I know all right now its showing live on my own, and i just got the notification. Its still not still got that picture online, so did you notice that they finally updated the no like button gym and they did that whole new design on youtube? Now i told you yeah, everybody was saying were not until january, but they did it. Yes, like two days ago, i said in my in the facebook group that was a while ago. I said that it was coming right, but everybody was saying they werent gon na put it through until january, but they ended up doing it like a day or two ago. Oh yeah, hey lets do this right good evening. Jody drone shots andrew silver fox jack rabbit. I saw you over on lone star: you did a nice live uh, who else we got? Let me go down. Artco drone supply andrew. I said silver fox right. Yeah justin is drone 863, as you guys know: arie remote, pilots, australia, jody drone, shot yeah. I said him: okay, yeah thats, eds political channel thats, my buddy ed ed. Did you get the email i dont know? Let me see oh ed. If youre um commenting on my videos, try to do it through your eds political channel, because then i actually get your comments because he blocked all your other ones, yeah on his other channel, though his regular channel every time he comments, i dont get them.

I can see him in youtube studio, but then they disappear. I love youtube. Youtube has been acting so weird. I dont know how its possible. Thank you. Sorry, thats, who i was hey, theres lone star. I got to make him um put the paste in there. I want him uh to jump on because i was on his live stream and hes got a central, texas head moderator. Okay, apparently, art is in the green room. He says: oh jim, did you see that uh streamyard did a update? Now you can actually assign a co host. I saw that and along with teams, they added a 10 level. I got the email where the hell is that email did. I i dont know if i well, even if i deleted it, it would still be in my gmail delete right that should be uh unless you emptied your trash can because usually your trash can empties like every 30 to 60 days, unless you do it automatically. So it should still be in your trash. I just closed down channels. I didnt want to close down michael mcreynolds: hey whats up, oh chris sunrise, media, hey chris, mike uh ed, went back to his regular channel love my drones whats up. Oh okay, okay, there! He is there, you are. I had had a page open with your Music all right now. This is on facebook. Yep. Do you guys do this uh often i usually do it once a month.

Oh well, now whats the holidays were going to take a little break, because i do it like on the third weekend of the month and thats, just too close to christmas and then january its going to be too cold. You know something what uh you were covering over on your live stream, which i told the guys we just kind of left. Let me see here i had put that out about that. Mic were talking about the dji microphone thats, getting no press whatsoever, oh by the way. This is the list of the djis end of life yeah between 600 on there too yeah. I wanted to ask you: what is the end of service? Does that mean that theyre? Just not supporting it, no more correct, yeah, okay, no pilots, no yeah that surprised me, jim, the matrix 600 went out without a replacement. I mean you know. All there is. Is the 300 now and highly used widely used? Well, i like the 300, but i have to sort of laugh. I mean it is a quad. You know they say. Oh yes, you can. What is it? You can avoid people on the ground in the event of an engine failure, but of course, there will be damage to drone and payload. In other words, you can have a controlled crash id rather have a hexacopter thanks. Well, what happened was um thats back on the mic i wanted to show. They tried to do um drone deliveries with it and it cant do it.

It was hitting return to home because the cameras are made for a certain amount of weight and the motors over spin right. We know that i remember the inspire ones, because the original x5 camera was 900 grams, freaking heavy two pounds, yeah yeah and youre gon na go put this box, its a box that slides on that weve seen before weve all seen it yeah here yep. This is from uh. We dont need the audio. How do i get rid of it? On my end, there um drone base and ive seen these similar boxes that almost look like an egg shape in the front and uh theyre, throwing the the center of gravity off. So much that the drone, instead of stopping its returning to home this is the m300 yeah. With the tb60 batteries look at the size of those batteries, 12 uh yeah 1200 bucks, each australian, yep batteries, hes talking about yeah, just the batteries. My tb 55s went down to 760 per battery yeah and thats going to make it very interesting to transport your drone, because you know i i always thought that um, you know the m600s had six batteries for logistical reasons and they do, but not for the reasons I thought the reason they have six batteries is because theyre all under 100 watt hours and you can carry them on an airline because thats the the cut off point for most airlines. You know the i dont know how youre going to transport the battery on your m300.

I cant do it on mine on the tv 55s yeah well thats, another idea that went down down the tubes so thats their problem with that thats returning to home. I dont know if you guys know anybody any of you know: phillip bloom, hes, uh, pretty big on youtube and hes got um a professional photographer, but i dont want to play his whole video on the mavic 3., okay and hes uh its getting so much diverse. If you read anything, you read says: oh its a great drone this and that and the other thing, but hes got a lot of problems with im, not going to play his video, because is that the guy he was given, he was allowed to assess them by Dji he did some of the dji publicity stuff for them on the uh, the mavic 3 im sure, but this is actually well yeah. You must be right because he broke three of them. This is the sin drone. Apparently, the senate horizon tilt going on yeah and theres more than that theres some issues apparently uh. You know i reap deeply in in the various developer forums im a member of dji developer forums. Theyve had some issues, apparently with imu communication to the smart controller. Pro theres been about eight or ten that i know of reported instances of the m3 just taking off from from hover and going sideways at a million miles an hour, youve had to switch them to sport mode to recover them, and this sort of thing you know, Im going to buy a new drone, probably around the end of the year, ive narrowed, my shortlist down to three, but the mavic 3 is not one of them now.

