. Aerorozvidka is a non governmental organization whose goal is to give support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.. For some of us, drones were just a hobby.. One of us was a photographer another, a marketer, a banker, a teacher., The Russian army is huge and they shell us thousands of times a day, but our drones, dont miss. SUPERUSERS, THE DRONE UNIT TAKING ON RUSSIA Kyiv this morning, is staring down the barrel of a Russian assault column 40 miles long.. Why cant anybody do anything about this approaching humanitarian nightmare? To stop all that madness? A special unit was created.. We understood that Russias main plan was a blockade of Kyiv to cut it off from the Odessa highway.. We started to attack the convoy from the city of Malyn.. This made them divide into small groups of five to ten vehicles.. They had to move their equipment, so they decided to store it somewhere.. They chose a farm., We observed it gave them a week to bring more equipment. Then we brought our bombs and our drone destroyed them.. That was the whole operation.. The Russian army is huge., Weve dealt with them since 2014.. Nothing is new. A Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops spreading out throughout the strategic Crimean peninsula.. Twenty thousand Russian soldiers have been on the move across Crimea in the past 24 hours. For a year. We were in the news and then everyone forgot. For some of us drones were just a hobby.

. One of us was a photographer another, a marketer, a banker, a teacher. Personal qualities are important.. These people should be stress resistant.. They should have some engineering skills because we make drones.. Sometimes something can break and you need to fix it right away in the field.. Yes, we have lost people. Five people.. What we are watching Erin is no less than the real time evolution of warfare.. These drones can just pick them off.. If we are talking about the drones that Aerorozvidka makes they can fly up to ten kilometers and carry up to five kilograms in weight.. We use drones at night when Russians dont maneuver.. It is just the easiest way to attack and destroy them.. It is quite risky.. We must be very close to the target.. You cant just leave when you hear mines and explosions.. If a drone is in the air, we must finish the mission.. We will not fight the third world war in Ukraine. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, said. The military alliance is not planning to put boots on the ground or airplanes in the sky in Ukraine.. The system of collective security must be updated., Because if a dictator can be in charge of some country and terrorize, all the neighbors and no one can do anything theres a serious flaw in the system.. Of course, we have a lot of faults that we are guilty. Of. And a lot of things we allowed to happen., But at the same time we are being attacked and others just observe.

, But Russians will always be our neighbors.. We wont destroy all of them..