My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we, we may not be alone Laughter. There has been, and is an existing presence, an e.t presence, its not going to make a difference, its not going to change reality. Music. I believe, as do the other folks that were on the flight that weve, when we visually saw that it was something not from this world goof on radio Music. You were either him or you were either out brother, but the queen will rise to the top all year, goof on radio with rich georgetown. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. Music radio remain seated, please permanence, Music, with rich giordano, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, all right all right all right! Welcome to coupon everybody im your host rich giordano. We are live here on uh. Excuse me covet wednesday. It is the uh 15th of june. Its still 2022. and about five days from now it is going to be the longest day of the year. Dont be alarmed because the day after on the 21st of june days will start getting shorter, see, people think that the days are longer in the summer. Not true theyre actually getting shorter, starting on the first day of summer dont you find that ironic. Yes, i know the longest days of the year start on the first day of somebody gets shorter, just saying its weird thats all, but its a little warm today here in florida, 93, its supposed to be 95 tomorrow, i dont know im still waiting for this unbelievable Heat wave thats supposed to devastate me in florida, dont go to florida.

The humidity is going to kill you bring it on. I actually enjoy sweating now. I know why my father didnt mind working outside when it was 110 degrees in phoenix. He liked to sweat thats. What happens when you get older men like to sweat when were younger? We dont want to sweat that much. I dont know i dont know, maybe because we just stopped caring, maybe thats what it is. I dont know man dont know thats, not gon na be the final intro by the way im just using that until i get motivated enough to make the new one thats, all just lazy, procrastinating, theres, no reason for me to move forward in this field anymore. Might as well just pull it back and uh do as everybody else does so were gon na start lying uh, gon na start showing hoax videos say theyre real people like that yeah im gon na have a story. I got ta make it up yet, but youll think its real, because im gon na tell you its real youre gon na love. It youre gon na throw money at it. You can now youre gon na be like its the best story. I ever heard wheres the evidence and ill say evidence. You want evidence. I never said there was evidence its my story, thats. What ufology is now its just a bunch of stories. Did you see china? China was was blamed for the swarm of uaps.

Did you hear about this? Remember that story we heard i dont know there was a navy ship that was swarmed by uaps. I dont know when that story came out, but now that i see the story today again – and i thought this was uh an old story, but china admitted that it was their their drones. So the uaps that everybody said they saw zigging and zagging was china. So i was right, after all, everybody said no, it aint china. I said china has the most advanced drone technology that we know and there are leaps and bounds ahead of us americans when it comes to drone technology. Ah man yeah – i you know, i hear a bunch of stories too. I dont know whats real anymore. All i know is thats whats going around and uh yeah thats what you know: thats the story morning gloria. What do you want from me thats? What theyre saying? Well, look into it. Ive got a little uh thing here were going to look at on that um. My computer is in the middle of updating to windows 11.. I have to restart the computer, so if we never see goof on again, you know what happened. I did the update and i got sucked into the vortex of data, maybe a black hole. So if you never hear from me again or see me now, you know what happened. Youll know what happened: thats, all thats all and what else we doing tonight uh.

What am i doing ill review a skin walker, fake yawn that show god i love that show it is so much fun to watch them scramble around like the threes. Fourth. Well, however, many stooges, now what we got here is we got ourselves a predicament. I dont know how were gon na get out of it, but were going to dig down to china. You do that whatever your name is troy travis. You go ahead and go ahead and keep digging to china. If we go any further, we might hit pay dirt. I dont know where this is gon na go, but i sure am excited man. I love skinwalker ranch, roll call. Everybody moody, mongol, welcome to the show simon phi welcome to the show the gorilla gamer welcome to the show randall hill. Welcome to the show david wilcox. Welcome to the show scott archer, i see ufos welcome to the show carl and welcome to rebecca wiles. How are you 80 degrees? Sounds nice thats, thats, nice yeah, but your winters are like negative 30.. So for me, 80 degrees all year round, pretty much covet. Arden paranormal welcome to the show akashi chris its nice to see you here. Actually, i never thought you would be back and uh welcome to the show emmy texas. Why why why didnt? I think you would be back. I thought i thought you you. You took the high road too thats. All i thought everybody uh, you know thought im such an evil person left goof on.

Do you know, im evil, yeah same people who are hanging out with me for a year just decide to jump ship for what i have. No idea, i dont know what i did wrong. I dont know what i did wrong. What i do im such a mean person, im a misogynist, oh im, the worst im, the word thats. Why i figured you left, i figured you did. I know ive seen you here and there but uh. You know some people havent come back and you know its good good for them. They dont want to come back. They dont have to its, not my its not kidding me. My name is thats all im saying eminem is here texas, whats up how you doing theres death proof bum zero. One still here welcome to the show part of me, pete, im gon na show jammer travels. Welcome to the show cheers luna sparkles. One welcome to the show andromeda native, i know its andromeda native got sucked up. Ah thats interesting. You mentioned the sucked up. That was also the stupidest thing. Oh these! Oh, why dont they just quit! Please, please just quit quit with the skinwalker. Please im begging! You im begging, you please stop zeke feel good. Please stop what zig zone stop would say. Skin walker, nathan, allen, welcome to the show its david ostavro is here. Welcome to the show whats up david wilcox. Welcome to the show sky allens here. Welcome to the show randell hill is here welcome to to the show.

