I got it yesterday. So if youve seen the video yesterday or if youre not go back and check the video and if you, if you guys didnt, see the video, then just go watch it tomorrow, its uploaded and um today and im just like seven years old, so um. I already know how to play it, and this is how you turn it on. So do you see this button over here? You see that button right there, so you press it, you press it and then it turns on and then you can see its like its lighted up like a ufo and then what you got ta do. Is you got to literally um just um? You could either theres two ways to do it ill show you this way its going. Oh, my god guys! If you can see it, look right there. Could you guys see it look right there right there. You see that flying thing that im gon na go ahead and attach it Music – oh my god, isnt this cool guys, isnt this cool for you guys like look, look how to go just kidding its my hand, but this truck but uh. I just got an email. Just like ignore it, ignore it just suck it on it. Okay, you can see it up in the sky. You see it goes look where its going going down. Man wait um in the comments. If the comments ask me if you like this drone or not, if you dont then just get out and get out my youtube just kidding dont get on my youtube video.

I have so many toys in my youtube. Videos and theyre sober Music. Look at it. Go guys Music, oh my god, its right next to me, look at it girl! Look at it! Girl, hey! Look at it! Girl! Look at this Music! Look! What happened! It crashed okay, it crashed holy crap. It needs a little bit of research, so lets just give it some time. Six minutes so um lets just grab this thing and lets show what it does. Music wait. Didnt. I say that theres another way to do it.