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Nordvpn plan stay secure with nor vdpn, so the u.s navy released some interesting information about the uss portland testing, a high energy laser weapon system in the gulf of aden, thats that small body of water south of yemen near the horn of africa, so dateline 15 december 2021 from bahrain reports, amphibious transport, dock ship, uss, portland lpd27 conducted a high energy laser system demonstration on december 14th, while sailing in the gulf of aden. It says during the demonstration uh the solid state, laser techn technology, maturation, laser weapon system, demonstrator or laws mark ii. Mod 0 aboard portland successfully engaged a static surface target portland previously tested the laws in may 2 2020 when successfully disabled a small unmanned aerial system, while operating in the pacific ocean. So this weapon can be used against small surface ships and aerial vehicles and thats going to be critical in the second half of this. When we talk about drones, this can be used against drones as well. The office of naval research selected portland to be the host of laser weapons technology in 2018.. The laws d is considered next generation follow on to the laws. Uh thatll float forward, staging base on uss ponce tested for three years, while operating in the middle east. There – and here we have some awesome photos of the actual turret here, heres a turret on the bow of the uss um portland facing downwards there. You can see the big lens on the front.

There thats crazy, really big and heres a nice profile view of it. You can see thats the turret right there on the bow uh over here. This is the target that theyre gon na shoot this little floating um. You know buoy, like device theyre gon na release that get a couple hundred yards away from it and uh and shoot it with this laser, and here you can see the bridge crew wearing their safety. Glasses here looks like we have a petty officer who is taking some deck logs of the operation. I dont see an insignia on this guy. He could be a contractor, because this is a test here. We have a chief, petty officer with a radio nearby, so he might be coordinating something anyway, very interesting insight into whats going on on the bridge during this type of test, and here we have a great shot. This looks like this could be like some kind of infrared uh image or some other spectrum uh taken from the portland as its uh looking at the target there, and there is the laser pretty cool so clearly it works. It hit the target uh theres, no damage assessment made public, so we dont know how how uh well it worked, but i do have a treat for you. I have the actual video of the test. Would you like to see it yeah? Take a look at this. All right here we go heres the video uh released into by us pacific public affairs.

This is public domain and there she is its a little four second burst. It doesnt even show you the full duration of the uh engagement. I assume its longer than four seconds in this part. I slowed it down for you a little bit, so you could have a little more time to look at this, but look at how focused that beam is and clearly very high energy high intensity and, like i said they struck the target so very good stuff. Very good i like how it turns blue a little bit there at the end. You know i dont, i think thats, just the the camera is uh is, is getting shut out. The shutter is, anyway, very cool stuff, so this type of technology is very important for future naval warfare because were seeing the rise of swarm fleets. Iran is building a swarm navy to harass shipping in the straits of hormuz and theyre building hundreds of ships a year and theyre manning them with just one or two anti ship missiles, which is enough to do the job and then theyre good. They intend on swarming dozens of those manned uh ships and unmanned too, but manned as well. Around you know. Ships going through the straits of hormuz so were going to need systems like this. That dont have a limited magazine capacity as long as you feed this weapon. Energy, its going to be able to fire it can fire rapidly. It can take on multiple targets, so thats what were going to need to be able to defend in in future naval combats, and the second thing is drones.

Drones are going to be uh, be used in swarms as well and were already seeing this so were going to go into our second story. Where we talk about an event that happened a couple years ago in 2019, initially reported by mr tyler rogue away. We have a follow up for that for that story here this one right here, harassment of u.s, navy, destroyers by mysterious drone swarms off california, went on for weeks. We thought this was just like you know a three day event. It turned out to be like a 14 day event because of the freedom of information act submitted by the war zone, credit to adam cohee and mark uh, sakoti, hope, im, saying his name right got the actual deck logs, including some powerpoint, slides of the entire event That went on for the last two weeks of july in 2019. Lets read what they say from the piece earlier this year, the war zone exclusively reported a series of 2019 incidents that involved unidentified drones, stalking us navy vessels over several nights in the waters of southern california. Our initial reports also covered the navys investigation into the incidents which appeared to struggle to identify either the aircraft or the operators and thats really key is these? Are not american drones? Theyre very close within you know 120 miles of san diego. You know off the shore there we dont know whos operating these. How did they get there like? Is there a vessel that has gone undetected in a navy exercise area which is highly unlikely that thats the case operating these drones, or are these drones extremely long range drones being operated by a nation or a government? You know farther away the closest other nation that could possibly operate.

These drones would be mexico and thats unlikely because i dont think they have that technology. You know nations like china all the way across the pacific, highly unlikely that theyre operating drones off the coast of california remoting them from from china just to harass the fleet – and these are not the large. You know global hawk drones. Well, show you some pictures of them theyre relatively small drones, which would imply limited range, but maybe not you know, we have to get a little bit of speculation if were going to try and estimate their range based on their size. Okay, back to the piece chief of naval operations, admiral mike gilde later clarified that the aircraft were never identified and there has been similar incidents across service branches and allied militaries. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not just happening off the coast of southern california. This is happening around the world, but we have a lot of really good information about this specific incident. Newly released documents obtained via the freedom of information act show the full scope of these drones incursion was greater than initially appeared. They persisted well after the navys investigation was launched. Deck logs indicate the drone sightings continued throughout the month of july of 2019, including events where drone countermeasure teams were called into action. One notable event involved at least three ships observing multiple drones, uncharacter uncharacteristically, for unclassified deck logs. The details of this event are almost entirely redacted thats true, but we got a little bit of information from the deck logs.