I know, stu im surprised youre still here. You know this cameras off. I look like im losing my tan whats going on over here. I didnt have any hair and makeup today. Hence this. I know stu, i know thank you. Larky derrys here. Welcome to the show black lotus productions is here. Welcome to the show welcome to the show shell shock, how you doing welcome to this room and mystic 15 and bread s welcome to the show everybody. I know i can keep going so well, be here all night, so appreciate you guys hanging out. Brad s says melting three point tons of ice. Every 24 hours equals 70 inside 92 degrees outside a short power bill will reflect it. Hey got ta breathe. I know i know 70., do you know because my bill was its already up 45 from last year, like my bill last year. At this time was what 110 and the one i just paid was 170 168 and change. I thought they billed me for two months, because i hardly used the air conditioning, but i turned it up two degrees and i get i feel i dont like it, but i turn the fans on and i im adjusting to save myself as much money as possible. Thank you, hey thanks. Everybody all right were going to get get started. Goya bay, stephen a mike johnsons here, welcome, welcome, welcome. I thought i saw uh super chat. Did i did i miss it its bernie? Is it bernie its bernie miro there? It is fidelis super super chat.

That is the first one of the day. I cant believe its a super chat, so quick so soon so early, five dolla its a super donut. That means theres no sticker and no comment beautiful, beautiful because its the first one and im making new ones dont worry, keep warning you. Nobody cares thats right, rich. Nobody gives a sh bernie murrow with a five dollar super dono. You know what that means. Thanks bernie and welcome to all right were up and running thats how you uh you can support the show. You know we are going every day for as long as we can and uh. We do it because we get uh support from you guys and that helps go back into the show, keeps things going, keeps us alive and going every single day and uh. All the links are in the description to help support the show, even after the show, theres a thanks button too, just smack the hell out of that little puppy, its like a super chat, its just the shows not live anymore thats it. I hope you guys had a good night. You know youre uh past hump day, pretty much ron, desantis unveils florida state guard a private civilian military force under his and it stopped right there. Yet that was important enough to disrupt the show. Let me turn that off. So anybody um – are you guys aware of this? This swarm that theyre talking about the the drone swarm yeah? Let me pull it up here, because i got ta.

Tell you when lou elizondo and his little minions were saying heres a threat. We dont know what it is, but we know that theyre real. You know that pinched smile he has its almost like a angry smile. The phenomena is real inside hes, going to phenomena its Music and theyre. Paying me for this unbelievable. Oh, he got everybody. Richie dont say a word im gon na keep coming back until somebody remembers seeing richie dont look to the left, dont look to the left, oh he did and he looked right. Oh my god, he looked right holy hes coming hes coming for me its over. Let me pull up the drone story, its amazing all right. I holy china, yeah thats, not it. I cant believe that china is so far ahead of us in drone technology leaps and bounds. They said leaps and bounds ahead of us when it comes to drone technology. Its its scary, because thats the threat, thats, the swarm and ive – got it right here on the news. Yes, yes, yeah its a very reputable news agency, uh sky news, australia. This is when you go in the airplane and they tell you about all the that could happen to you, while youre flying yeah yeah, no thats, not it but listen to this guy. I think i have it queued up approached by a swarm of drones. Now chinas the global king in merchant marine 40 of the worlds new ships are made in china.

Uh has two huge shipping lines: ports around the world, its also the king of drones, drone making, and so when theyre looking at future technologies that might be deployed in times of war and china has a doctrine called civil military fusion uh. Then these are the things we need to anticipate in the future. A us navy ship was swarmed by this uh. This fleet of drones and thats only just become um unclassified or been everybody said its not china, its not russia, its, not us. So who is it? Then thats the thing thats, the threat we dont know who it is now common sense would tell you that they know what it is. They know what it is. I think they knew it was china, just like i said, thats pretty scary. When did this come out? Yesterday last night was um approached by a swarm um ship, um um, but um its emerged recently that uh a u.s navy ship um um, was um approached by a swarm of drones. Now chinas remember that swarm of uaps remember corbell screaming that me too. What are you gon na? Do guys thats, why its hard to its hard to to hide this theyre doing it in plain sight, its the global king in merchant, marine and 40 of the worlds new ships are made in china has two huge shipping lines: ports around the world, its also the King of drones, drone making, and so when theyre looking at future technologies that might be deployed in times of war and china has a doctrine called civil military fusion, civil military fusion.