It wont be for me either, but the i just you know i cant get over the idea of a micro, four thirds and you cant change a lens it just its such a waste of an opportunity but hes. This is his part one. He said theres a part two coming because hes got so much um to talk about just wanted to jump on two things that kai was talking about. Was it the kyle cadax nebula theres a cadx nebular pro nano? Well, i dont even see that listed. I see the vista kit you go on, uh go on cadxfpb.com, Music, none other resellers. Have it yet its only advertised on cadxfpb.com, okay and theres. Us stop that all right, tim jackson and i uh were talking for a long time. After last weeks stream – hey john carol, mr jrcs, there i got hit um and then i didnt know it all of a sudden. I got a message from my bank. Is this you buying crypto.com, and i said no by the way, its 57 degrees in florida thats. Why im wearing a jacket feels good outside? So all the things were pending and i couldnt stop this person from buying until they were done because the bank said they dont know what the when you buy gas. When you put your cart in and out, it takes a dollar out of your bank account, it has to wait for it to fully process. So, instead of it being 1500, i actually got hit for 2040 thats.

What we were talking about when we first started the show – and i was talking with tim about it tim jackson. He was telling me that this money goes into a crypto wallet, so its traceable, usually so tim. How did it feel getting an extra two and a half grand to crypto mate bill got his new die cut, uh man, the myth legend bill? What i was talking about is when they say three and and kai to when i say three by three: is it three inches wide and three inches high or yeah, because ive got this? You know mine looks like a little rocket so should i get it? What size should i get three by four all depends on who youre using i mean easiest, is to send you know whoever youre talking to sent them your your file and they they can tell you what you what you need to do. We were talking about two companies: uh whats, the one you were using rockin monkey rocking rocking yeah rocking, not rocking rocking monkey and bill uses diapers ill, just use sticker mule because they had a deal if youre a first time customer they gave me uh. It was 10 stickers that normally cost 20. They gave me 10 stickers for one dollar and then they threw in two extra stickers. So i got 12 stickers for a buck and then the thing about it is is: if you order in bulk, they give you a better deal like you can get them as low as like 99 cents.

I think if you order like 100. uh, because i wasnt hey, did you get your stickers yet? No, i did that. No, i love that theres a new thing here when you go to um hit share. It says: slides, yeah, theyve added a couple of things here recently slides and then video file wow. You can set up like presentations like you, you would do in windows or something and then uh, and then you can actually just upload them straight to the stream yard and run them like a presentation so like. If you had a powerpoint presentation, you could actually upload it to stream yard and run it the same way. Supposedly i like that word thats, a big word supposedly yeah. Mr jrc said chris sunrise, media told me he wants a rematch with lone star theres, the heres, the rocking monkey – and here you can quantity lets see. Go 50.. 2X2 is 29 heres your off 2×4 two by three. So you you can have different shapes right. They got three that was a three by three three by three as forty seven dollars for 50. thats a good deal. I will because i i already put give me the speed squad is 150 of us. Well, i went and checked and as soon as you did that i put it uh added it to my favorites so that i can go back and i get sticker mules im gon na find out. If theyll give me a good, you know if they give me the same kind of quality mike night train whats up chris sunrise, water media did i say hello to him.

I dont think so. Kais already started giving him hell so kinda. He wants a rematch. Remember rematch, for what i dont know. What was the rematch for this. Was your chat didnt? What was uh chuck talking about? If you put in holiday 15, you could get a discount. I have no idea chuckle. I think jeff knew that one and heres your jim jones later tim, there you go theres. The new minnow tims got to jump out yeah. He said hes got to go back to work. Where was this not like? You were talking about. Take care tim dont work too hard, buddy theyre, not paying you enough for that. Yeah, the dji mic ill show it in a second hes showing his so whats the theres, the nano as a full kit and just the camera itself. Um elgato is acting weird, its like adjusting the mic on its own yeah. I hear it uh, it might be auto, come back down. Sorry it wasnt wasnt, causing anybody in particular just a microphone that sounded weird. Is it working? It could be the auto adjust setting on stream yard too. Ah, hey have you heard any more on that hubsan ace pro plus whats, the theres, the four and three quarters whats, it called the nighthawk yeah and they got ta. Do it its its called the nighthawk? The air2s killer, its a micro, its actually a micro of four thirds its serious yeah ron posted before always attracted the curtains, oh, my god.

