These are this: is the yolonzi strobe drone light uh model number, dr 01. This is uh for night flying im, going to go ahead and open and have you guys look at it? I purchased this, so i can use this for nighttime flying uh. The thing i liked about it was uh. Fourth for the price. It is priced at 24.95 at the time of the making of this video uh. I got this off of amazon and uh wanted to go over whats in this box in the box youre going to find that youve got two 3m velcro pads that you can adhere to your drone, and i kind of like that. It comes with two because my plan is to use it on these two drones that ive got right now for the mavic mini 2, as well as the mavic 3. uh. It does come with a manual manual, not bad, not much to it. As far as reading is concerned, uh does cover how to charge kind of goes through the details of the strobe light uh. It also comes with a usb c cable for the charging of this uh uh strobe light and the strobe light itself construction wise. It looks pretty good, very good quality. I kind of you know: look at this uh, definitely its not cheaply made. So that is a good thing. The the features of this uh it does meet the faa guidelines for drone flight flying at night.

It also has a visibility of about three miles uh, provided that the uh its a its a clear night, um and uh also on this uh. If out of the box, if youre gon na use it youll have to charge it, it doesnt come charged, but the nice thing about it is, it is usbc type charging like i said: youve got the cable here that you can use and uh it charges it Up pretty good um you, you uh! If, if you use this in uh like the slow, flash or scroll strobe mode, this will last you about four hours. If youre uh, im, sorry yeah itll last you about four hours. If you use this for like full light mode, it will definitely uh last less itll be about two hours uh. As far as the uh battery power uh usage is concerned. Uh again, i do like the uh, the the quality of the plastic, not being cheap plastic. Uh, and and by the way, to uh uh set this uh turn this on you, you just need to pretty much just hold the button and im gon na put it this way, so it doesnt change the lighting on my camera, but you hold a button and It will go into a solid white mode. Uh, you push it one time again and it goes into the uh slow flash. Well, i take that back, actually its a strobe mode, then the slow flash and then, if you do it again, one more time, click one more time, itll, do it to the green color that its uh lights up to and again clicking it one more time for The strobe mode and then as a third time for the uh, slow, uh flash mode.

And then, if you wanted red itll, do the red as well and then click one more time. Strobe and then one more time for the slow flash mode and then just hold it down on the button and itll power it off. So i kind of like that. Its multi colored uh ill, probably just use the white flash mode, but in a way that thats kind of good that youve got those options again. If youre going to mount this, you can mount this on top right here and that shouldnt uh at least interfere with the recording when youre recording at night, so that works out pretty good uh thing. You want to see a note also on the mavic 3 on these guys uh. You do have, of course, a landing light here, just to keep in mind oops right up here. There you go so you do have the mat landing leds uh its, not the same as this flashing strobe light, but that is of course, another option, especially when landing or even when flying. You could actually turn that on through your controller. But again, if youre wanting to meet faa requirements for knight flying the yolonzi dr01 drone light would be what you want to get uh. It is 24.95. Sometimes it goes on sale. I luckily got this on sale, but uh, definitely even for the price of 24.95. I think is pretty good and again this is the lonzi brand off of amazon uh.

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