This is mr cat here and uh i’m here with the udirc u818a hd drone. This is a drone that i will be sharing with mr otter to raise the popularity of our channel i’ll talk more about the specs. We have a 720p hd video camera, a low voltage warning, which is really kind of annoying i’ve watched some other videos and reviews of this drone. Basically, what low voltage warning is it doesn’t it’s, not nearly as cool as it sounds? Basically, when the battery gets slow, your your drone and remote will just start beeping obnoxiously, giving you around five minutes to return to base. Before the drone drops out of the sky. Two batteries that’s one extra battery. We have a usb charger which can, which is pretty cool. That thing is cool. I got ta, give it to udi rc. That thing can charge two batteries at a time and next we have the four gigabyte memory card, uh, headless mode and return home functions, which i will talk about more later. So here we’ve got a sort of sticky well, since i’m holding the camera i can’t go. Get scissors but that’s fine me and stickies. We have a good relationship all right, so we open this there’s a styrofoam color and, oh my god, there’s the drone. Oh yeah, i sound like a super happy kid opening up their christmas present because face it that’s exactly what i’m doing right now uh here we’ve got the extra extra stuff, Music and um whatever and i’m assuming the drone is going to be held down so i’m Going to take care of that and get back, oh wait, wait.

Wait, wait hold it. Ah there we go. I thought it might have been like that.