Well it wasnt headed dead on anyway, because it would be they would be looking at it at a tilt. So, as far as im concerned, this is a halfling free zone. Oh okay, okay were not discussing that. No, when i tried um drone warsaw stands that thing. If you put it straight forward, it went off to the left. Well, im not going to say anything bad about hubsan and i cant say anything good about hubsan, so i dont i dont. Have i dont either, but all these people are the ace pro plus was supposed to be a one inch sensor. Yes, its a mavic air with they stuck a bigger camera on is that what theyre going after well thats? What luke the chassis looks like a mavic air, the original mavic air thats. The chassis looks very similar to that to me anyway, the ace pro plus okay. So it was october 30th that i put this out in the facebook group lets go on this and sorry. This is the dji mic set, which is supposed to be like the road billy said its great, so whats it supposed to go with the action or or anything anything okay. But what we were talking about is how pissed off i am with dji and their batteries. They want to end of life, a drone like they did with the mavic pro now. Supposedly they stopped uh. You cant get batteries for the mavic pro yeah yeah and you know the thing is when youre talking about like, if youre talking about, if they discontinue them for the original mavic air or something that would be bad enough.

But you know theyre doing it for commercial level drones. You know stuff that cost people 20 30 grand and no more batteries go buy a new one, yeah and work that that way. Thats. What im saying theyre forcing you into a new purchase of a new drone? Yeah and theyve basically discontinued the great majority of their their commercial line and its now you know if you want an m300 youre, okay, but otherwise bad luck. Well, then! Well, thats, whats, making me sick and tired of it of dji period. Im thinking of buying a 600 pro because you can buy them out here at the moment on running up for about eight grand brand new, which you know in our dollars – thats not bad buying. I cant find im trying to find that thing about that down the drain harry. I keep looking at fox tech, which is yes, its chinese, but theyve got a gaia 100, which the arms plug in so instead of folding, they just simply plug in yep. Well, you think you know im down to im gon na buy one in the next month or so and my three, you know my three contenders are an m600 pro a phantom 4 with the rtk or maybe even a mavic 2 enterprise, dual for the for the Thermal ability – but you know ive, been talking to my employers and so forth and finding out you know what would be most useful in their job case and that sort of stuff ill make a decision next month.

Well, that the the mavic no the matrice 600 is a workhorse, because you can put any damn camera you want on exactly. You could just stick an x5 underneath it and you get nearly 45 minutes. Duration – or you can put you know, dual cameras, the thermal and you know, and something else and still get 30 minutes and yeah. I think, even though its approaching obsolescence theres still quite a few years life in it. Yet it did look at the s1000 that they came out with before the m600, before any matrices still being used still being used, and that was a great frame its still. I think you could still buy it actually from dji anyway. This is a 70 minute charging time five hour operating time, and this goes up against the rode wireless one. Do they call it o n e 1? The go to roads are always popular here because well theyre made here. You know so that the price is um reasonable here in australia. You know, unlike paying the down under attacks for everything else, but youve got to love dji. You know they want a finger in every pie. See now dji wants 3.99 yeah, but what you you, comparing apples – oranges, that is one mic. Why are they showing too much walnuts? The receiver want us to mic. Oh delish go up there, top left, yeah theres the wireless go to wireless microphone. Doesnt. The dji system have two yeah, so its 299 and i think there was was 329 right, yeah yeah 329.

. This is on adorama and i know look at look. The difference is is look at that the display on the unit. You can actually control everything there. Theres, a lot of stuff thats, more controllable on the dji mics than are on the road, and you can control it right. There whats the battery thats. All i care about anymore. Okay. Another thing, too, is: if you look at the dji unit, its got a portable charging unit where the road doesnt that batter that unit that right theres a portable charging unit, its a battery inside of batteries. You know what that is. Thats, just like these things here can i can i do this? Yes, i can. These are the earbuds for the sony right pop them out, and this is a three hour charging three times you can charge these earbuds up yeah. So the cool thing is like all those advantages come with the new dji system. You know, so you know what youre 30 less yeah, getting all those updated advantages. Somebody put out a video like i dont, know two three days ago, just like uh did you see thats what kai was talking about? Where were the review videos theres two videos out right now, potato jet has one, and i forget who had the other was it. I dont think i dont think it was potato jet that i watched, but it was somebody else and also did you see the uh, the air 2s comparative to the mavic 3, showing the field of view, difference and everything i was like because its like 84 for The mavic 3 88 for the air 2s – oh my god, the air 2s is probably the best bang for your buck drone on the market.