Then these are the things we need to anticipate in the future. A us navy ship was swarmed by this uh, this fleet of drones, and that, so are you gon na believe that uh that video, that jeremy corbell showed us. You know the one with the triangle or pyramid that that was the fleet, the swarm, whatever he used. The same verbiage, it was a swarm of uaps and then we only see the one. You know you know the one its boca, the boca one bokeh bokeh. You know what it is. So, maybe maybe im not as dumb as i look. I dont look dumb. I look stupid yeah. I am im, not a smart guy, but that you know i just what else would it be? Do you really think theres ufos out there every single day and that were now firing upon them were shooting at them? It says just a couple of fridays ago: jeremy corble said yeah we firing at them. Are they firing back? Well have to talk off here about that one. Mr howard hughes howard, the duck hues, but here goof on said it. Nobody believed them thats, almost like uh yeah thats, almost confirmation that these arent ufos hold on hold on hold on. I think i got something here you want to look at. I hope this is it yeah? This might be it, oh! No! No! No! No! I want the video, oh no, i think this is it all right.

This is it so i dont know when this was. This is unclassified. It says uh we were able to get video from this today and this from adam kehoe. Here is the piece from the drive, okay and link to the footage. Is here so im going to show you that footage just so you know and then check it out and now im really getting upset at myself, because i know i have this video. Now you tell me what is this: this is uss paul hamilton, collecting visual information. Todays date is 30 july 2019. Zulu time is zero. Nine three zero were in vicinity of three two five, four, three six one north one, one, nine, two, eight nine, seven, two west on course, two seven zero at speed. Five knots. There are multiple uas and vicinity of paul hamilton, cpa 100 feet in altitude off the bow i dont know. This is uss paul hamilton, collecting visual information, todays date is 30 july. 2018.. 0 9 3 0 were in vicinity of 3, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6. 1. North 119. 289. You got the tail right here and you see the heat from the engines. I guess, but that looks like an airplane. This was being seven two west on course, two seven zero at speed. Five knots. There are multiple uas and vicinity of paul hamilton, cpa 100 feet in altitude off the bow anybody anybody want to take a guess: whats up alien girl, good to see you kiddo kiddo Laughter.

Well, you are only uh 21 again: 21 whats up brooklyn king 718., toady whats up how you doing misty yates claude, walt mary, jose sproul frontier whats up everybody good to see you all im surprised im surprised to see anybody. Actually, i am im extremely surprised. People are here, i think i uh, i dont know how i dont yeah, no, not doing it so that video, you just watched, looks like an airplane. People were calling it unidentified. I dont see how oh i dont understand how that just happened. I wish i could show you things. I wish my thing would work the way its supposed to, but it doesnt thats what she said, shut up so ill pull this up again. Take a look here. This is also from adam kehoe, uh im. Sorry, chris spritzer on uh. Why did it say adam kehoe? On my thing, i thought i was wrong there we go so chris bitzer says uh about that video. This here theres some stills of it lets see what he says so at approximately in 93 oz in july 30, 2019 multiple uas cited around overhead and following the uss paul hamilton, while it was conducting routine operations in international waters in the pacific, getting within 200 yards In altitude of the uss paul hamiltons bow during the incident, multiple uas were observed by visual and technical means operating within 200 yards of the paul hamilton. The uas were followed and making passes overhead.

The uass original origin is unknown. We consider the uass actions during this observation were not in accordance with the internationally recognized kolregs rules of the road, nor internationally recognized maritime customs, creating a risk for collision, u.s, navy ships and aircraft operate throughout the indo pacific, including in southern california, waters as we have For decades, our forces will continue to fly sail and operate anywhere in the national law allows. We expect all regional navies and the forces under their control to behave safely and professionally at all times on rare occasions when interactions are unsafe and or unprofessional, we have mechanisms to examine those incidents. So theyre saying hey youre going to come over here in our waters play nice. No re, no reason for anybody to get 200 yards of our vessel were going to shoot you down. Take you down. Take it out were going to do our thing. Do our stuff yeah yeah, you like that cant yeah shane were going to take you down. She were going to shoot at you, yeah were gon na. Do it with bullets she and then were gon na get a missile, see were gon na shoot it right at you were gon na. Take it down yeah thats gon na be good classification, unclassified paul hamilton. It goes over all this in in a little bit of detail. You know this kind of stuff, so yeah looks looks. Uh, looks pretty good its a real thing. It really happened.

Look at this! Look at that! Ah man. What could it be? That has got to be a ufo uap. A is the tail section. Just like i said b is the right wing tip: okay c right jet engine radiating heat edda, and i say that d left jet engine radiating heat and e, the nose section Music. You can pick your nose, but you cant pick your french notion who the hell is that see: dont fear the goof on hey death, proof bum, zero, one with a five pound. Five squid squid game season, two coming up, not interested, but thank you. Death proof, bum. Zero one, what im not thats a 5. dont forget richie. We are only here because we enjoy hate watching you and i hate you for it. Thank you. Death proof bomb, zero, one pleo, five quids five squids thats. What were calling those from that? One thanks. Man appreciate the mucho gusto generoso. You know how we do whats that, oh i didnt see this oh hold on there or danny shaking oh boy. Oh my god! After im done with this, i got some funny news. Whos this guy ricardo jimenez, five dollars, hello rice. He says uh and everyone here on goof on true ufology. I think you meant okay, true, i thought you were speaking french toure, you farm like what true ufology. Let me know when you want to finalize the sticker designs: oh yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

