I i will not only teach you how to use it and all the tips and tricks and also what its used for. Basically, this is a portable lightweight voice recorder, which you can clip onto your belt, clip and hook it to your clothing or backpack and record your teachers, lectures in the classroom, obviously, with their permission, not without their permission, and it can be used for a variety of Reasons i bought this actually to hang it from my drone, as you can see in my previous video a couple of videos previous to this one. I hang this with a string from my drone because its very lightweight to record the ambient sound, because the drone doesnt record sound so im gon na show you all the tips and tricks about this little recorder. All right lets get started, and this leather recorder comes in a little box, small little tiny box, and it comes with the manual. It comes with the the actual recorder, which is tiny, very small like that, and it weighs it doesnt weigh a lot. Let me show you how little it weighs and not its not only its small, its all. It also weighs very little so this thing weighs 1.2 ounces, so you cant go wrong with 1.2 ounces. We can hang it from the drone and record the sound around it. Obviously, you have to put a foam like a wind windshield, one one block. It comes with the usb cord and the manual key chains, two key chains: uh usb 2 micro, usb adapter and usb 2 usbc adapter, and it comes with a usb cable, which you can either plug like that or plug it directly to this guy and then plug It into your computer, so thats whats, included in the box, and the instructions on this is extremely simple, is more simple than you can imagine, because all you have to do to record is turn this on.

When you turn this on. Let me zoom in when you turn this on you thats it the recording started just when you turn it on as simple as that. Okay and when it blinks three times the recording will start and then you turn it off and you, you know, start your recording. Now, what is really uh kind of difficult is not difficult. Confusing is how to change all the settings and set the time, and all that that you have to do with the computer. You have to hook it up to a computer and do that and lets start that by plugging it into your computer. In order to do this change the settings you have to plug it into your computer like this and do all the settings, this has a 32 gigabyte internal memory, so it will record for hours and hours, 8, 10 12 hours and a single battery charge will last You nearly eight hours and they they do sell the versions with 64 gigabytes of ram. The ram is internal ram and the recording format is wave wave format. However, its not the same wave format as a pc standard, because some computers or some programs may not recognize it, and you have to do like audio conversion in order to recognize the file type. For example, i was using this recorder with camtasia and camtasia wouldnt recognize the file type. However, when i used corel video studio, it did recognize and i was able to insert my sound and my drone footage.

Okay, now lets go to plug this into the computer and see how it behaves in hpc, all right, so im going to be plugging this in so pay attention to the sound it will make as i plug it in okay. So as i plugged it in, as you can see, it gave me this little indication that theres a new drive now to access that you have to double click to this pc and you have to go to the usb disk, which is 32 gig, shows up as 29 gig, but this is the one im talking about, which is a 32 gig and inside this you have the manual in different languages. The one you will need is the english one, which you can double click and you can access the manual in order to open it. You can open it in google, chrome or you can have a pdf reader. You could choose any any lets, say: im gon na open it with chrome and voila thats my manual, and i can read it and everything is written on on that manual, uh, its all in english, because thats the english manual that we chose now uh. We will go to the setting the time to set the time you have to run the time setting you double click on this application, which says set digital recorder time, exe double click, and this is the time right now. You click set time and it will sync the time of your computer to the little recorder.

So now the recorder time has been set. This is the instruction that shows you what you need to do, and basically thats exactly what i said its written in in writing, and now we go back, and this is your recorded clips. These are all your recorded clips like i said they are wave, but some pla most players will play this. Some will have a hard time playing this because the format, although its wave it has it its not the same its some kind of a compression thats. Not all type of players will recognize so, for example, let me double click on this and there it says cant play choose something to play, so you have to send feedback this and that so what you need to do in order to play you need to right Click watch this one carefully. Please watch carefully right click and then you choose open with choose another app right here: choose windows, media player, but you have to check this box, so it always opens with media player. And then you choose windows, media player, and then you click. Ok, now you choose recommended settings and finish now. It will play Music. Okay, now lets play. All of them are playing thats, exactly how you want. Those are my previous recording, so all of them are playing with windows. Media player after i set the windows media player as my default player. Okay, what is more important is recorder settings.

This text file that you see is actually the control panel for the recorder, which controls all the settings so heres how it works. This is like a dos command file that you have to that every time the recorder boots. It looks at these and will boot accordingly. So all you have to do, is you have to change this number change? This number change this number and this number, so you have four settings if you, this is the gain. If you set this at five, five means that automatic gain control is active. If you set this to 0 to 7, then thats, the adjust recording sensitivity so 0 is is like less sensitive. 7 is very sensitive, 5 is automatic, so this is what that is. Okay, uh the voice activated mode voice activated mode is that the recorder will stop and will not record unless there is a voice present and the voice activated mode at zero. The voice activated mode is off. So if you choose zero, the voice activated mode is off. If i were to change this to lets, say one if i were to change it to one, let me change it to one just for the heck of it. If i change it to one now, the voice activated mode is is on one through ten means its on with different sensitivity level. So you know less less sensitive, high, sensitive and all that so now, im going to put this back to zero.

Okay, now bit rate bit rate is the voice quality? Okay, the voice quality zero. If you choose zero, its 32 kilobits per second, if you choose one here, if you choose one, it means its 64 kilobits per second, if you choose three, its 192 kilobits per second, which is better so four is for 384 kilobits per second remember the higher the Kilobits per second, the more memory it will occupy and the more battery it will suck up. So three is what the company recommends. This is what their recommendation is. Okay, so lets keep uh the advice. The advice means that we advise to to set it at this. Setting advice is basically is recommendation of the factory. Okay, now recording file division. Now, when a file is being recorded, uh one, you could have the recording file to divide from zero to 240 minutes length or zero to eight hours length. If you choose zero its from zero to 240 minutes and then after 240 minutes, it will create a new file. If you choose 0 to 8 hours, then you choose 0.. 0 means eight hours and zero to 240 is what you want to choose. For example, if i were to choose zero, it records up to eight hours, otherwise i could choose 10 minutes. If i were, if i choose 30 or 10, whatever, then anyway, any number between 0 and 240, it will be. It will be that many minutes before it will create a new file, so i rather have it as 0, because zero will simply be you know.

Zero will be uh real. It will continuously record until the eight eight hours you know until the memory is full or battery is finished. It doesnt create multiple individual files. So these are the settings that, because that actual unit is too small to have those settings uh they did it on a notepad which is actually a dos file. Now you could file, you could exit and it says, save you have to save. If you make changes, so i didnt make any changes, so i dont save, but if you do save, then those settings will transfer to the little recorder and so yeah, basically thats as simple as that, and that you can do how to change the recorder settings. I hope this was educational and keep in mind that this little recorder is uh. I bought it, i believe, 40 from amazon, but you can get these from ebay or amazon. Different different capacity will be different, uh price, and if you want to see the recording sample of this, i will add it to this video. Just to give you an idea of how the sample is, their quality is okay. So as soon as i flip my hand, i will embed the recording from this to this video, so you can see the quality okay. Now my voice is from the recorded file from here. So what you see on this is my voice. This quality is from one feet. This quality is from two feet.

This quality is from three feet and this recording quality is across the room. So basically i am sitting at more like six feet or so. Okay, now this recording is from the original studio mic. Please dont judge this with the quality of the studio mic thats six, seven hundred dollar microphone its a shotgun microphone, and this is the cheap. You know fifty dollars rental recorder so for what the prices, the recording quality, is reasonable. Okay, thank you for watching.