Right now you know unless youre, a professional professional. You know cinematographer or something like that. If i didnt have, you know mavic 2 pro and phantom 4 and all those id buy an n2s, i just cant cant justify it, but you know if anybody when people come to me and say im thinking of getting into drones. What do i start with? I always say air to s, air, to s thats it a mini. If you cant afford a mini 2, but otherwise air 2s. I saw that mini sc. I was talking to mike kenny on the phone the other day and we were trying to figure out what the hell drone it was. The mini s. E is 299 right. Now, yep Music, i dont know its been 2.99, oh well, it has. I thought they got a deal going on now from november 25th to january, 1st dji has uh Music, some kind of thats, not a bad drone. For somebody to start off with that, doesnt want to spend a ton of money. The only thing that puts space forever. You whats the 250 gram limit too. So europe is all over that. The only thing that puts me off you know i hated the mini one with uh with a passion. Ive got a mini two when its not out on loan. For that um yeah. You know the thing is: i live. I live in a very high rf, polluted area and i work in a lot of rf polluted areas.

You know and ive had trouble with the spark and the original air. You know that worries me. The mini 2 with the ocusync thats, what allow it gives me the confidence to use it and uh im, pretty sure that the mini se has got enhanced wi fi its on an oculus rift, so yeah its wi fi. This is what i dont understand. Ari you see this: where is this this antenna here yeah? Can you can you see that yep i dont know if people cant see it all right, but anyway, the point of is that this runs off. Of this is a rtk, real time kinematics. That does you know your exact position: longitude and latitude. This is 900 megahertz, the new one that dji has on lets say if you get the m300 rtk kit, its 2.4 and 5.8 gigahertz, well, that bounces off of reflective buildings, if you uh, if youre active, like, as you know, i mentioned before im looking at three Drones and ive researched them all and the phantom 4 rtk is amongst them because the company i do most of my work for is a geotechnical company. But if you do your research, a lot of people are ditching rtk and going to ppk. For exactly that reason. Uh, jim because theyre losing connection with the ground station and you know it and it takes a long time to re, establish it, and that makes the whole flight all the data, absolutely useless yeah.

So a lot of people are using ppk. You know which is post production kinesis and you know theyll fly the whole thing and then uh merge the data afterwards, but it doesnt require a real time connection to the base station. So jay mccauley, who is uh hes, been on here? He was at the florida drone meet hes a high end, photographer him and his wife um. He just got approval letter to fly in the bahamas. Now that is cool yeah. How do you even get some amazing shots? There? Do you who do you contact in the behavior? I bet you, it was quite a run around you know. Last year, a bit over a year ago, when i flew up on the barrier reef, i had to get uh permission from three separate marine parks and the state government and the local council, which you know in all fairness. I got but it took a while um, but you know the same im sure imagine that flying on the reef would be very similar to flying in the bahamas. You know a little bit nervous 50 miles 51 miles out the scene nautical miles out to see flying around coral atolls, but by god it was fun what you got there in that link bill, uh thats, the um, the two microphone comparisons. Oh okay! Where is okay? Trying to bring it up on here because you didnt bring it up like you brought up the other one.

Okay, oh, can we play stuart and elenas video uh? I have no earthly clue, but i was just letting you see what the hell i was talking about. Yeah, you know what im gon na play it and because i dont think theres any music in it. You know youre going to play it. You havent had a copyright strike this week, its not even about the music. Some people will copyright you just for using their video, this guy. What is his he does filmmaking, but what is their gig? I i just know that he compared the two and he was talking about the advantage. Theres a lot more advantages to the to the simply because its newer, his regular show is something else wasnt he the one that did the video on, why everybody hates the mavic 3. No, that was uh. What was his name heir or something were going to dig deep tons of detail no time to waste so lets get stuck in. He has his own. How to film channel on youtube shadow here pleasure to talk to you, as always, as you can see, im recording on the road wireless pro 2 and the new dji microphone? These are the transmitters and both of them record internally, backup tracks, if you like or just can be used as external sound recorders. Without the receiver system, we have omnidirectional microphones in both of them and internal memory and internal battery so were using them in this field.

Recorder state im not taking it through a camera pre, so were hearing both because hes hes, pointing at the dji and the road in the back and im, not hearing a difference jam for a sound recorder or through a phone or anything like that. We just want a clear comparison of the two systems here without anything muddying the waters and to jump ahead, both of them sound, absolutely fantastic, so in terms of audio quality, youre going to be very happy with either of these systems. This video is broken into three sections in the first section were going to look at some features that are unique to the dji system. It is a newer product and, as a consequence, theres some functionality in there that the road wireless go to simply doesnt have so we cant really compare it in the second section were going to make a comparison of all the things that can be compared and in The third section were going to look at some tests to see how these microphones perform in different scenarios. There are how how much do we care? Not? He just explains to you like the the battery pack, where you can charge on the go where you wont have to worry about the mics going down on you. You know like that and hes talking about the control panel, like you actually have on the receiver, the dji unit, where you can change things right there you have to plug in a usb port or anything like that.