I dont know i dont know i will i will ill, let you know thank you and thank you for the five dollar uh super super super chat, a continuing supporter of goof on yeah man. I mean this is what were talking. This is what were working with kids all right now. You know it gets a little better. I got something here. I think i want to show you lets see oh thats, what chris spitzer said. He says. I bet you guys a virtual pint that its not a uas in this ir capture. My comparisons are biased because of a few reasons, but in my opinion this could be an airliner and its actually the best ir image in latest the drive article ill find out. Hey what do you think i think youre right its a plane? I think i commented too, but uh man they may have deleted it. There was another one. I think that i commented on today. Yeah these guys are out of control out of control. I mean look at this man, thats mick west. What model of uav has a heat source configuration like the aircraft on the bottom here, yeah exactly an airplane god. I love mick. I love you, mick, hey yo mick. No, i love you. Who is that its rocky? I just got a little punchy, though no i dont know whos this guy tony uk, with the nine dollar nine pound nine quid its a squid.

We got nine squids right here, keep on keeping on richie. I dont always agree with you, but i do respect your work. How can you not agree with me? I got convinced by the balloon tests etc and your dedication so please keep on going also had some good news today, good good, i mean, if you want to share it um. Thank you for saying that, and i dont expect everybody to agree with me. I dont see how you can. Thank you very much. I know we talk about a lot of things here, so it could be one little thing we dont we dont agree. I like lucky charms. I think they should come out with just marshmallows and just call it charms or not so lucky i dont know thank you toady uk, its toady, uk yeah, im, okay, youre, okay, ben yorkshire, goofoni in uk. All right, i know. Thank you very much. Thank you. Hey mike johnson, big apple thats, a canadian seven dollars its uh, he says ive been here a long time not going away until the internet goes down or i disappear after tonight. Thanks mike been a good friend and uh. See you on the other side, my friend tonight could be the la. She share your good news. What is that good news by the way toady uk whats, the good news? Let me get it goodbye nick. I uh thanks mike youre, a continuing supporter of the show youve been here for a while almost two years.

I think, coming up on two yeah. I remember when you first came around. I remember all the use, but do you remember me, you know thats all im asking do you remember me anyway? Here we go uh its just, you know mick west and then here it says uh. Who cares right? We figured this one out all right. We know its a plane got it got it. I dont know why im even talking about it anymore. To be honest with you right coral i mean really mick west says in this tweet. This drone video still looks like a plane notice how its motion to the to the right is consistent with the orientation its also above the clouds not saying there were no drones, but this one looks like a plane. We were able to get the video from today. Here is the plane uh. We figured it out good good way to go mick yeah good for you, okay chapel. Would we will soon rewrite textbooks on our place in the universe? She says you know, let me can we talk frankly here for a minute, hairless primate, you havent, found your hair thats a tuque squidder right there. What am i itching every night i get over here? I start itching right here. Still havent found my hair. Anybody seen it i bet its with look at the lighting is just so weird. I look like i aged about 10 years in the last year.

Look at this whats on my what is on me: oh its sugar, nobody notice! Hmm, i got ta shave im. I got ta shave, i got them shaving it all. I i have to taking it off, maybe ill shave on the show yeah maybe ill. Do it during the show hairless primate im shaving it all off for you just just just make it a five oclock shadow. Again i dont know: is you get all this stuff in your mustache and its like? Even though you you wash your face next thing, you know you find something in there and its like how how i dont want it. I dont want this anymore. Thank you. Hairless primate a continuing supporter of goofon scientists in china say they have detected what could be the trace of a signal from an alien civilization? Have you seen this stuff lets? Put this on yeah nothings ever going to happen its oh yeah? We were going to talk frankly, we were going to talk frankly. What am i looking at there is that a hundred and two dollars, joe that cant be, is that a is that thats, a thats, the wrong red that thats that that cant be? Is that what i think it is joe, is that a hundred and two dollars dude no seriously is that 102, because the color is wrong for a hundred dollars its not that red joe thats crazy. Just just confirm with me that thats crazy.

Thank you. Thats! A hundred and two dollars uh from joe kay who is a continuing supporter of goof on you know i dont know man. Thank you. I you know joe. You may not seem like a lot, but a hundred dollars is you know, and uh 102 is unbelievable. Um seriously im trying to make a light of it, but thanks man i want to you, threw me for a yeah thats. Definitely a hundred dollars right. There 102 wait. It says c, a d, so it is its c. A d is that canadian im confused that yeah, you see it says ca here and then, when i go check on super chats, it says cad. Oh, it did for mike john and ive never seen it do that before. Maybe i havent noticed it: okay, man, joe thats, unbelievable, oh its, like ten dollars, dude thats, incredible, thats, okay, thats out ten dollars. Thank you very much, thats! Unbelievable! No! Thank you. Thank you. Its the same. Thank you very much. Man thats. Why i was asking. I knew the color – oh okay, okay, well, man. Thank you very much. Joe ten dollars is its awesome, any hey ten dollars at this point in my life that goes a long way. Actually you know where it goes. Thank you. It goes up your nose and into your veins free free, free rock rock rock rock bass, bass bass, bass, get higher baby. Thank you very much joe k in the house.

