And if you wanted to continue those benefits, you would have to basically upgrade to one of the new c rated aircraft that fell under this new classification thing in the open category. However, there has been a large number of delays. There has been a large number of problems with this whole move into the c rated system, and we still today, dont have any aircraft that comply with this. As a result of that, the ukcaa have put out a consultation on extending this transitional period and it is really important that if you are a drone owner or user in the uk, you take the time to go out and fill this in. If i hop over to the desktop you can see – and i will put a link to this in the description of the video – this is where you have the opportunity to click the online survey and give your thoughts on the consultation. As ive already said, its really important, we do this. Everyone needs to have their say, because the reality is its almost impossible to fully comply with these new rules, because there are no aircraft available today that do comply with the c rated system out the door. The survey is very simple and straightforward: it asks for your name and email address and in it it will ask you how long you think they should extend this consultation period or this transitional period. I should say, for i put it down personally as indefinitely.

I personally dont feel there is a need to end the transitional period at all. There will be a natural end to transitional aircraft as they age anyway, and we are use off c rated aircraft becoming the norm. Even if the mini three launches with a c rating. We are not going to see that any real mass adoption of that. For some time yet so please do take the time to do this survey. Its very, very important. There is a link to it in the description of this video and by doing that, you are helping every other drone owner in the uk ensure that they continue to use the aircraft that they own today, because just because the rules have changed, doesnt mean you need To run out and buy a new aircraft, why should users of good mavic, 2s mavic 1s phantoms? All of those style aircrafts that sort of fall into some of these categories have to suddenly upgrade to continue to use these legacy options that they gave us in some ways can call it legacy because it was added. You gained benefits with the new rule system, but theres no reason to take them away because weve proved its completely safe, because in this period of these new regulations being allowed, theres basically been no incidents. That were aware of that would bring continuing that as an issue forward, so we really do need to make sure we push this so again, please take the time fill it in.

There is no reason the caa need to push this forward. We have proven it safe and they continue.