I saw that usbc that slides right out accessible like theyre theyre um, the things that you you would have to plug in and change on the road. You could just change on the dji but like he says its simply because its newer and its things that people were asking for on the road so dji threw it into theirs real fast right, so the dji was 329 at 299 for the go to the road Wireless storage, 30 difference and you know not a big difference in pricing. As i say, i really dont care as long as like uh, who is that? Was it chuck saying uh if theyd be 18 650s, you could just pop one in that would be cool if you could do that, i dont want to be tied to djis battery system. Anymore. 18650 is a big ass battery. Oh thats, like a double a size. No bit bigger than that two or two of those are effectively a mavic mini battery. I had uh for the inspire lights. The searchlights used two of those 18650s yeah because yeah they are quite a bit bigger than the double a battery yeah. These are the ones i use in my vape and those are about the size of the ones that are in the mavic mini theres, two of those in the battery pack yeah tv, your messenger again, please granted its not the same exact battery but theyre the same Size and everything yeah thats, all im, saying im, not saying its an actual double a.

What are you wanting to listen to contemporary, just trailer commentary? Oh you want to laugh. Okay, okay, jim saw the laugh from hell last week that was hilarious, wasnt it yeah. Let me see if i could keep erins modification of my logo. If you didnt see it check out bills, drone therapy that the last one uh ken herron took it apart, like it was a cat scan. You know when they take slices of something Laughter. He reconstructed is this john. You wanted me to play this hobson. One lets see this comes out by saying its hobson see no staying taller enjoy the world open your eyes. Everyone can become a great photographer, go outside yearning for the sun, learn and pursue the distance. Then the world can be wired, go outside yearning for your drone to come back. Xeno2 branding generation, xeno whats this its a very old film, its at least a couple of years old yeah, its 2019. thats, the goonie bird, but its like, like you, said, though its its so its like. They spent a lot of money to have the. What is it you know? I remember how the the cable commercials, when you could tell it, was somebody made by your local people, come on, come on down to bobs and buy a car today. How much you want to bet all that footage was shot with the dji drone. It wasnt even their own drone, im sure, because you remember how much how many uh firmware updates they had to go through.

Who was doing that? Was it marcus, idaho, quadcopter that he was doing the video and all uh it took off up the ground? It started doing this and then flew off my positive. It was him, but its so its so funny that a native english speaker was saying that i thought he was american all right ill. Take my lumps in a minute, go for it, and here we have our long lost body how you doing mitch, hey guys how you doing holy, i got ta go, buy a lottery ticket ill, be right, back, hey bill! I was just talking to him about you. Like yesterday, yep yeah, my ears were burning. He asked me yesterday, man, i miss you ah well. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah its uh, its been a very strange recovery from that surgery that i had and um it looks like you. Didnt have anything done at all. Well, thats this side yeah its uh its a little bumpy because they did cut a piece of my skull out and remember the stitch work. Yeah put it back in, but it you know healed up pretty good. But the most important thing is that my my brain as scary as that son of a is, is uh working correctly, these days um and it took a and it took its been coming. You know kind of like this for a good three months. I had the surgery on the 19th of august so its three months and and if we run through originally, they did not catch that he had a brain bleed going on uh, correct, correct.

You went back on your own a week later and said somethings not right. No, i was actually it was actually um. Actually, the 30th of june, when i i kind of banged my head at the health at the health, spa right and now and uh ive, told the story but ill tell it real quick. You know i worked out pretty hard that day and then uh to make matters worse. I went and sat in this the hot sauna too long, and you ever know when you over exert yourself uh, you start to feel a little lightheaded, so i went back to my locker, i laid down on the bench and i figured well. Let me lay here until until that lightheadedness goes away, and i thought i was okay and i remember starting to saying i can stand up and thats the last thing i remember until i woke up in the emergency room and evidently what happened was i passed out? Whacked my head on something: probably the bench on the way down and they did a cat scan and i had a little subarachnoid hemorrhage. They called it and they put me in the hospital overnight and they released me the next morning, and i and you know they said well, it doesnt look serious enough. They were they first. It talked about sending me down to um the neurology department at holmes, regional, which is you know, the big neurology place and level.

One text trauma center, yeah yeah, but they didnt, but they didnt. So they they sent me home, and i thought i was i was doing fine but uh. My my balance and my equilibrium was just way to hell off and the doctor said. Well, you know that thats, probably your inner ear and what happens when you have a shock like that, if theres any uh, its, not foreign objects but uh little pieces of of cellular material get loose and they get into the fluid, and you end up with vertigo. So that started to get better and that started to get better and then all of a sudden that started to get worse again and then one day about almost two months later it was the 18th of august. So it was almost two months since the thing i was out shopping and i got aphasia which uh i couldnt talk like somebody that has a stroke. I had all the symptoms of a stroke i couldnt and that lasted about two three minutes and then my speech came back correctly and that kind of scared me. So i drove home and i was fine to drive and everything i drove home and i called my i called my son and i told him what happened and while i was on the phone with my son, i had another episode of this aphasia. It scared the out of him. He jumped in his car came over here.