Throwing down a a canadian ive, never see. I knew the color was different. I knew the color was different thanks man and ten dollars its supposed to well, i think youre over ten thats why it goes into the next i dont know. So it goes. Two dollars are blue. Five dollars are green, ten dollars are yellow uh under two dollars. Is that color, usually the one i just saw, but i dont know why it did that and its supposed to be ten, it should be yellow and then 50 is like a magenta and 100. Is this different red? I cant explain it thats, how i know all right, everythings color coordinate im going to be using obs stream labs obs instead of stream yard things are changing a little bit. Um like i said every you know, every dollar means something and uh. I have to save 50 a month right now, so were not doing the uh spreaker after the 23rd i mean uh spreaker. I cant believe i said that stream yard stream yard this. This this platform will be on hold for a little bit, so im going to go to you stream back to stream labs plus i can control things better, make things a little more custom and uh go back to that. So hey, if stream yard cant fix the issue and maybe and if it is fixed with this update going from windows 10 to 11, i might just stay with stream yard hold on oh yeah: oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

You know the guy who likes billy meyer, michael horn. You know that guy he was on the show and he was calling you the audience stupid uh me ignorant and everybody else who doesnt believe that billy meyer is the real deal were all stupid, and he literally will tell you that to your face this guy sent Me something like i totally dont even want him in my life. I ignored him when he was being very, very abusive. Also calling me a pedophile. You know such a class act when people do that, yeah yeah, hey, i didnt. Do it im still a class act, yeah all right um, but anyway, and everybody knows i didnt say that so get over it and it wasnt an insinuation. It was an example if you, if you cant, figure out what i said, and you think i said that about whats his face. Then please leave i mean really. I mean i cant have stupidity in my life anymore, um, so michael horn messages me – and i cant stand this guy and hes – telling me how this new hair, let me just pull it up, because i i i looked at it and i said i dont give A and i saw some words and im like who cares um, he says. Oh, i think he forgets how much i dont like him, but here he is still putting out there uh. He says another one thats got to hurt.

He says billy meyer published news 10 years before daily mail. Did you cant outsmart the prophecies, so maybe its time, the people didnt allow supremely stupid people to be their leaders and then i said just the mentally challenged, thats all piss off and then he sent something. Then he sent something to me that says this applies, of course, to losers, like you, and it says, and it tells me what uh ufo twitter is im a uf im a tweediot. This is the new thing. Now this is billy meyer. This is a guy whos like what 15 years older than me and hes going around acting like this, i mean the guys absolutely out of his mind, yeah oh im, just trying to share this, and i forgot what i was doing hold on a twitter. I tell you michael horn is, i would have to say, a an actual loser in real life here. It says a ufo tweediots self, important fanboys and girls who latched on to a trendy topic and call themselves ufo investigators and researchers unscientific with zero, independent research. Zero authenticated evidence and zero significant information, they repeat other peoples, information and disinformation like parrots yeah speaking of this, this guy, this guy cant, even see a hoax right in front of his face thats. How blind he is. He believes. Billy meyer is real thats thats, who michael horn, is michael horn. Doesnt have any evidence zero. All that that we went over.

We went over when he was on the show, its all its all, been debunked, the guys perpetrating a hoax. Then he says these spineless envious. Yeah were envious, self, promoting, absolutely wannabes not already been are so hungry for attention. They trample the truth and fawn over lying disinformation agents wow. That is really not me. That might be somebody else. We all used to know over here, but thats, not me, who used their own stupidity to mislead them, while their real agenda is to promote more weapons for more usa wars. How could this be me? Do you see how stupid now? Do you see what im dealing with the stupidity of of this guy like what do i have to do with i dont promote weapon? How could he say this is me they ridicule, ignore and censor the real truth. Thats not me, for example, the singularity the singularly authentic context between billy meyer and the pla. What is it the extraterrestrials? Oh yeah, the lesbians who gives a still ongoing for over 80 years, yeah wheres, the laser pistol wheres, the laser gun, huh billy meyer, is the biggest joke in ufology and michael horn is leading that joke. You are the leading frontrunner of the stupidest hoax ever perpetrated on the american public thats, who you are thats, who you are id definitely take me over. You definitely oh wait: theres more holy by suppressing the many decades of impeccably, accurate, prophetic warnings from billy meyer and the pledgarians theyve helped make this country and the world less safe, and none of these cowards will confront this truth.

Oh no, we tried to to have billy meyer talk on the show, but you said he doesnt do interviews anymore. Oh, what is he scared scared of lying scared of saying something: thatll come back and bite him in the ass come on bring that old out here. Lets talk to billy meyer no way will that old, fart ever ever be seen as legit. Oh wait, hes got one hes got one bad arm, Laughter, hes, making fun of people with disabilities, man, thats youre, the guys, a hoaxer. I dont care. If hes got one arm, hes a hoaxer and its proven and michael horn is perpetrating the hoax hes, the leader of that ring of idiots. You are the ringleader of idiocy. This is so great. He gives me this thing to read and said this is you, but in reality its him joe kay. Now? What are we doing? Okay. 26.81. I forgot. I lived in canada, heres heres some extra to make it a cool 100.. Oh you mean it was 80. Is that did i read that right, ah theres? No way, really, i forgot about the conversion rate. Now i have to sneak this. No dont do that dont man dude wait. So what now its a hundred, i thought it was ten dollars. You said oh im, just gon na im. You know what thank you im im blessed thats. All i can say no. I dont care yeah. Thank you very much im just confused.

