Okay, but not only active track in a small little means. Oh no im going all out and im going to use automated adaptive track using litchi and the dji mini 2 to track my car so lets get into it Music. Now a couple of things i need to address straight off the bat. Basically, im still getting a lot of comments from you guys saying that the latest literary app you can find in the google play store, for example, is not compatible with the dji midi 2.. Now, on my very first video that i did relating to the sdk release, i did explain that, basically for it to work, you need to actually participate in lichs beta program. Okay. So if you go back and watch that video, i will show you in that video. Exactly what you need to do once youve participated in the beta program, you actually download a beta version of the uh of the lichi app, and that is the one that is compatible with the dji mini 2, the air 2s and the uh mini se. But on this video im going to explain all about active track now, literally just gives you basically two versions of tracking you get a full active track where you are selecting an object on screen and hoping it will follow and tracking keep it in frame. And then you have gps, follow gps follower is very basic and all it does is follow the gps location of the controller, so thats not really something im going to cover in this video and well cover it in a separate video.

But for this one i want to go absolutely all in and talk about the main active track. Now this active track is split into two parts. The first part is basically, where im going to show you exactly how it works, tracking, a person and some of the buttons you need to press, because it wont initially be able to move all it will do beyond its axis until you release and press a button. Basically and then what im going to do is im going to then take the car out? Okay, i do have a driver by the way ill be observing on the passenger seat. Uh, ensuring safety at all times and see if literally using the dji mini 2, can keep up with my car, so lets just crack on with it. So what im going to do is the first step of active track. Okay, now with dji, what you do is with the fly app, you just use one finger to draw a box, but with literally you need to use two. So what im going to do is youre going to draw this box around myself? Okay and just be aware that you have to give the drone a bloody fight enchant, the drone has to be able to see you so, of course, im wearing black. The road is quite wet, so lets give the drone a bit of a chance here and except that it might not be perfect. The sun is absolutely beaming on me, but well see what happens.

Okay, so, as you can see, i am now trapped now. What im going to do very simply go for a walk okay. Now, at this moment the drone is not actually going to move all its going to do is spin and rotate on its axis right. So now what im going to do is im going to allow the drone to be able to actually follow me and move so im going to do is im going to press this button here now it says: do you wish to start following now? Please ensure the area is clear and be ready to regain control using the flight control flight mode button at any time now. This is where the drum will actually be able to move and follow me. So if i move backwards, slowly youll be able to see by the lines on the road. The drone is actually moving all right, but there you go. It is keeping up with me. Hopefully it doesnt fly into the back of my head, but its not doing too much of a bad job and dont forget youre not going to have following mud on all of the time. Are you you know what basically going to happen is youre going to sort of turn it on or off just to get those shots and, as you can see, i am now talking to the drone im, not touching anything, and the drone is keeping me in shot And its just flying backwards, so that just shows it does work so just to stop that, then that button! Okay! Now, if i try to move, you will see again, the drone will only rotate on its axis.

It wont actually follow me anywhere, but heres a cool thing now, if i get closer to the drone it cant move. But if i go all the way up, im only pressing one button, its lowering the gimbal to keep me in shot. If i come back down again again im looking at the drone, it should be raising the gimbal back up to keep me in shot. So you know the process works. It does what its supposed to do. Um im quite happy about that, and, of course, as you can see, that drone is recording automatically. I really like it. Weve got the options to a e, lock and whats. One thing: ive already tried as well. Many people have been missed if you wish that the dji fly app, doesnt, put a cache version of what its recording or any photos on your phone. Well, the literary app actually does, however, what im going to do now? All right is, i am going to um. Take my accomplice, which is hidden just out of sight and then were going to take this car for a drive just up and down here and just see how it does and then, like. I said im going to possibly explore a couple of different locations and just see how well it does now. There is quite a lot of obstacles around. As you can see, there is street lights, etc, etc, but theres, no cars, because this road is a private road.

So im just going to see what it can do, but of course there is risk, but i will do my best to try and make it as accurate as possible, and hopefully i dont hit anything so the first thing im going to do is then select the Car which should stand out and as you can see, the gimbal has just picked that up and then i need to press this button again to say we want to start the following. Now there we go and, of course, im monitoring and my finger is over the stop button. There you go its doing quite well and about 15 miles an hour going to a dark bit. Is it going to keep sight of me? Yes, it is, i think, thats worked pretty well im, quite impressed with that and then select the car again and allow that tracking understand the risks and lets go, try and get a bit more speed up this time like i said it is pretty windy and thats Done an absolutely fantastic job and, of course, if i slow down at the end of this road, it should catch me back up, but obviously this isnt an air 2s. You know its not the fastest drone in the world. There you go, i think thats done fantastic. There you go its coming up the way that street light really really really impressive. Im quite happy about that. If we can just turn around here, weve got our eyes on the drone.

Lets take off quite fast, see what happens Music there. We go now for me, that is more than enough to get some nice dynamic shots well back where we started. So what im going to do now is im going to quickly put in some footage here from another uh scenario that im going to go to next and just let me know what you think then well end the video right. So the coast is clear: lets go and lets just see if it can keep up there, you go. It is tracking im doing about 10 miles an hour and it seems to be following absolutely fine. Okay, so lets pick up a little bit of speed up to 20 and again, the drone is following absolutely fine, its incredibly impressive, actually theres, two people running by here. They didnt want to move over. Did they? Okay, so lets just slow down a little bit because it is windy? Did it fall? Did it struggle that is it gon na pick me back up, see its showing a yellow box, so there you go green again, so lets go and see if it can keep up now. The rud is actually following due to non optimal conditions. Lets just quickly try one more time: okay and get a little bit more height. This time allow the follower okay and then what well do is. We will continue on our journey just up the road a little bit longer and just see if it can keep up.

Dont want to go too fast, but i think thats true ended due to non optimal conditions, so i have just got back from that second location and im beginning to think to myself. Why didnt, i just record my intro in the car. It is so much less windy, but overall, what did you make of that test with lychee and the dji mini 2? I thought it performed pretty damn well and dont forget this. Software is in beta mode. It will only, of course, get better now in that previous clip. There was a few times where the drone actually stopped following, and it was thrown up an error message to say that it possibly wasnt optimal to continue the follow feature and the flight. Now many of you will possibly say that thats a problem and it should be able to follow. I have the complete opposite view of that and i think thats great the fact that the the lichi software felt, like it wasnt safe to continue the flight and actually stopped doing so. So it just shows that there is some sort of protection uh built into the software if it thinks it cant continue and hopefully that could save peoples drones getting broken or trashed. I told you of a competition of how you can win a copy of lychee for android. The kind people at lychee have given me three codes to give away, and here is the details of how to enter the competition and very simply, im not going to demand.

You jump through a load of hoops or anything like that. All you need to do is write the word lichi in the comments section below and be of course, subscribed to my channel. All winners or three winners will be drawn completely random, using a comment generator. I will then announce the winner in my very next litchi video, so please do get commenting um and i dont want to drag this out as long as needed. Very simply because i want you to be in with a chance of winning this, so you can get out for yourself and testing this awesome software and getting the most out of your dji mini 2..