Grabbed me and uh took me to the emergency room of a hospital where hes on the board of directors figure get good service, because no the what melbourne, regional and rockledge region. What used to be wu stuff right? So we go, we go in there and uh. When i get in there im fine im, balanced, im, walking, you know no problem. I was having some problem with the numbness on, on my right hand and right foot. So its still like a stroke – and i learned real quick – that if you ever go to the emergency room, just say stroke and they drop everything and everybody else and they they rush to your side which, because theres a time limit on yeah medications yeah. So i didnt have, i hadnt had a stroke, but the symptoms were the same because it was putting what ended up subdue pressure. I had a subdural hematoma, which was almost two two centimeters tall and spread over the whole side of my brain on the left side. So they took a cat scan of me at my sons, hospital and uh next thing. I know they got me on a friggin helicopter to go to holmes. Regional man tell them. Why did you get a helicopter ride? Mitch, yeah ill tell you, so they got me in the helicopter and get over to holmes regional right into icu and uh another bunch of tests and they decided. I had a subdural, hematoma and surgeon came in and gave me my options, and the best option, of course, was to they do a craniotomy where they cut out a chunk of your skull.

And then they clean everything up, put a drain in and then put your skull back the piece of your skull back in and evidently they cut it like a pumpkin yep. So so it fits right back in where they cut it out of, and next next day i was was starting to improve, but the symptoms i found out do last can last for weeks after surgery, because your brain still has to take time to expand back into All that space, that that is there so about five days after i got home from the hospital i started to have more uh of these aphasia attacks. So i called my son again and next thing. I know i got an ambulance here and they took me back to the hospital and i i spent another um two days, two or three days in the hospital they they did a every test known to man on me. They did an mri, they did two more cat scans, they did a cat scan of my carotid arteries, they did an eeg, they did everything and all that stuff came out. Fine and uh. Evidently i was fine and that that was uh about three months ago and over the last three months, some of these symptoms have been coming and gone. I have flown a couple times, but i really didnt enjoy the flying. I i didnt feel the confidence that i normally do when i fly and imagining at mitchell.

Are you even now very carefully choosing your words as you speak? No, no. My speech is back to the normal rambling that its always been yeah. I i thought you were actually more precise than usual, so there you go well, maybe the last couple times i was on youtube. I was still suffering from it, but but i i havent i havent had any any uh speech problems uh for a couple of months. Now but i still have had a little bit of a little bit of dizziness, you know mild, very mild not enough to fall down or anything but but mild and and uh i think, were fi im. Finally, over that i the other day, you know i have this thing i hang upside down on for my back, oh yeah yeah. I didnt i didnt, dare do that because i was worried that i wouldnt be able to get off of it, but i did it. Uh yesterday and didnt feel any dizziness or anything i could move my head any, which way. So i think that im 99 percent recovered from that hes going back to the hospital and telling him you know, theres something wrong somewhere between the seventh and the ninth jack daniels im, starting to get dizzy. Yes, a little dizzy. I did learn one valuable lesson and that is that uh trying to exercise and get healthy can be really dangerous, could kill you, it can kill you yeah exercise is good for you, thats all just crochet yep, you know stay in business, i mean yeah, you walk.

You walk run into a buddy at grocery, store, broken arm, broken leg. You ask them what you do. I was playing football volleyball. Whatever kind of sports fell off my bike yeah my ass yeah, so no more gym, no more jimmy, no yeah, no more gym for, for me, im done with the gym, i think and thats a great way to find out if youre going to have a heart Attack go. Do some cardio exercises yeah i right now. I i i try to walk every morning. I need to do something i need to do something to get some high intensity. I need to do some uh muscle training. You know uh somewhere um im telling you im telling you you need to enroll in the fitness protection program: okay, either that mitch or take up womanizing between the other women and worrying about your wife. Finding out youll have an elevated heart rate all the time. Well, the good news is, i dont have a wife, so i dont know sorry: there you go youve got our approval, go for it, buddy, oh yeah! So tonight you know jim. You know for the past month, ive been thinking. Well, let me get on with with the guys tonight, because i do miss everybody. I really miss miss this and miss all the guys, and i just havent had the desire uh to fool with the with the drones and then what happens. Im im going for what three months and ive been.

I had a couple of live streams, but maybe three months and everythings changed everything has changed. Everything is now we got mavic 3s. We got dji making cameras, we got. I cant keep up with this and i certainly cant keep buying all this crap and their new. The new microphone system, because i know you bought the rode wireless, go one right. No, i actually, i actually got uh well, i cant even remember the name of it now, but i got one to to um to review. Uh, a nice little a nice little wireless, a nice little wireless. In fact i got i got two of them: uh theyre, uh, comicas yeah, oh thats, right but yeah. I remember when you did the review yeah. This one is, is a uh uh theres, the other half of it, the mic. It comes with two mics and a receiver, and this one is not digital. This is an analog one, so theres absolutely no delay uh on it with those with the roads at the road and and im. I imagine that the dji one is digital as well. Yeah you get a like a cell phone, you get a little bit of delay and, if youre wearing headphones through a mixer to monitor the thing, then that delay in your headphones makes them unusable. For me now, im sure theres some way around that or some adjustment in the mixer you can make. But when i do the wireless thing i use these analog ones and they they work great.

