that were going to talk about next, but it has sensors everywhere upward front. Weve got the rear. Weve also got below as well its just missing side sensors, but besides that its got sensors everywhere its like almost omnidirectional its everywhere. They call it omnidirectional, but yeah, no side, sensors here just up front rear and below, but still does an amazing job. A very safe flight and that a pass that avoiding where it can you know, bypass you while it still tracks you remarkable stuff. The active track works perfectly here and im very impressed with the air 2s overall, its a fantastic, offering and again, like i said, pretty much everything you need in a drone. This is like the go to drone at that price range. The 1 inch cmos sensor definitely makes a difference. Like i said those 20 megapixel stills. Are they stand out? They significantly stand out over the mini two. You can see the difference. The video quality even at 4k, significantly stands out over the mini 2. um. The flight performance, i would definitely say that this handles the wind a lot better, its a lot faster, its a lot more nimble in the sky. I really do love this drone. I cant stop saying positive things about it. I dont think theres anything negative about this. Drone, like even the price point, is reasonable, considering what youre getting here. I think this is almost the perfect drone for most people and for those people that want to take it seriously.

It does have all the options you need like raw photos. Its got 12.6 dynamic stops so tons of dynamic range. There 5.4k, like i said 20 megapixel steels. I can capture tons of different options, including slow motion options as well and yeah has active track. Has tons of quick shot modes has a better range than the previous drones ive mentioned. It really is the perfect offering here and yeah, i kind of want to say this is the one to go for, if you feel like the previous ones, might not do what you need, or you really want active track, or you know you really want to take Photos and videos more seriously, then this is yeah the one to look into at the moment until i mention the next one. Maybe you want to spend a bit more money who knows, but the air 2s is a masterpiece really, and if you compare it to the mavic air 2, which is its little younger sister, it actually significantly jumps over that one, like its a really big upgrade its. Not just a 2s, its almost like the third version, its that much of an upgrade. Maybe they didnt do that to try to not sell out too many people before the mavic 3 came out. I dont know its weird because it is more than an s model here, its a big improvement, considering its got a massive one, inch sensor, which we only previously saw on the mavic 2 pro.

I think uh yeah, one of my favorite drones to date and ive tested a ton of drones, Music now moving on to the final drone for this video. This is the fifth drone in terms of the best dji drones for all budgets. This drone is four thousand two hundred dollars for the fly more combo, its double the price of the previous drone, and it only just came out its called the mavic 3 amazing piece of technology here, its actually a lot larger than the air 2s like. When you look at them quite a difference in terms of build quality, this thing feels like it can handle and it can weather any storm. It really is a remarkably well built piece of technology. If you are considering the mavic 3, then its a different code, you have to use on the d1 store. The code is dans 100 theyll. Save you a hundred dollars off your purchase, whether you get the fly more combo, the cine edition or just the standalone mavic. 3 itll save you a hundred dollars off that, but youll also get three mystery gifts that arent a mystery because ill tell you right now you get 128 gigabyte micro, sd card, you get a battery safe bag and you also get a landing pad pad, not peg. So thats three items plus 100 off really cool deal here: thats dans 100., the mavic 3 only just came out and, like i said, its double the price of the air 2s.

So for a lot of people who are considering the air 2s or the mavic 3 ill have a full comparison on the channel. Ive got a few comparisons coming up very soon for the air 2s versus the mavic 3. But this guy here can capture 5.1 k. Video now you might be wondering dan: did you screw that up? You said the air 2s. Can capture 5.4 k? No, i did not. This can capture 5.1 k where the air 2s can capture 5.4 k, so on paper the air 2s has some more pixels. Some more pickles to deal with so really weird, because on paper the air2s looks better in that regard, but the mavic 3 can capture up to 50 frames per second at 5.1 k where the air 2s can capture 5.4 k, but only up to 30 frames per Second, the other major difference here is that the mavic 3 has a micro, four thirds camera system. So a larger sensor over the one inch sensor on the air 2s. It also has adjustable aperture, so you can get a lot more out of this drone. The dynamic range is a lot better. The image youre getting is definitely a lot better. Its still a 20 megapixel sensor, so photos are very similar and when you do look at some videos like im very impressed with the air 2s im very impressed with this, but for double the price. Sometimes you look at it and you go.

Oh. Is it worth that extra 2 000, or would i be happy with the air 2s here? The other clear difference here is that it actually has two cameras on it. So its not just a one inch sensor like on the air 2s, its a half inch sensor on top, which is the telephoto kind of zooming sensor, even though its only optical zoom to seven times and all the rest is digital zoom. But in terms of the micro, four thirds sensor really amazing, like im extremely impressed with what its capturing plus. It also has that hazelblad color science, so its using the same technology of hasselblad cameras very like notorious for being one of the best camera systems in the world. So thats definitely a leap over that one inch sensor on the air 2s and the main thing here, which might be a big calling card for you – is this guy: the big old battery. This is a 46 minute battery, where we compare it to 30 minutes of the air 2s and all the other drones like well, not all of the other. The telo is definitely not getting that, but the mini se, the mini 2 and also the air 2s – have a flight time of around 30 minutes recorded, but youre, probably getting about 25 minutes 46 minutes on the mavic 3. youre, probably getting about 40 minutes or just Under but you compared 25 minutes to about 40 minutes, definitely a big improvement here.

