This, of course, is all to do with the numeric c classifications that are coming in under the new essa based rules that was announced and came into force at the beginning of 2021, and the end of that transition period was due to uh well end. At the end of 2022, trouble is at the moment you still cannot buy any model in the uk or europe for that matter. That has actually got one of these new numeric c classifications. Time was running out, so they actually reached out and said what should we do and we gave them a fairly impressive message because uh in the summary they give on this very clear and concise document, theyve published today, 97 of us said they were in favor of Extending the provisions currently given to unclassified legacy drones of those 78 said that they were in favor of extending it for 24 months or beyond. What was very interesting was they also categorized the comments? There was a section on the consultation that allowed you to put in an additional comment and they have categorized those into well. The main ideas that were that came out from the consultation one was the uh the worry and concern about the amount of electronic waste. From these drones that are perfectly good today that become semi redundant tomorrow and of course, there was the monetary implication that a lot of us have invested a lot of money into buying this equipment, and again it was going to be rendered semi obsolete.

Just at the drop of a hat so very, very interesting to hear what they said today: theyre making a recommendation to the department for transport that these provisions are not only extended indefinitely, but theyre actually going to undertake a re evaluation exercise for the entire c classification. To make sure that it is fit for purpose, so big changes there. Now i dont really want to go into too much detail because, frankly, its the evening and dinner is calling but im going to put a link to the document below and even though its a document coming from the caa. It is refreshingly short and very, very clear, and it makes some really really interesting reading. So i would recommend you click the link, have a read, have a chuckle and think and say to yourself: wow theyve actually listened so, like i said very, very quick video today, but to me i think its very, very good news theyve clearly listened to our concerns And theyre going to do something about it so anyway, on that note, like i said, link below have a read, put your comments below im. Sure, a lot of you have got a lot of things to say: keep it civil, though, because you may have some differing opinions, but either way id love to hear what youve got to think about.