Can i ask a dumb question because this is the group who would know i heard its your show. I have the yeti microphone and its got a plug in, for i could plug this headset into it. Why would i do that? I have never seen a yeti in person, so i could, but i mean, like justins, got that microphone there. I know ari, you got a mic dont, you yeah mate, its um, a razor but its basically a knock off of the of the yeti, and i ive got the same socket and i have no idea why you would use it. Ive never used it. I mean you dont, want to hear yourself right. Mine doesnt have that i have to use a splitter. You do want to get a little feed, but you do want a little feedback of your voice in your headphones. Ive always found that that makes it more natural, because when you talk a little bit when you talk a certain amount of your voice does get back into your ears, whereas if you put in some uh ear plugs and try to talk, it just sounds really funny. So you know, i think, thats more for studio too, like if youre singing, i know that they like to hear their voice now, even on the telephone, justin theres theres about 12 percent side tone as they call it speaking as an x com, stick side tone yeah, Thats what its called when you, when you can hear yourself very, very faintly when youre speaking its called side tone im just talking about that christmas meetup thing.

Was that a joke, or was he no no thats for uh kai at lone star? He wanted uh saying that uh kelly shores was hoping that youd have a uh december, meet up and now weve weve done one here this month we had one guy show up for that. I wasnt here so it falls apart. If youre not there right. Are you the ringleader, apparently so yeah everybody flies his drones well, thats. What theyre going to claim when, when the hits, i dont have a problem with them, flying the drones its just when chris starts to kick and punt kick my freaking controller across the field again thats. When i you know, oh the wire got caught on his leg. Didnt it on his shoe yeah, the lane yard got hooked up on his shield next thing. You know my controller has gone flying across the field. Yeah any damage dji, finally got rid of that dislike button finally says just dislike: it. Doesnt have a number yeah. I knew they were going to do that, but i hadnt noticed that yeah weve got to be politically correct. Well, the thing is so funny man, you cant, hurt anybodys feelings right, yeah were also were also such pedals. We couldnt stand it if somebody disliked us but wait wait. The cool thing is, is, if you do dislike the video and you go back and look at it, you get to see the dislike thumb all lit up, so it will be disliked for you in the video.

Oh really, let me let me let me, try it and see whats going on, so you can. You can have some posters, oh yeah, it does. It does yeah satisfaction out of being an yeah exactly so yeah, and not only that you know what you get. The personal gratification for giving the thumbs down, but you dont harm their ego, thats kind of true the person. The thing, though, is it could still harm their ego. If 200 people do a dislike because they can still see it in the studio. Yes, they can see it and they say you can go in on on your channel on that. Yeah on your own video youll see it just other people wont see the number, because you know youd always get one. You know what i mean. Oh i got. There was times i got 10 of them. You could always turn it off. So i dont see what the big deal was. If it bothered you, you could always turn it off on your videos anyway, thats. What i started doing just saying who i dont need to see, i dont need the likes. I dont need the dislikes. I dont know about you guys, but i always felt that if i didnt get at least one dislike, i wasnt trying hard enough. You know i wasnt edgy enough. I didnt offend somebody yeah and yeah. You have to do it because everybodys a baby. Now with this political walk, crap come on guys tomorrow night, the faa is seriously going to rewrite every every, not just from now forward non gender.

Specific every document to be gender neutral and its not unmanned aircraft anymore, its uncrewed yep aerials – i dont care. It is not a personal access cover its a manhole when they take me to the hospital im not going to say i fell down the personnel access cover and broke my legs. It was a manhole you, i went to the doctors office today and you know i still got the arm blood thing on im, not even lying theres, a uh who i was talking to mel koch on the on the phone and um Music, the the doctor had A note on the door said everybody who enters this office must be wearing a mask, so i went in told them listen ill, be out in the hall when youre ready for me come get me because uh, you know, i dont wear masks and they said. Okay, you know, because everybody was sitting there where, when i went to the bank yesterday mitch because i got hit for crypto, somebody stole my credit card um. The tellers are behind bulletproof glass and its only them the two of them theyre wearing masks, and then the two of the people behind me are wearing masks im the only one without a mask im like what is with you people. I thought the stupidity had gotten over with already well just looking at all all new stupidity now with this. What is it omicron another area, yeah, yeah and theyre, going to keep coming up with these things until nobody dares venture out without a mask unless they get arrested its a paper mask dude, its, not filthy, yeah anything.

