British fighter jets shot down a drone approaching al tanf base in syria on tuesday night. The uks defense ministry said in a statement today. The incident is the latest in a series of pinprick attacks, believed to be launched by iran, backed militias in syria and iraq against u.s and international coalition troops. In the wake of the war against the islamic state is u.s central command and the pentagon. On thursday. Both confirmed the incident press secretary, john kirby, said two unmanned: drones were detected entering the 55 kilometer buffer zone surrounding al tanf outpost, which houses u.s special operations, troops and syrian militia fighters on syrias remote southern border with iraq and jordan royal air force typhoons on routine Patrols in the area were called to investigate the uk statement. Read as one of these drones infiltrated deeper into the deconfliction zone. It was assessed, it was demonstrating a hostile, intent, kirby told reporters. Today it was shot down. The second one was not engaged and it likely left the area. He said there were no reports of damage or casualties at altanth garrison as of thursday morning. Kirby said, the shoot down follows an earlier barrage of explosive drones that hit al tanf in october, sleeping quarters and other personnel facilities on the u.s side of the base were damaged in that attack. U.S troops temporarily relocated ahead of the bombardment about which defense officials had prior warning. President joe biden has twice authorized: u.s airstrikes against iran, backed militias in retaliation for drone and rocket attacks on coalition positions.