The ukraine drone has destroyed russias armored boats, big ukraine hit after moscow sinking thats the latest its its big big news coming in on the 68th day of russian invasion. Of ukraine, dramatic images of explosion coming in from the black sea, it seems uh ukraine dealing a heavy hand where russia is concerned. The ukraine drones have bombed the russian naval boats, how many of them it seems to be right now, one. These dramatic images of explosion from the black sea have emerged. The ukraine drone destroyed russias armored bots big hit, especially after maskawas sinking. What would be the retaliation to it were going to cut across to my colleague, rajesh pawar whos joining us for more rajesh? What more can you add to this news? Break see the drones which have been supplied to ukraine. They are very effective. Their state of art, latest technology, which has been given to ukraine, the switchblades and other drones, and they have also been given lot of anti ship missiles. So probably it was one of these latest weapons which have been supplied by america or from the nato countries which have been used here over to you. How much significant is it rajesh bhavar when you look at it uh? You know with what had gone down just about uh a month ago with the singing sinking of the moskva. This is certainly a very big development. You know that russia ukrainian navy, which was almost decimated in the first week of war itself – and there was a naval blockade all around the coast of ukraine in the first week itself, which has been very effective and after the sinking of muscua.

This is a really really big development in this war, and this signifies that this signals that probably this war is going to escalate on all fronts in air, in the sea and on the land, all right, so, okay, so this long or this war will escalate in Terms of uh, you know we did see what the reactions were after the sinking of the moskva, which was you know, not just a physical uh blow in terms of boots on ground, but also a huge blow where perception of russia was concerned. Very true inis must this muscular ship was the flagship of russian navy in the black sea and it has three layers of air defense and if those three levels of air defense were penetrated and the ship was sunk, it was a huge blow to the military reputation Of russia, and now this attack coming up also signifies is very very significant, because this shows that russian navy, which was at ease in black sea thinking that there is no ukrainian response and response in the sea, will now be on the alert and theyll be expecting More more attacks from the ukrainian forces in the coming days over to you. What are we picking up? Uh raj? Is it just one particular vessel or there are more see right now? I dont have any definite information on this, but i believe a lot of anti ship missiles have been provided to ukraine in last two to three weeks, and probably one of these missiles, which was supplied by britain specifically have been used in this attack and its difficult To say right now i have no information on this as such right now how many vessels have been destroyed? All right were going to wait for that information to filter in but uh raj is you know to look at it at a very subjective level.

It does seem that uh, you know ukraine, especially with the kind of weaponry and its arsenal in terms of american weaponry. European arsenal is actually weighing down quite heavy where russia is concerned. Very true, see the course of war has changed in last one month. Ever since america and some of the nato countries decided to give the latest latest military equipment to ukraine, state of art, equipment and heavy equipment, ukraine, the course of war has changed, and probably it was one of the reasons why russians after staying on the outskirts of Kiev for almost three weeks, were forced to leave uh the thieve, as well as all of north ukraine, and that was a big change in the course of this war and as the days come, we will see the things will change further, because more equipment is arriving. Every day in ukraine, now, how do you see? You know this course go from here on because, yes, you said its been a month that possibly the fulcrum has shifted with the latest weaponry and arsenal being given by american nato forces. So how do you see things going on? Is this going to be a long stranded war between the two countries? Or do you see russia, maybe for now receding and then coming back stronger in days to come, see as far as russia receding is not likely because the areas which are under russian control right now? What appears that they are planning to do some kind of referendum? In carzone and all internet services in that city has been cut off for last 48 hours now, so it is pr and they are forced to use now ruble instead of ukrainian driven as the currency.

So it appears that russia intends to keep all these occupied areas under their control and probably want to make them a part of russia itself, as well as continuation of war is concerned, see it does not look likely that this conflict will end anytime soon. There was a meeting in germany of america with 40 countries which have decided to provide military equipment to ukraine, and they have decided to meet now every month. It will be a monthly affair which gives a signal that probably this war will continue for months, if not longer over to you all right that the war will continue for months, rajesh ill. Ask you one quick question: you know that that seems to suggest that this is going to be a long drawn war. Now we also are getting an indication that, possibly like we suggested that uh. You know the course of this war after the flush of weaponry from you know: nato from america from europe. Now it seems you know, maybe not the upper hand, but ukraine is giving a befitting response. Will we see ukraine now push for territories that have been occupied? Undoubtedly i mean ukraine forces are fighting back and they have made gains in certain areas, and i said, as i said, this flush of weaponry were talking about force russia to vacate all of north ukraine and areas around keeve. In the coming days, we will see probably attacks even on russian territory. If you remember it was the foreign minister of britain, which who said that ukraine is free to use heavy weapons provided by britain to attack russian territories, so we might see in coming days ukraine even attacking areas inside russia over to you all right appreciate you joining Us rajesh youre, going to come back to you well, the latest is dramatic images of an explosion from the black sea, and these are drones that have attracted the russian naval fleet.

How many vessels have actually come under attack? We are waiting for more information to filter in meanwhile.