Based on my previous two previous videos, um, i covered uh most for today’s video i’m, going to unbox this um, the r0br 02 drone strobe light from you, lanzi yeah yeah, so from your land. So i actually i got two of this. I got two of this and then for the purpose of this video i’ll. Do the unboxing Music, so let’s go let’s, do the unboxing. So in the box champions strobe light, you have the user manual Music, um chinese version in the front tapos. So, within the box we have the strobe light itself, so i think it has two l8 led your usb type c port. Yes, this is rechargeable. So the good thing about this uh lansing drone strobe light is it’s a rechargeable strobe light not unlike any other strobe lightning battery, so aluminum expensive batteries. So you also have your usb type c cable for charging the stove light. You have two elastic bands. Okay, so this ulansi strobe light is not only intended for um dji mini to actually find the new sunglasses, um mavic pro mavic, zoom solo or dji spark or anything um with the strobe light. I don’t see the the use for for buying this uh to assume nasally called, so you important, not the beginner signal saturn, whether battery is hundred percent 75 or 50 or 25 percent, or running low, like a red side, yellow and a green. So you know with the minito and then the mini one, so it’s a great help na meron tying strobe light.

So whenever we fly around especially during night time, which is, i know puerto if you choose – or you decided to fly at night with your own um responsibility, so at least so yeah you have two elastic band and then two um 3m adhesive case is velcro. So it’s a velcro material like this one yeah. So if you don’t like to use the elastic bandage elastic bandage, if you don’t want to use the elastic band, pretty new in the guy, so others are using this probe like us or double sided um Music velcro. And then you have also two elastic bands to choose from so ah box. So what are the functionalities of your strobe light? Your lenses? So this comes actually um. It has three modes. Actually, it has two modes: three different colors one is white, one is green and then one is red that was each color has two modes, so i’ll show you for anywhere. So when you turn on this um strobe light, you need to long press the one button. So one button so yeah so long press yeah. So this is the fast line that’s when you press it again and then, when you press it again turns green. So about the same as so press again and then when you press it again, that was when you press it again, but it shouldn’t survive. So when you want to turn this off, all you need to do is long press again.

So absolutely when i put this on my drone extension gear or landing gear and then um because of the extension here, not then attesting clearance from from the ground is or anywhere anywhere whenever we cruise our drone above in the sky. But if you haven’t subscribed it yet to my youtube, channel, it’s, hex or beta, please follow me on my instagram account it’s hackyx and then my facebook page is hexorbeta. If you like this video, please give me a comment or don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and then comment anything if you want anything to unbox or anyone anything i can review or or try on so yeah, so just leave it on the comment section.