If you guys are new to this channel. Please hit that like share and subscribe button and don’t forget to hit that notification bell. So you guys get a heads up on my next videos to come all right coco. So today we actually got this bad boy right here, the ufo 3000 little small little drone for indoors and outdoor drone right here, pretty cool. I like it. I wanted to pick it up for quite a bit now. Haven’T had to get the chance to yet, but now it came on the doorstep got it from amazon. We went for about 35 dollars, not too bad of a drone. Haven’T tested it out yet, but we’ll get a chance to test it out all right there. It is right here it’s, pretty awesome, guys it’s a headless headless mode altitude hold. You got a 360 flip one key start and land um, four channels, plus a very bright led lights. It comes around right here, the lights. You know you probably got your red. A blue, you know your red green, it looks like it has the green and the blue blue lights. You see in the back actually check it out, pretty awesome, pretty cool little control 14 and up you know. The box contains remote control, two batteries, usb charging, cable and an extraction manual. Of course, all right, well let’s, get this bad boy open and see what we got in here all right. So if you guys are new to this channel, you know i do a lot of quick reviews on some drones and i got a lot of good footages as well.

Uh flying around utah got salt lake park city heber, county utah county um. A lot of great footages check out my other videos and you’ll see them and hit that like button. If you like them all right for now, we got this bad boy. The ufo 3000 right here you guys check it out, looks pretty awesome. I really like it. I like the whiteness and the green with it. It really stands out. The green stands out really good. You know you got your propeller right here, the green propeller and you got your white propellers. You got the the guards comes pretty much on it right there, so it might might be pretty heavy to drone. So it might stand on a few hits already. Okay check that out get it up close for y’all, pretty cool little ufo right here, all right, well see what else we got up in here got that you got your uh owner manual right here! Tells you how to get how to fly. How to get us started? You know all the basics, um yeah, so you got your own mounting right there, your charger. You know you got your all your instructions, you know the up and downs uh landing takeoff, a 360 flips uh. What else you got in here? The speed button, so you guys four speeds four channels: that’s pretty awesome um. Actually it comes with two speeds. Actually, two speeds um, one key start one key to land.

You know all the basic stuff, pretty awesome, how to change your propeller guards. I mean i change the propellers. You know pretty much just like snap on and snap off, i think pretty cool okay. What else you got in here now how to turn it on? You know the middle button right here: let’s see the controller right now, get it out yeah there. It is that’s your controller right there you got pretty awesome, looks like that’s the power button right there in the middle. You got your headless button as well. Okay, you know up and down to connect, okay. What else we got in here, 360 flip. So is the right right. Um button right here on top doesn’t have any um how you want to call it anyways i’m, not sure, just your right button right here, 360 flip um. What else you got in here so yeah! You know that’s the basic right there, pretty cool it’s. What kind of batteries it takes most likely triple? A’S. You got four triple a’s to take some four triple a’s. I think i got something right here already let’s get it let’s get some batteries in and uh test it out. Real fast see we got here. Hopefully, work they should work. I bought a whole pack. Another day got it at the dollar general. You know trying to keep it cheap anybody a whole pack of what i think 16, for like five bucks, not too bad let’s check it out.

Oh that’s working pretty cool, we got the l the light right there in the front, maybe get it connected like that 360 flips, okay, cool cool, see what else we got in here and, of course we got the goodie bag right here. Bam comes with two batteries and your charging core, your usb cord there’s, the batteries right here pretty awesome little batteries. I really like these ones, quick to charge as well to probably take an hour or two hours and they’re fully charged um. I think the instruction says it gives you about a good 10 minute flight of each battery, so you got 20 minutes of flight time with two batteries, not too bad. You got your charging cord, you know usb. You got your extra propellers right here, the green and the white ones, and your screwdriver right there cool all right. Well hope you guys enjoy this quick review. Um check out my next video coming up. So i can give you a quick flight test on this bad boy right here, the ufo 3000 right here you guys pretty awesome little drone like i said i really wanted to pick up pick it up quite a while now, just haven’t got the chance to yet, But now i got it right here in my hands, man pretty awesome little drone. I can’t wait to get a fly out there. I’M gon na get all these batteries charged up stay tuned for my next video all right, if you guys enjoyed it, please smash that subscribe button and that notification bell.