I want to learn 2681 joe thanks again. Man well give you the big one for this. Well, give him the big one thats right, joe you qualified for me. Thank you for the hundred dollars and arden paranormal with three dollar canadian, its a super sticker. If you laugh, you lose go. Wait! A second theres! More hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on. Where is it see? I dont see death proof bum 01 in here thats, so bizarre, oh shoot. Okay, here we go hold on. I see what i did wrong see its still not popping up. Man was that before im, not seeing it its not popping up on mine death proof bum 0 1, there, it is oh arden, paranormal im, just gon na go with what coral has and, at the end of the show ill double check. Arden, oh yeah, arden paranormal. Thank you very much for that. I was looking for a canadian thing and thank you for your uh for your super chat and that is the dancing lemon its a lemon hood hes going. Oh yeah that is uh thats, wolfman lemonhead i dont know. Thank you very much youre a continuing supporter of coupon mucho, gusto generosa whos. Next easy e, zero. Two one min you guys are like i swear to god. I thought it was over. This is the way it is the way it is the way.

This is the way seriously. What did we do? We tried doing the right thing right tried doing the right thing. Thank you. Eze 21, with the 20 super chat, youve been around goof on for a couple of years. I know at least thank you very much for your ongoing support as well. Thank you very much appreciate that man wow, you guys, are unbelievable seriously. I dont even know what to say im almost out of breath its only eight oclock, you mean ive only been going an hour. Yeah were caught up. I think i think we got them all. Thank you guys so billy meyer, i get this this thing today, as youre, seeing here from michael horn, telling me that im im one of these twitters, i dont even like twitter. To be honest, i hardly use it by suppressing the many decades of impeccably, accurate, prophetic warnings from billy meyer and the pledgerian hoping to makes country. None of these unqualified that unqualified thats me empty, headed, wannabes thats me publicity seekers thats, not me and phonies thats. Not me ever asked why extraterrestrials would contact anyone on earth. They dont care that the reason for the contacts is to help us assure our own, very threatened future survival seriously. So for 80 years, michael horn, what has billy meyer done for humanity? You piece of shh dont, say it: what has what is billy meyer given to the world a big fat doughnut? He hasnt made it any better.

He hasnt helped people come forward. How do you know richard youre, not youre, not in his life, because i dont see it? Nobody does nobody sees billy meyer, talking in front of people explaining why he was chosen, why he thinks he was chosen, its all the whole things and thats to me. That tells me who michael horn really is. This is a desperate guy could get laid in high school. Probably still feels that way: hes, probably a nerd thats – why he had to take martial arts because hes so insecure that he thinks that if he beats people up or he thinks he can defend himself, people think they take karate and all this stuff. They think. Oh now i can fight. They think that thats going to make them yeah. It may help you a little bit, but you got to be in shape too. You got ta be in shape and you got ta be willing. You got ta be willing to take a hit. Michael horn looks like hes, taking one too many. I think he he needs to just settle down, stop calling people pedophiles and stupid people and uh who know more about billy meyer than him. You know why we know more about billy meyer because we didnt fall for it. We know its a lie. He went back in the past said he took pictures of dinosaurs, they looked like claymation characters, you know it looks so stupid and then he was caught.

Oh see these are the the plagiarism or whatever the freak. You call these stupid aliens that arent even real, and these beautiful women you see were models on the merv griffin show its all. No, that was just people trying to make him look bad. If you would have done your research, you would have seen no thats in billy myers book that hes got oh the photos and memories of billy meyer god what a waste, what a waste, what a waste its like! I cant even believe im even wasting my my breath on michael horn. Right now see i stayed away from the guy, but he these people always want the attention you know and because hes failing trying to to keep that hoax alive hes trying to get a little bit of a reaction. So i gave it to him. I told him how i felt – and i wanted you to know it too told you – the show hasnt changed, nothings really changed, im still the same guy except im going after people that attacked me, thats all im not going to go after anybody that isnt in main Street and mainstream media is up for grabs anybody in mainstream media, corbell, elizondo, melon and so on. Everybodys there everybodys right for the taking spit one narrative out were not looking for another narrative to spit out when things dont look right or sound right, somethings wrong. So lets talk about something thats wrong, skin walker ranch.

Is anybody watching this up and down season its, not a bad one? Its? This is the better. This is the best season since season, one theres, only three seasons, hey easy e again. What is this twenty dollars? Dont fear the truth. People love what you do rich thanks man. I appreciate that easy. What do i do hey by the way im not going to say it? I want you to read my mind, everybody ready. Can you believe it very soon? Thank you. Easy 20. Super chat, mucho gusto this ones for you, sir whoa whoa whoa wait. Whoa whoa whoa get out of there come on now Music. I saw my face. I was like girl. I was like when it changed screens. You could see it thanks. Easy. Twenty dollar super chat. Chin wig supporter of coupon, but billy meyer, is the fakest of all fakes, the biggest hoax ever ever put on the public wouldnt. You agree its the biggest ongoing hoax thats ever been given to the public im telling you ufology and ufology. Ah, but i got ta tell you skinwalker ranch boy, oh boy, are they trying? Let me pull up the uh the show, because im gon na do what i did last time now last time. What i did was, i just picked and i forwarded and went screen by screen because since i watched the show, i know exactly what theyre saying and what its about i got ta i tell you, i love skin walker ranch all right.

