Russia has vastly more tanks than ukraine, but the turkish made beraktar tb2 unmanned aerial vehicles uavs have helped level the playing field significantly. The not so secret weapon has been credited with taking out numerous russian tanks. Since moscow launched its unprovoked attack on ukraine nearly a month ago, Music, as previously reported the turkish made beraktar tb2, can reach altitudes of 25 000 feet and fly for 27 continuous hours operated remotely from up to 185 miles. Each one of the drones is also capable of bearing four laser guided bombs or rockets for a total payload of some 330 pounds. Music. The ukrainians may be able to build on their success at targeting russian armor on the ground by employing even deadlier, yet much smaller. Uavs last week the white house announced that an additional 100 tactical unmanned aerial systems were part of a new 800 million dollar weapons package bound for the besieged nation Music. The small switchblade drones differ from the bay rocktar tb2 or even the us militarys long range predator drones, as they are not armed with a rocket. Rather, the switchblade can loiter overhead like a traditional drone, but then use gps to guide itself like a missile straight into the target where it can detonate its payload known as loitering munitions. These uavs are capable of staying in the air while they search for a target and some are capable of returning to base in the case of unsuccessful target identification. While they operate in a similar way to unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

Ucavs, their self destructive capabilities are what set them apart.