So if flight times a big thing for you, then this guys, the one you want. The other thing is its using the exact same controller, which a lot of people are upset about. Again, its a pro drone double the price, but same controller as the air 2s and the mini 2, but it has ocusync 3 plus. So it means you get 15 kilometers of range over 12 kilometers on the air 2s. So if range is a big thing, if battery life is a big thing, then the mavic 3 is the one you want. The other big thing here is that it has the true omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, so it has sensors on the rear sides. Uh on the rear facing up youve got ones on the front. That kind of angle out, like bug eyes almost and then youve got some on the bottom, so its sensing everywhere all directions. You get the side, sensors the front, the up the down. You do, the hokey pokey and you turn around. You know that kind of stuff, but no to be serious. You do get obstacle avoidance everywhere. So if obstacle avoidance is a big thing for you, then thats, probably why you would want to get this because it does have obstacle avoidance everywhere, like it will see everything thats going on before you even see it. So the mavic 3 is a true beast when it comes to that the flight time that hasselblad camera system, that micro, four thirds camera system on the front there, which is remarkable and obviously being a dual camera system, is very exciting.

It really is in terms of hardware everything you want in a drone its like the perfect drone in that regard, but again double the price is hard to justify for a lot of people. I think the air 2s is the sweet spot. This is, if you really really really want to take drones seriously and some of the offerings that ive mentioned, stand out to you and thats, where the mavic 3 comes in, but again for 4 200 australian dollars for the fly more combo, this isnt a cheap drone. You know you look at the telo 169 dollars. This is 4 200. You really need to be taking drones seriously if you want the mavic 3. Music. So, like i said, i will have a few comparisons between the mavic 3 and the air 2s. A few things that ive noticed straight away that are differences here, reasons why you would want to upgrade or spend more money. If you havent got a drone already is slow motion. You can go up to 4k 120 frames, where you can only do 1080p. 120 on the air 2s. The other thing here is that youre also getting active track. 5.0. So you know whether thats for you or not thats great, but it does have an advanced active track mode, obviously has better sensors here its got more fisheye sensors, so its seeing a larger field of view and then master shots are the same both getting 4k for The master shots mode and theres, no, like other major thing, theres no waypoints on here, for example its not waterproof it doesnt, have any like novel thing.

That makes it significantly different here, but you are getting a few more options, especially having two camera systems. Here you do have a few more options over the air 2s Music. Now, in terms of the quality of the photos and the videos youre capturing, i do notice a slight improvement which you would hope you would expect out of a double the price drone. But i am noticing an improved uh dynamic range here only slightly, but im definitely noticing like an improvement in terms of the colors and how well this drone performs in different lighting conditions. It does have the adjustable aperture, which does make a big difference. The color science from hazelblad does make a big difference, but again it doesnt make a significant difference like youre not going to be looking at the air 2s and going oh, that footage. Doesnt. Look nice like the air 2s looks great. You know even the mini 2 footage, the mini sc footage. They all look great for most people again its. What are you actually using this drone for and what is your budget? The mavic 3, though, definitely an improvement as you would expect, but i dont know whether i could say its a significant improvement. I dont know if i could say its a two thousand dollar improvement, but the mavic 3 is a beast nonetheless, and it definitely captures something unique with that: micro, four thirds camera system. So this is the 4200 drone.

The telo right at the beginning is the budget friendly, 169 drone and then weve had everything in between weve had the mini se. Weve had the mini 2 and weve had the air 2s. So i would love to know in the comments below which drone do you already own? Are you considering upgrading, or do you not own a drone at all? Are you considering buying a brand new drone id love to know in the comments below? I can definitely help you out and guide you in the right direction and remember you can use the code dans tube for the first four drones and other drones on the d1 store. You can also get accessories and cameras and whatever else they have there using the code, danged tube that will save you 10 or dans 100 to get the mavic 3. get 100 off. If a family member, a friend or even yourself, is still feeling quite overwhelmed about buying a drone, and how do i start? What do i do? I do actually have a drone course. Its, the ultimate online drone course for beginners its called the fearless drone academy. Go to and you can sign up over there and save 10 using the code dans tube a really awesome place. Honestly, i know i created it so im going to say that, but its two and a half hours of high quality, video, tutorials, theres guidance, theres insights, theres resources, honestly ive, just packed it full of content and high quality resources and insights so check it out and Save some money using the code dans tube so anyway.

That is the end of this epic video, quite a long one, but i wanted to pack as much as i could as much info into this. We started with the telo. We went to the mini se. We had the mini 2, the air 2s and the mavic 3 5 fantastic drones for all different budgets, going from 169 to 4 200 quite a range in there, but i think i offered some good insights and and value, hopefully on the drone that might be right For you, but anyway, that is the end of this video. Thank you so much for watching id love to know in the comments below what your thoughts are. If youve got a drone, if you think i said something wrong, let me know i love to be corrected. Its fantastic but thats it thank you so much for watching make sure to have a amazing day.