s looking to add more chinese tech and healthcare companies to its economic blacklist. This should include the worlds largest maker of drones. Dgi included. Youtube joins us right now with more on all of it. Eunice thanks andrew well, the fts, citing sources are saying that the u.s treasury department is adding eight companies to its chinese military industrial, complex companies blacklist on thursday, for their alleged involvement in the surveillance of chinas muslim minority group, known as the uyghurs in the countrys. Far west xinjiang region, the companies that are on that list range from facial recognition to cloud computing, as well as to drones. 60 chinese entities are already on that list and u.s investors are not allowed to take financial stakes in any of them. The uk paper also says that the commerce department will add another two dozen chinese companies to its entity list restricting american companies from exporting to them. In addition, the biden administration is considering tighter rules to limit american companies from selling to chinas chip giant smic. So the report hit health care as well as tech companies out here, not only in mainland china, but also in hong kong and then separately to that the foreign ministry said today that it was very very upset with the fact that the bill that had passed through The house does support an import ban of xinjiang goods and says that theyre going to take counter measures um if that bill does make it through the senate andrew shepard smith.