I don’t know if you guys have seen the video from quad mover. You doubled up these props like this on a five inch and hit a pretty interesting sound. I really was really curious what it sounded like live in person, so i’m gon na give you a little bit of feedback as to what i think about what it sounds. Like now, this is probably super inefficient, not ideal, four or five inch, and this uh setup here is actually a six 6s motor. I think it’s a 1650 kv motor 2306. I believe so i’m just running it on 4s, because i don’t want to burn up the esc’s for the motor um and just going to fly line of sight, a little bit which i haven’t flown in like six months and then i’ll. Give you a little bit of fpv at the end there’s a little bit of power. I think this pig tunes not good for this Music whoa it’s strange. It feels like it’s, really underpowered, obviously i’m running for instead of 6s, but but it has this kind of weird stability to it. Probably all the uh, you got 64 front blades. This probably has something to do with it. Oh almost crashed. I it some flips yeah i’ve been i’ve. I i rarely fly a line of sight quads. I fly airplanes last night, so you want to see what a true line of sight pilot could do. You should watch that quad mover video.

I just wanted to hear what this sounds like live. Unfortunately, the gardeners are right next to me here. All you here are lawn mowers. This is actually not that noisy. It just sounds. It just sounds so strange. You can hear kind of a resonance. I want to get closer here really curious. What the battery voltage of that land it let’s fly a little fpv yeah. It definitely needs some kid tuning. You can hear it oscillating or like crazy on the turns right there i’m getting a little battery warning right, probably super inefficient, drawing lots of amps i’m getting a low battery already here. I just wanted to get an idea what this is like. It sounds crazy and yeah. I didn’t i i know that you guys are gon na say i need some low profile, lock nuts and they do have some but um. I figure. One flight should be okay. Uh we’ll see how loose they are, but i’m getting a low battery warning already: Music it’s just a 4s 1300. So not a lot of flight time.