Do you want to know if these are good? Do you want to know which ones you should get based on your flying style? Im going to tell you, i got a graph im going to show you in just a few seconds its going to lay everything out for you. The types of sticks, the flying styles pros cons. Everything im going to give these away and ive also got a promo code for you as well Music cool. So if the chart helped you out guys, do me a favor watch the video to the end. I got the giveaway and the promo code. So lets talk about the difference between these specimen sticks and the grand master v2s. The specimen sticks are a little bit shorter than the grand masters allowing you a little more adjustability up and down. You can put a little washer or nut under them. You can get just the right height for your needs, the grand masters i wish had that capability. You can do that, but then i think itll be a little too high. For my tastes at least the specimen sticks are very close to the diameter of a normal. Stick that youll get on your transmitter. They just have a ton, more grip. I cant say when i first saw these like how nervous i was of seeing all the spikes on them right when you get them youre, just like man theyre, not sharp, they just they grip very well.

You know like honest like. Are they good enough to replace what you have? Oh absolutely, yeah, absolutely yeah, so you would use the promo code. Id definitely buy a set. Yeah absolutely. Are you suffering from slippery sticks? This video is not sponsored at all. By the way i bought my own sticks and i really loved them. I made a funny video about them. Thumb grippies ended up, seeing it and they just sent me a bunch of sticks and i said, awesome im going to review them and they said cool. Do it, however, you want good or bad thats. What were gon na do i liked flying the specimen sticks all the way down in the lower position, because it felt responsive the shorter. Your sticks are the more responsive, theyre going to feel the longer they are. The more smooth and slow theyre going to feel. That being said, i am flying with a nut under the sticks and theyre the same height as the grandmasters now and its very hard to decide between the two. The grandmaster v2s do feel like theyve, got a little more control in your fine motor movements. I think, probably because of the bulb on top. Your fingers are spread out a little bit and it gives you just a little more resolution in that top end. On the stick, i do like that, but i fly low rates and i dont need it. I think someone thats a hybrid pincher with shorter fingers would really enjoy the grand masters because you dont have to push it as far to reach max stick because of the bulb on top youre gon na get a little more fine motor control on the top end, Which, i think is important for someone with short fingers.

I wouldnt know but thats what it feels like to me. All of these sticks have the advantage of having maximum grip confidence, giving consistency. So, no matter what you choose, thats, not a deciding factor. They all have it moving away from the pure pinch or hybrid pinch area. We have the thumb drops and the q tips now i think you probably could have gotten away with selling only one or the other. Their shape is very similar uh, whereas the q tips are a little bit longer, maybe allowing you to hybrid pinch a little bit and get that that index finger on the bottom of it. The problem is, if you do that in my case, my finger hit the edge of the gimbal, rendering this almost completely useless for that type of flight, which it seems thats what its for meaning. The thumb drops to me seem like the better option. Now, if you like to fly thumbs – and you dont necessarily keep your thumbs 100 flat all of the time, which is what the mushrooms are going to be for, then the thumb drops may be for you, because you can thumb them theyre large, its got a huge Surface area for your thumbs, but its also got a very consistent nice roll off around the edges, meaning when you max stick with your thumbs, youre always going to have that consistent roll off, no matter which angle youre rolling on these are awesome.

I loved them for what they were now i was hybrid pinching them. You can do that theyre theyre, almost like a larger version of the grand masters where you have your thumb. On top, you hybrid pinch, the front, and it just gives you even more consistent control around the top center stick because theyre very large, the wider. You spread your fingers apart, the more consistent theyre gon na feel now i dont necessarily recommend them for someone thats a pure hybrid pinch, but if youre a thumber – and you like to rest your pointer finger on your sticks, these are for you get them. Dont worry about it: youre gon na love them now were getting into the flat thumbers type of flying style, and i got ta tell you. I was thoroughly surprised when i tried the mushrooms. I was scared of them. I am not a dirty thummer and if you are dirty thumb or unsubscribe right now, im choking people ive never flown thumbs before. But you know what i did a great job i was, i was pretty proud of it. Ive never tried it before, and these gave me everything i needed to get the job done. Uh hes been using the dirty. Thumb sticks, okay, so, okay, so one rule is. I cant put my fingertips on it right. I cant try to hybrid it. Im gon na hit him in a tree dude like some of the fast pilots that flip and flop a lot they thumb, and it may be because, like its a necessity gosh, i have no throttle control like this, though its almost a necessity to like max stick.

These things, because you dont have the resolution and the control that you do when youre pinching still cool, though like if i thumbed these would be ideal. I havent tried the mini mushrooms yet, but i can confidently say if youre a thummer, god bless your soul and you dont have these sticks, and you think that you have something that you like. I promise you. I promise you you dont. The thumb grippies are going to be the way to go. If you, if you fly thumbs and you dont have thumb grippies, oh my god, then that was so disturbing. First were going to talk about the mini mushrooms, because theyre actually really interesting, theyre very similar in size to the thumb drops in the q tips, but theyre more flat on top. If you like to have that very consistent flat, thumb feel which youve probably never felt before, because most sticks dont do this. They do feel really good and just smooth on top on your pad of your thumb, but they have a very consistent again roll off around the edge, but it just doesnt go as far down so youre, really not going to be hybrid pinching, these or resting your Index finger on it, you can, i just didnt like doing it now. The thing about the mushrooms is: they do have a little grip around the edge, but you dont need it. When i flew them. I had my thumbs completely flat on the sticks and it was foreign to me and i thought it was gon na crash.

You know a few seconds into flight everything just clicked. I think i could actually fly thumbs dude and i felt almost a little bit smoother than i usually do on some of my other hybrid pinch style sticks, but they no matter what angle, no matter what i threw at these things my thumbs, never moved. I never had to like think. Okay, i need to readjust to the left. I need to center my thumb back on the stick. None of that it was, it was really cool. It was a unique experience to say the least i really did enjoy flying with these. For the short time that i did and im going to regret and im going to regret, giving them away, because i kind of would like to try them a little more, i almost think i might could be a thumber ive just never tried it before dirty thumbsticks. They are very wide and very consistent at keeping your thumbs completely centered and just flat on the sticks, no matter what you throw at these things. These sticks literally have everything: Music, maximum grip, comfort, Music, reliability, diversity, im going to give these away, but im kind of sad, because every single one of them felt better than a stock stick on any transmitter, ive ever flown. I flew thumbs on these and they made me question my flying style, guys, no matter which ones you get youre gon na be happy. I promise you.

I really hope that this helps someone out, because i know how it feels. I know what its like to not be able to get something that you want or need so im gon na give back so, for this giveaway were gon na. Do something a little bit different just go ahead and like the video subscribe and comment down below which one you want and were gon na find the winner that way the promo code was earlier in the video. If you missed it, theres the time stamp check it out, use it youre welcome. I will see you guys later im so bad at this. Oh im, so sorry yeah, i wake you up. You were sleeping good and um.