The attack launched by the russian federation against the territory of the neighboring state of ukraine continues without slowing down since the beginning of the attack. The ukraine, russia war, which has become more intense with each passing day, has claimed thousands of lives. In particular, the russian army was the party that suffered the most from the attacks. According to information from ukrainian sources, the russian army has lost 32 150 military personnel. Since the beginning of the attack, this situation greatly lowered the morale of the russian soldiers and officials ukrainian soldiers continued their sudden attacks, taking advantage of the russians loss of motivation. In this way, the ukrainian army, which caused great damage to the russian army, increased its motivation considerably. This situation caused the russian army to be very angry. Accordingly, the russian army got another bad news about the casualties. Today, according to a breaking news today, ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles destroyed russian troops using night vision, cameras. Ukrainian drones are constantly on duty in the evening to discover the russians with night vision cameras having discovered russian troops with a night vision camera at night. The ukrainian army destroyed russian troops. These moments were recorded in seconds and shared on social media through ukrainian soldiers.