The list of ethiopian journalists who have been arrested with some recent weeks is getting longer viewers. Every week we are hearing new names. Ethiopian journalists are being arrested and theyre not being taken to a court if you arrest them. If there are charges against them, obviously you have right to arrest them, but they are not being taken to the courts. We have a list of some journalists arrested within the past few weeks. Secondly, yours ethiopian government has thanked no more rallies participants, dina mufti uh yesterday, specially thanked these rally, participants and inaudible called upon the rally participants to do more, and, lastly, we were just a few hours ago. An international news outlet claimed that turkey had stopped delivery of more drones to ethiopia. The new source is claiming that, due to international pressure, turkey is halting weapons deliveries to ethiopia. Whatever today look at this new story, firstly, viewers: the list of ethiopian journalists who have been arrested is getting longer every week. We are hearing new names and alarming thing. Is that theyre not being taken to a court? I mean if they have committed some wrongs. They have committed some crime. Obviously european government has a right to arrest them, but they should be taken to a court. Charges should be leveled against them officially, but so far several are in custody without any official charges in november. At the start of november, kibram virgo was arrested, kibram virgo of ahado radio and tv.

Now ethiopian, uh security forces say that he has been released, but his family says that he has not been released so far. Then we were irmiasticify of ethiopia inside. He was also arrested in november at the start of november. His whereabouts are unknown to ethiopia. Insight has issued a statement about the detention of idmyostas5. Thirdly, uh daso of romeo news network. He was also arrested in november and he is still in custody and then in the last seven days, last 10 days we can say three more names were heard, who were arrested, ears paid at this fight, tamirat nagara of tirara network and lastly, miyaza muhammad of roha Tv, i did videos on me as a muhammad, so they are in custody, most of them. They they they should be taken to courts. If there are some accusations against them and they should go through a legal process, legal proceeding should be initiated against them. If they are involved in any wrongdoing, but we dont know about me as a muhammad and uh tamrat nagara what happened to them or what charges have been leveled against them? We dont know. So if you open government, if it wants to launch a crackdown on ethiopian journalists, it will not serve any purpose. People will not be pressurized with european journalists. They have faced crackdowns in the past as well, but they have continued working despite crackdowns. Secondly, yours ethiopian government. A few hours ago, especially thank to no more rally participants ethiopian government said that these rallies worked.

International media came under pressure. International media was doing one sided reporting, it was backing tplf, but after these rallies, uh tides are turning and international media is now very careful about its reporting. Well, yes, the rallies are working. We have seen that weve seen large rallies, especially in the u.s viewers in the us. In the uk. We have seen large, no moralities. If the european government is calling upon rally participants to hold more rallies, they want them to hold rallies. They want them to donate. As well, so if european government is relying on ethiopian diaspora for political support abroad, diplomatic support and financial support as well – and lastly, was just a few hours ago, international news outlet claimed that turkey has halted arms deliveries to ethiopia. The news outlet said the turkey did supply european government with drones, but now it has stopped sending weapons to ethiopia, because international pressure has been brought to bear upon turkey, well, keeping in view the flight data between turkey and ethiopia uae and ethiopia, iran and ethiopia. Yes, we have not seen Music any flights from turkey for ethiopia within the past few weeks. Flights from the uae are arriving on regular basis in ethiopia, on haraan mada air force base and flights from iran has also been seen most flights arriving from the uae. Yes, we have not seen any flights from turkey for ethiopia within the past few days. Can we say that turkey has changed its strategy, its going to supply ethiopian government with drones, we dont know viewers.

What we can confirm is that, yes, in the past few days, we have not seen any cargo flights between turkey and ethiopia pressure was there upon turkey, especially in the past few days. We have seen statements as well. Jeffrey feltman is in turkey a few hours ago. He held some meetings with turkish officials, so international community was watching all these deliveries very closely and if turkey has changed its mind and if turkey is not supplying, if you open government with drones, it could be very significant, because i believe that turkish drones are playing A role in this conflict if the ethiopian government does not have more drones or supplies of ammunition which you need, it means that the use of existing drones will be limited. If you open, government will not be in a position to use these drones extensively, but deliveries from the uae are arriving. A rewarded uae is supplying its open government with wing long chinese drones wing long are also very effective, but obviously turkish tb2s are more battle test. State in terms of their efficiency, so that is why, if turkey has revisited its policy of supplying ethiopian government with drones, we could see some change in the battlefield as well. Well, try to update you in coming videos about this development.