First lets take a look at the powerpoint slide that they managed to get released where it shows the path of the ship. This is the path of one of the three destroyers. This is the uss paul hamilton again july 2019 is in blue, so theyre heading south by south. You know east a little bit here and you can see that theyve numbered the encounters, so one corresponds to the red one. The blue two corresponds to the red two multiple drones coming in being spotted at different locations after the ship. The drones are coming up from behind them. When theyre detected at time 6, they make a sharp right hand, turn towards the west and the drones follow them. The drones get very close at times, six, seven and eight and then back off a little bit. They cross over the top of this of the path of the destroyer here, uh they have a star at time, nine and because of the redacted statements, its not clear. What this star signifies, but something at time, nine happened that was different than the other times that um that is being starred. Okay, while they continue on their westerly course. The drones appear to follow them, and this is important, because this is not a pre programmed drone. This drone is observing this destroyer and reacting to its course change in real time. So there are some sensors on this drone. You know doing something uh, you know.

Definitely you know observing the destroyer at the very least of not recording it and then at time 16. At the very end of the encounter the drone uh crosses over top again and then crosses the bow of the ship and in naval uh. You know actions the crossing. The bow of the ship is done to get your attention. You know a lot of times. They may warships may shoot a round across the bow of a vessel that i cant communicate with to get it to stop. So this could be an indication of hey im, just trying to get your attention if you hadnt seen me already, but they had been tracking him for for quite a while there so lets get into what the response was. What did the sailors do when they saw this happening, so the map depicts uh? The paul hamilton already talked about that im, not gon na. I encourage you, so i dont have to read this whole thing to you: go to the war zone and read this for yourself. The first thing that the navy did is they deployed snoopy teams and i love the name. So the snoopy team is a ship, nautical or otherwise photographic interpretation and exploitation teams snoopy, so they go out like with this little sailor here with high. You know 4k video cameras and they record these events to gather information as to just whats going on who? What are these drones? Are they a known model thats made in a specific country, so we can get a point of origin, whos operating them thats.

What the snoopy teams are trying to collect data for, according to the deck logs, the proximity of the drones that led to the shrimp exercise, enhanced emission controls or m con protocols designed to minimize their electronic profile and an extensive analysis done by mr tyler rogoway. The war zone editor explains that drones could play a useful role in provoking reactions from an adversary by means to capture highly prized electronic intelligence. So it is possible hell its likely that these drones were intended for us to turn on our jammers. Our ecm countermeasures, electronic countermeasures just to see one what they are, what frequencies and power levels do they operate at, so that they can take that information? Whoever are operating these drones and develop systems that can defeat our countermeasure systems. Do you see how that works? So perhaps they are trying to provoke something like that, but the navy was extremely smart, followed its own guidelines and said, were shutting everything down, so they shut down all the emissions. They went to strict m con during this event. So here we have some bits from the log here we have. This is from uss russell. This is another destroyer. Okay, remember theres theres at least three destroyers in this exercise, but the uss russell reports drone spotted bearing 285 true at it, looks like zero 145 in the morning, so thats off to the west right. So here they have um. Lets read what this says: the very uh, the very noteworthy that several days later on the 20th uss russell conducted an initial counter.

Uas exercise, okay, so this is something that we found through the freedom of information act. Uh they were conducting uh anti drone. Essentially, uas refers to a drone like device exercise by shooting their five inch gun at it just to see um, you know how how well that would perform and, as expected, it did not perform very well. It took multiple shots to try and hit because the five inch guns are not designed to shoot down slow small uh targets, aerial targets, so the the five inch gun does not perform well in this all right lets get back to the observations. Again, you can go. Read all these deck logs on the war zone? Okay, im not considering read the deck logs to you, but here we have 11 30. In the morning we have a secure counter us uas exercise. One round was expended from the five five inch with full charge: okay, theyre just talking more about the exercise there so yeah. The five inch gun may not be the answer to the drone swarm problem again, thats. Why we need the lods that uh that were currently in development on? We need to get those on board these ships pronto just to help defend against swarms, whether its coming from iran swarm fleets or these drones. We need to have a defense. Okay, three days later, lets get back to the actual drone encounter this. These are the unknown drones. Now exercise is over three days later.

