Video is for you guys, okay, so what exactly am i talking about were talking about this product right here? Its called the drone mask and unlike some people who think these are actually fpv goggles, they are not. They do look like some fp goggles. However, they are pretty much a phone holder which acts like fpv goggles. So this is just a mask which has some lenses inside um, but you have this pocket. I would say for your phone, which opens up, and you have some clamps, where you can actually put your phone and just zip it down like this, and basically what you end up with is a phone holder which sits on your face, and you can clearly see Everything thats going on on your phone, its not an additional device, it doesnt have an actual screen. The screen is your phone. This mask is a pretty basic one. You just have a strap. You have some lenses inside uh and, as far as i know, it can actually fit perfectly even with your your glasses, if youre using glasses, you can just put it on top and youll, be just fine, and you have a locking mechanism here which enables you to Um to make it a little bit closer to your face or a little bit further, if i can actually do that like so, you can pull it a little bit further away from you, because everything is kind of zoomed in on your face.

So i prefer to to keep it in the furthest position available. So with this you can kind of replicate what flying fpv feels like, because you you see everything thats going on on the screen right in front of your face, such as the fpv goggles from dji. For example and youll see that these two are kind of similar, not very much because these have screens. Of course this is a lot bigger, but it houses your phone, so, of course it makes sense for it to be a little bit bigger. If you already have a drone, which you control with your phone, which reminds me that, unfortunately, if you have the mini 3 pro, for example, you cant use this because obviously it doesnt fit inside the case. So you need to use a remote like this, so you can attach your phone now. One thing that i want to specifically mention is that youre going to see in a minute, but this does not have – does not come with a cable to to connect to your phone and to the remote. So the cable that you use normally is a very short one on dji drones, its this one and thats the the whole length of the cable and you need. Obviously, you need to attach the phone to the cable and put it inside the case, and if you dont have a spare cable uh its going to be a disaster, which was my case.

I forgot my cable because i was using this one, its the charger cable, that i have for my phone, its a usbc, which you need to connect to the remote controller, to an iphone cable to lightning port and its a pretty long one. So it gets the job done, but its also my phone charger. So even though i had prepared it previously, i had to charge my phone and then i completely forgot that i need to bring this cable and okay ready to go. I know it looks ridiculous, but its the only way to work right now so yeah draw mask. You need to start including cables in the kit, because because of this, all right lets try to take off first problem already uh, we are in an altitude authorization zone. So i have to click. Ok, somehow, on my phone. How should i do this a few moments later, all right, so we are in the air recording, looks very weird, i have to say as a as a person who has been flying fpv before this is really really weird, but its actually its working. Fine, i mean lets lets not go there because i dont want to disturb the animals. We have a little bit of freezing in the screen, which is great for fpv, as you guys know, when the screen freezes its its a lot of fun now were getting all sorts of different uh downward sensor. Uh notifications, just letting us know that we have some type of obstacle under the drone and because i am flying in such a weird manner, its just yeah, its really not ideal uh, but thats again.

One thing uh that we should mention again is that drone mask. Should definitely try to to put a cable inside the package to avoid issues like this? For the most part, this seems fine. I mean its its fine to control the drone. It doesnt look bad, you dont have any glare from the sun and it feels great to have such a big screen its a little bit overwhelming at first, but its actually not bad uh. The screen might be a little bit too big to to focus on everything. Thats going on so thats something that i want to focus on its a lot bigger screen than what im used to seeing in my fpv goggles, for example. So, like i said its a bit overwhelming, but still its its a nice experience because you dont have any glare from the sun. Nothing is disturbing you from seeing the whole screen, but the edge of the screen is a little bit hard to to follow so im. Mostly looking at the center of the screen and im just doing some very basic circles here, just uh admiring the nature, but its not a very nice looking cinematic shot, but its uh, its a nice way to get to know the this type of flying. Because its quite quite different, if i try to go a little bit lower, i am able to do that. But i dont have the confidence to to like go through really small gaps and stuff like this, because you know that you have some lag and just knowing.

That makes me a little bit unease, because i know that the drone is is not very fluid. In terms of image reception – and here i am so ill – try to to go between those trees, for example – lets see um, but this location is just amazing right. I mean its so so beautiful, even if its a little bit grown out, the the the grass is a little bit tall, but still you have so much greenery around and its really really beautiful. I will try uh to to go a little bit higher later and observe from from that angle, but from now for now, i just want to to focus on these these areas here its definitely nothing close to what uh you know. Full speed fpv feels like, however, its still a really nice experience to like get to know. Um the whole. You know experience of flying a drone with fpv, goggles and thats very similar actually to what the dji fpv drone feels like in normal mode, for example its uh, its very very similar. So if you just want to take a look around and you dont want to be disturbed by by anything uh and you, especially if youre flying during uh a bright sunny day, its uh its a nice way to to do it, i have to say im im Enjoying just looking around its not about getting the shot here, because, obviously you wont be able to to get those smooth um go through shots.

That fpv is known for uh, but its a its a nice way to like just try it out and uh yeah. So far im liking it, even though, like i said this phone is huge. If you have a smaller phone, maybe it will be a little bit better for you um, because this one is just too big for for following everything thats happening, but just a quick flight with this uh drone mask its a its a lot of fun. But definitely, i have to say uh my bad for not bringing the right cable for for this, because it would have been so much easier to have my hands where i would normally keep them while flying because keeping them right next to to the goggles themselves. And just being in that position is not very comfortable but thats thats on me for not bringing the right cable with me, uh and yeah thats. Something that i want to to urge drone mask to do just to include a couple of different cables inside the package, because uh people will forget these cables. Just like me and its going to ruin the experience while flying with the with the drone um with the mask, because this is not very comfortable. But you get the point and its uh its its its really weird, but its a its a nice thing to check out. So who is this product for, if youre one of those people who want to get a taste of fpv but really dont want to invest? In the full system like buying goggles, buying a drone buying a radio and you already own, a dji drone or any other drone which is connected to your phone, you can use this.

You can get a taste of what fpv feels like, because this will be. Of course, not 100 percent uh what fpv feels like, but this will give you a rough idea of what you will see inside the goggles when you eventually put them on when you try real fpv. But until then this is a nice way, for, i would say, beginners to experience, fpv uh from a safer, um, more basic uh point of view, while using a camera drone which has altitude hold and can you know, have some sensors to avoid crashing into something. So if you are looking for more security and more peace of mind, knowing that you wont damage your drone uh, you can try this uh its 169, which, in my opinion, is a bit steep for what youre getting because you dont even have a cable inside the Kit um personally, i would value these at about 100 dollars and i would really advise um drone mask to put some at least some cables with some attachments for different phones, so it can be really ready to be used straight away after buying, because right now you Need to to get a separate cable that obviously, like i said its easy to forget, to bring with you one of my biggest complaints about this product. Besides, the lack of a cable included in the kit, of course, is the fact that when you get a pop up or something happens on the screen, every time that happens, you need to remove the phone from the holder inside.

So you can actually press the button and remove that notification, so you can be able to fly, and especially if youre flying in an area which has some uh restrictions and you need to unlock this area, itll be a pain in the ass to to set it Up so i would advise you to first set everything up: make sure that everything is ready to go and only then put the drone inside the mask, so youre ready to fly straight away if youre still watching the video up until this point – and you want to Have a chance to win this very drone mask right here. Let me know by dropping a comment below with the hashtag, give me my mask and ill randomly select, one of you guys and ship it anywhere in the world, so you can enjoy it as well. Thats pretty much it guys. Thank you so much for watching todays video.