Man got myself a ufo drone. All right got it a couple weeks ago. Flew it a few times, and you know what its a blast all right. This thing has crazy features. All right has obstacle avoidance, flashing lights, remote control. A lot of these dont come with a remote three speeds. Headless mode does flips has a crash protection. As you can see, this whole cage thing happening here, auto takeoff and land has a spin button and throw and fly all right. Mad features so lets get into it. Music, Music, all right so lets check this thing out. So the charging port is right. Here comes with a micro, usb charging, cable and the obstacle avoidance. Sensors are all around right. There, theres one there, one there one there and another one right there all right. So if you want to fly this without the remote you hit, the power switch it which is uh. Where is it at right? There just turn it on and you just throw it in the air and it automatically turns on so. The light is on the inside of this cage thing here, and it has a whole bunch of different lights. It flashes it spins around, while youre flying this thing. This thing is crazy. All right lets check this remote out. Pretty decent size feels pretty good in the hand. The uh sticks feel pretty good too so lets check out. These buttons got a lot of buttons man, so heres your circle button.

You hit this and it spins right or you can stop it from spinning by hitting that button. Um here is your headless mode and its your take off and land button all right and you can turn the lights on and off with this, and here is your calibration button and your emergency stop button and these are trims. So the top right shoulder button is your flip button and the top left shoulder button. Is your speed button, other things that came in the box heres your manual and your micro, usb charging cable, so im going to fly this thing around in the man cave for a little bit and im going to show you guys some footage of my outdoor flights? One at night and one in the day, stick around guys all right lets do this without the remote toss and fly light turns green there we go see that guys obstacle avoidance, you can even play catch with. Somebody see that pretty cool – and this is the automatic takeoff check that out fully functional Music like a regular drone. Look at that check this out guys tell me thats, not cool a little funnel here. Thats one cool little drone guys try a flip top right shoulder button. There you go, try one more loses a little bit of altitude like i said when you turn just got to keep your eye on it, make sure youre going in the right direction so ill.