Where did it is im? Gon na kind of put it there lets go here. It is its called where theres smoke theres fire. Now, let me tell you something about the birds and the bees. I tell you that travis hes something hes supposed to be a really nice guy, though hes supposed to be a really nice guy. He looks like a nice guy im sure he is all right here we go. What were going to do is im not going to play it, but you can tell hes taking deep breaths here, hes getting ready, whats that all right lets. Do it this way, yeah its not supposed to play it not supposed to play it. Get rid of that get rid of this, so this guy used to work at skinwalker ranch under bigelow for six years. He was telling a story of there. He is of how he and his one of his buddies were up by the triangle and they heard what sounded like some sort of growl like a guttural, deep scary, unknown growl. And i guess, when he turned around, he saw something that jumped out of a little marshy area. I know filled with water, something like that, and he said it was about the size of a goat, all black and it took off running and they took off running after it and then when they got to a turn around these rocks. He said theres no way. This thing could have gotten away.

I dont know where it went, but there were pictures that they took of the prince the footprints of this beast. They calling it this huge animal and they said that these tracks here are about three feet across three feet. Apart from here to here, so what kind of animal has a stride and a paw print this big? They were measuring them up with other prints in the area of other known land, animals, of course, and they said these were enormous, so whatever it was, it was so huge that it also outran them really fast and it, and when the guy, the next day went Around that area they found like a little cave entrance and uh. They went back into they. They looked at the cave. This was back in 2011. I believe somewhere around there but thats where they took the guys they want to go to this cave, so they dont know if its a bigfoot or or if its a. What do you call it skin walker because it could be, could be a skin walker. But this is where the he said he was when he heard the guttural sound and then right here it he saw it. Take off jumped out of there ran down the road here and then, when they followed it around. He said it was gone. Nothing, nothing couldnt find it at all and he went what and the guys like yep. I was gon na hit him with this iron gate, this iron chain, but you know he was out there yonder real far far.

I dont believe a thing that guy said: do you believe any of that stuff about this guttural scream, hmm, okay, so that was that was the first part of of the program they they talked to this guy, who used to work there when bigelow had the ranch And said one of those encounters was hearing this guttural, you know roar and then chasing after what they didnt know what it was turn out to be maybe something paranormal or just a big monster, its a big monster thats, all it is, were just gon na blame. It on things we dont understand david wilcox with a canadian 10 super chat. Ive got one of those from anthony. Maybe they want to do tag team match. Oh yeah, brother, oh yeah, cant! Do it anymore? Oh hell, yeah brother. I dont know how they do those voices for years. Thank you, david wilcox. What are you talking about? Youve got one of those from anthony, i mean. Maybe they want to do a tag team match sure that would be fun thatd, be i dont know. I was just thinking about like how would that go im like tag team, sure im ready. Thank you david. You got me thinking. Oh okay, oh okay, david im, sorry this uh! This is a super chat from many minutes ago. Im sorry yeah! Sometimes they they come up like one after the other, and we just dont see them so sorry about that if it took a little long to get to it, but i think i know what you mean now from back before you mucho gusto all right.

So one weird thing thats been happening at the ranch is this signal that keeps popping up in this frequency right here. 1.6 lets just call it a 1.6, because anytime something unusual happens like electricity flickers. They see an object in the sky shadow, something paranormal. This number keeps popping up in their data under the signals in the area, its an fm frequency, and you can see down here swfm. What does that mean? What is that swfm southwest fm yeah thats? What it is so theyre facing southwest at 192k? They got the nb off and the nr is on good, looks good and its on a fast yep good, so theyre getting this signal in this range and it keeps happening and thats very significant. What if there theres like a havana syndrome, thing going on there that theyre focusing something maybe from a satellite? What, if its from a satellite – and maybe you know, i just thought of something and maybe im, not the only one. To think of this now hear me out wouldnt this be amazing if there was some sort of maybe not an orbit, but maybe an orbit, maybe theres some sort of alien artifact and its signal is pinned right at skinwalker ranch and maybe its intermittent, maybe its a Very long signal its been there for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, who knows maybe thats what makes certain things on this planet certain locations odd. What if theres buried technology under the ground and thats? Why i wish they would dig more on this freaking ranch every time they try to dig.

