As you can see, it is very windy again, but we’re not going to quit we’re going to keep tuning this thing and make sure it flies really. Well now, the last video i did a bunch of settings, i didn’t really know what was happening in terms of what each parameter was changing, but i thought about it for a second after the flight, i was watching the footage over and i think i figured out A couple things, one thing that i want to note is the rates were too low, so the rates i’ve actually jacked it back up, it’s still not as high as the stock settings. I still think it’s too high for beginners for sure and again this is this. Is a tune that is based for beginners and maybe some experts that just kind of want to take it easy. But for me i like it in beginner settings i like it to be easy to fly. I just want to get smooth shots so that’s what it’s going to be tuned for so hopefully i can talk you through it and we can get a really really nice tune today. I think i think we can get something really nice much better than the last video, so let’s get let’s get going all right guys. So hopefully you guys can hear me and i’m going to read off my settings for you. My center sensitivity is all the way down at 60 for all three axes.

Max rate is at 400. The expo is at point 80 for all three axes, so i just kept everything um the same, because i found that you know. I think, because this quad is probably quite symmetrical: um it’s not like a h frame, so we’re gon na keep it uh just like a race quad and try that so this is actually tuned. I’Ll show you some footage right now of me tuning into my backyard, but basically the tunes should be done and i’m just going to be making some tweaks here, uh all right i’m. Just getting used to this again i was following my other irregular quads and the stick throws so much longer on my taranis that it’s difficult to go back to this, i have to say, but yeah i’m just gon na fly and uh Applause. Music Applause. Did you change? Did you change? Did you Music change? Music Applause? Music? Did you Music? Did you choose Music Applause? Did you choose Music Applause? Oh Music, Music, Music Applause, i’m gon na bring expo back to one you guys by the way, i’m, always landing in end mode. Just so i don’t crash this thing. The front legs are so Music uh, it’s sticking out so much that it. I think it creates a problem if you want to land in uh manual mode, so that’s, why i’m doing that all right expo is going all the way up to one let’s see how that feels.

I know it’s a it’s still super windy people usually wouldn’t fly. These kinds of conditions, but let’s just try that feels good it’s all gooier. It takes more effort to move the sticks, our center sensitivity at 50 max rate at 420 and expo all the way at one. So this is basically totally beginner settings, but uh i’m beginning with this drone, so pretty good okay. So, as you can see i’m when i this is what i wanted more of. I want to be able to move my sticks like a lot and not have it affected as much so more resolution. It’S going to be smoother see, i mean it’s very windy still, but you get the point actually in very windy conditions is the most difficult to fly. Smooth man, my yaw spins, are terrible. With this thing. The rates are just weird it’s very mechanical. I have to say the way this thing flies. The center stick, i think i mean, is very, very gooey, but i think this might be good yeah because you just have to move the sticks more to get it to spin and as long as your rates are fast enough, then you can get there. So hopefully this is all looking pretty smooth, it’s, very, very windy. Most fpv footage would be very uh unstable unless you have real steady. So hopefully this this is okay. You guys tell me, oh man, the wind is crazy, all right guys.

We are now at 60 with the center sensitivity. Max rate is 430 and expose at one all right – hopefully last flight here so windy, guys so windy, Music Applause on the train. You missed the Music Applause. Music Applause did tree change. Did you choose? Did you Applause? Music change, Music Applause: Music – did you choose Music did do i just have much Music Applause, Music, c, Music, Music teachers, Music sticks, Music, all right. So that was the test. Let me know what you guys think it is super windy. I’M gon na fly my other quad or make another video. Maybe you guys can compare the two videos and let me know if i should keep this.