The drone is spotted by a snoopy team. At an elevation of 400 feet. Note that the naval parlance for calling way refers to sailors manning their post, so here they have a way the snoopy team, uh uas, spotted at uh 340. True, so northwest at about 400 feet elevation, and that happened at uh up just a few minutes before 9 pm and then again, just after 10 pm flares are spotted in the position of you know they give you. The grid coordinates at approximately seven nautical miles away. This is a little bit confusing because in the deck logs it is not mentioned whether the flares are associated with the the drone siding or not. Are these flares from another ship thats in the exercise group because theres, multiple of them um yeah, we dont know this? May not be related to the to the uas uh, but again just before 11 oclock, they say ghostbusters away, commence. Counter uas exercise completed counter us exercise. Eight minutes later. So this refers to um the ghost the term ghostbuster refers to a civilian contractor operating. You know anti drone devices is what that term is referred to in the past. There is no official navy term as far as we know where ghostbuster is code named for anything specific, but because ghostbuster is used for anti drone defense. You know by civilian contractors its probable that this deck entry uh refers to that as well, so were going to assume that ghostbuster means a portable device, manheld device that can defeat or disrupt drone communications its perhaps they were trying to you, know disable one of these.

Maybe go out and retrieve it, and that would be the best intelligence that they could gather if we can actually get our hands on one of these and see just whats going on all right. These anti drug countermeasures are increasingly being used by security forces around the world uh they write from the piece, but lets get back to the snoopy teams on july 30th. Remember. This is over a week later talking about activating ghostbusters against another drone appearance. Going back to the deck logs here we have a 0 119 call for away ghostbusters, so it looks like there could be another drone sighting there again. A lot of these logs are redacted like this, so we are only getting part of the story. We dont know all the details of what happened on, but something happened again on july 30th, so 3am on july 30th. The pattern of redact of reduction ends and the same in the same time frame at least two other ships nearby noted, drone or uav activity. As previously reported uss kid, another arleigh, burke class destroyer involved in these incidents deployed its own snoopy team at for uavs at 2. 16 a.m. That day, another log notes that snoopy team was recalled at 3 27, so they were out for just over an hour going after these drones. So this is from the uss paul hamilton at 0, 3 30. Multiple drones spotted off the starboard bow again snoopy team away.

Keep in mind, look at the time frame that these drones are coming. You know they do have a couple sightings during the day, 10 11 am, but the majority of them appear to be late in the evening and or very early morning. So you know 10. 11. Oclock and one and three in the morning uh, you know keeping the crew, you know out of the racks. Essentially they work all day, theyre doing naval exercises and then at 1am. The snoopy team anyway needs to get up and go respond to this threat. You know multiple times so theyre wearing the crew down that could be. Another purpose of of these drones is uh to just you know, test the crew or exhaust the crew all right. This is from uss russell at 10, 34 in the morning um. They made their small craft action team because its daylight. Now this is a daylight one where they spot a drone, so they weigh the snoopy team on their reinforced hall, inflatable boats, the ribs, those are designed to provide 360 security around the destroyers for anti terrorism measures, but it can also be used for anti drone as Well, well, they put the snoopy recording team on that little boat and they send it out there with some ghostbuster devices to go and try and record the drone and disable it. But this action is unsuccessful. The drone apparently sees whats going on so its got some situational awareness and gets away so its not um, disabled or disrupted, so the navy.

It appears right now. We dont have a defense for these drones because theyre so small and slow – and you know our big naval guns, like the five inch gun cant hit it and uh its not coming close enough for the sea whiz to take a whack at it. Apparently, and so were trying these, you know alternative methods of sending out small boats and ghostbusters just to try and get this. What will solve that gap? What will bridge that gap is that laser program were talking about early on? You cant get that fast enough and i do want to send a big shout out to filmmaker jeremy corbell because he got actual video of this event that i cannot play for you here on youtube. You have to go to um jeremy corbells, either twitter page or he has his own website. Where youll see these triangle shape. You know drones flying around uh, the well in the sky. Anyway, you dont see the destroyers uh flying around and uh its its taken with, like an infrared camera lens, like you see here, uh or a night vision lens of some sort, and so you know its hard to judge distance and size with these little stills. But these dont appear to be very large drones or if they are very large, theyre very far away right, which would suggest that theyre, not global theyre, not transiting the world to be off the coast of california.

So what is happening off the coast of california and around the world other places as well, where these drones are being spotted and behaving like this and uh? One thing that we must consider is that perhaps this is not a terrestrial drone. You know were seeing technology that you know the us navy, doesnt have or claims to not have, and you know if another country has this technology to be able to bring a drone. Thats, relatively small, you know halfway or all the way across the pacific. Well, then, were at a huge disadvantage for whoever that is, you know. Maybe the best uh option for us is to speculate that this is not terrestrial anyway ill. Leave that for you guys to debate in the comments who do you think is operating these drones? What is their purpose? Are they just harassing our navy? Are they literally trying to collect information on us or are they just observing us? Is it just? You know someone else, curiously wondering what humans are doing on planet earth. I dont know anyway. I want to say thank you again in ord vpn for sponsoring this video. I really do appreciate it and ill see you guys in the comments have a great day. Everybody thanks for watching bye, hey its aaron from sub brief. I hope you liked the video make sure you click the like button and subscribe to the youtube page. If you havent already also check out our playlist, we have naval news playlist.

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