One thing thats good about it is that its very the plastic is very bendy, its probably not gon na break its, not hard plastic, its bendy plastic and the on button is easily reachable its right. There turn it on the light, so flash no turn green. When the batteries is getting low, that green light will turn to a red light, and if you want to change that green light to blue just click, the on button once again and itll turn blue and to turn it off hold the on and off button. For about two seconds and itll shut off like that, so now lets go over how to fly this so turn it on obviously turn it on and then hold it in your hand and then let it go off your hands, and this is a sensor control thing. So it will adjust where to where it is. So if you put your hand on move and its very pet, friendly children, friendly house friendly its not going to break any windows or hit any glass objects, this is very good and now well review how to make this from stop flying so like that, then grab It and then flip it backwards. Yours will be a quick thank you for watching and please subscribe to our channel. You like this video.