They have all these issues with their electronics or the the drill. Something is breaking, nothing can work or they decide not to theres. Somebody got hurt, their head started hurting because they were digging and some other cows started freaking out and they thought they had horns and started head butting each other. You know so they stopped digging. But this signal is very significant. Its the most significant thing they found at skidwalker ranch this year. This signal and nobody knows, um there they found out well, i i might be able to play a few seconds of it, but they think its a communications signal. They think it may be something thats broadcasting and they actually hear what sounds like, and i dont know if im using the right term but sounds like they hear chatter, but its, not english. You know its like computer chatter. Computer talk its very interesting, but theres got to be a logical explanation. I keep saying to myself, but you know its very, very common. This 1.6 anytime theres issues, hey howd. They go from the car to there and theyre in the same position. Did you see that watch this? Ah, i didnt get it right on that was funny, so they go to the local radio station and they bring the signal sound to one of the djs there shes one of the local djs or whatever you call them. She has her own streaming stream cast podcast whatever you want to call it on the radio station, the actual radio station.

So they played that signal for her to let her hear the digital sound. It makes – and she says that sounds familiar and she says you know what ive heard that sound a few times when i was doing my podcast and i was streaming and the audience didnt hear me. They heard that noise, they kept hearing what sounded like what they caught at the 1.6 and she said its like. You could hear part of the show, but you couldnt and the signal was interrupting and it and it was very loud – and she said every time that her stream got interrupted. That sounding signal. She doesnt know if its a 1.6, but they want to do a test and they want to see if they, if the 1.6 will react to her podcast, so they do a test. She goes live as a test, interrupts todays, music and she says hi. My names jane were just interrupting todays music because were doing a little test in here. So if you dont mind were going to listen to something real quick, you know something like that or something like that. So they do the test. Shes excited about it. You could tell, and travis like, were going to run a signal to 1.6 and i tell you what, if we dont get a signal here tonight, im coming back for seconds, i dont, i still dont know what that means. Travis, i dont know what that means.

So she does her show everything sounds fine, but the signal did pop up, so that was kind of interesting. Her show didnt go down though, but they did get the signal. It came back, thats whats, going on at the ranch now next they go to this cave. That this soldier saw when he used to work at bigelows thing in 10 years ago, when he used to work for bigelow at the ranch, so they found the cave entrance and when they got there, they they they decided to throw smoke uh smoke in there. You know those little smoke bombs that can go off, so they want to see if it comes out of another side because they said it feels like the air is being drawn in like its being sucked in to the cave so thats interesting. Now, if anybody has ever seen rambo, you know if youre in a cave and you light something on fire and its blowing in one direction. You know like the flame is being pulled thats, where you go thats where the exit is, if you ever get stuck in a cave, that is, you know air finding its way through there causing causing this type of suction. This type of reaction, this type of situation, so what they do they get smoke bombs, they put them at the entrance, they stand back and no smoke comes out of anywhere and theyre like well thats impossible, im like well. Why does that have to be impossible? There could be miles of cave underground that they dont know of.

I just heard something i dont know where it came from thats all so anyway, they spent a lot of time talking about the stories and things that happened and yeah its the same old stick. Uh caleb is uh hes, not too happy. Today. I forget what he was talking about right: the caves, the caves, the caves. This show it just kept going and going and going about caves, yeah yeah, we know bigelow was there pete? Was there a technologist technologist? So what they do is they? I think they flew or or put some sort of uh. What is this see this? I must have been listening and not watching why? What is this guy doing here? Oh thats, weird, oh, i see hes right there. Okay, i see what theyre doing. I must have been listening, so they drop the smoke in and it gets sucked in there. It doesnt come out any other sides. They spent half of the show just trying to look for smoke yeah. It was cute, they had some stories in there as well, but you know look at the garb. What are you wearing dude yeah, so they didnt find anything of course, but um theyre gon na try to dig it looks like you know, and then brandon fugle comes in wears the same stupid ugly. That is like the ugliest jacket coat. Sorry, it is its an ugly coat sorry, you have youre almost a billionaire and thats the same coat.

You wear every for every no, no an ugly coat. Sorry, i dont, like brandon, no ill, never break bread with him no way nope anyway, its a shitty. It was a shitty episode lets just put it that way. It was awful. I just cant everything they come up with on. This show its all like high school, its all like high school experiments, theres, nothing theyre doing that makes me say: wow theyve got it im telling you theyre breaking ground here at skinwalker ranch if they never played another episode of that. I would be just as happy as if they did. I could care less about it. Ive lost interest in this season now, because its gotten boring, they had two good episodes that i say they were good for them, but for me, just average just average anyway. So you know its nice to see people getting a little bit upset about the wokeness thats in this field. Danny silva says, if you use the term dino beaver youre, an who degrades the subject and an armchair quarterback who doesnt care about the work that got us where we are where we are where we are okay, where are we really? You know i had a. I had a conversation with the cousins brothers and a couple other people and i seem to be um in the minority. A lot of people think that theres some important things starting to happen in ufology. I guess i guess it looks that way now.

The reason i say it looks that way because it looks that way. It looks like theres a lot of stuff going on because there is, there is nasa just joined the search for extraterrestrials right, which we know theyve always been right there watching come on. We all know it, so i dont think that announcement means much. It doesnt hold much for me because i already knew they know whats out there. They know because they they cut the signal off during the they cut. The transmissions off during those iss feeds right. They edit stuff out they white out things from the moon. When we went to the moon and mars, we know they know.