Did you see what i had to get disney world back down because they were afraid of desantis finding them? Well, i got a phone call. I got a phone call from my sons school now that they finished school for the year uh last friday, but i got a phone call from the school to tell me. Okay, i told you youre off, he was censored. I was, i was about to say he got through about the school. The school board could hit him. That was australian authorities. Hitting them see were all good were. All most of us are in florida and texas, so were good hows it going over in texas. You still got people wearing masks on that yeah theres, still theres always going to be some idiots yeah and the stores here, jim ive, noticed in the grocery stores is where you see the most masks most places on the office. That says, masks must be worn when entering the office. Now my son has one of those full prosthetic latex masks that you put on you know with it with the makeup, and it looks like the real thing that looks like kim jong un. You guessed it. He wandered in there into the office, i said: hey, you said he has to wear a mask. He didnt specify what kind of music they got no sense of humor in our education system. What did they do? Well, they they said they sent him out, gave him a detention and called me.

He got the attention for that yeah, no, no sense of humor man thats, i dont know im just glad we have the the florida governor that we do because you know biden wanted to shut down the nation and, as it was uh like even my stepdaughter lost Her job, because when all those restaurants closed because you had to be six feet away from each other and all this crap, but anyway you want you want to talk about that stupid. I was in germany and i was at a an outdoor cafe: okay right outdoor yeah outdoor, they have to table slowly like 10 feet. Apart from each other, okay standing room, you couldnt, even see it was just standing tables. You still have to get out. Your phone was a special app and check into this place. You still had a wear mask. It was just absolute insanity. Like people say, oh well, you know they wear them in china. I got news for you. The air pollution in china is so bad. Theyve been wearing masks for 20 years yeah. The japanese are the big ones and they have been for years today, right, china and japan. Theyve been doing it forever, thats normal to them, but here because thats actual soot particles, like i dont know, if i, if i lived in california, the way i see al taking his shots and hes got a lot of uh sunlight up at the top man. You know i, when i get the humidity screwing up my my camera picture, but the the smog out in california, man thats real.

I mean how do you survive if youve got allergies or what is that um respiratory yeah when you have to take the uh like asthma, asthma? Thank you, yeah. Oh yeah ive seen some of the videos of the cities in chinas ooh man. Some of them are just really bad. Well, let me let me ask you a question. I got ta get off here because i got ta. Get me something for dinner. I know you just did your own uh uh live chat, so youve been on for a while. Yeah yeah its time for me to grab by take care. Thank you take care. I appreciate you coming on buddy. I appreciate you having me ill, see you later all right. Thank you! So much so any of you guys got a mavic 3 hello, its. Not only you got one, what do you think you know ive, i see, i see the videos on youtube and theres a lot of videos saying dont buy it dont buy it dont buy. Why is it just like any new drone that comes out? The firmware is not ready or theres some problems, whats the deal, the the first of all. Let me talk about something theres, a smart controller that everybody has been taught to buy. Okay and now they have this new pro smart controller Applause, and you got ta echo your audio, damn hi, ed, hey mitch, how you doing buddy so theyve been all been bitching about whats the big deal about the smart controller i have now and the new enterprise Smart controller and if you look at that, well, no actually theyre theyre very much compatible.

The only thing is with this occusync 3 plus. If you look at your dbms on all your dji drones, i think the other ones were 27, and now this occu sync 3 is actually 30 dbm thats, just power output right. The difference between you know. As i said before, i first trained as a telecommunications technician. I was a director of the wireless institute of australia, i sort of radio commons, my bit, you know occasion toxic, two, two plus three, three plus theyre all radio signals. The only difference is how you modulate the data onto it, which is you know in digital communications. Its called encapsulation it basically and the way they make it more redundant, is its sent in broken up little pieces packets right with occasion, two three blah blah. What they do is each packet carries a little bit of the data that was in the previous packet and a little bit of the data thats in the next packet and thats, how they get their redundancy so that you can lose packets and still keep the communications. The other change is between occasion. Two and three is diversity: antennas; okay, instead of having one dedicated uh transmit one dedicated receive, they have two on each diagonally opposed so that when the drone orients itself theres less change, but there is no reason why the older, smart controller cannot support the mavic 3. Other than the fact that they want to sell you, the new one, the old controller, just doesnt, have the memory that the new one does correct, thats.

What thats? What i got! I dont know what the price is mitch, how much bill 1500 australian for the new one. Oh man! What is that about? A thousand u.s about 11 000 yeah yeah its 1100 here? Well, the drone itself, just just the drone by itself – is 2200. thats, not the cine one. No, its anyone is like five grand isnt it five thousand the thing about it is is this is the air 2s controller? This is the mini 2 controller that comes with the new drone yeah, so you dont even get this thats. My big is that the the hell it doesnt even match the new color scheme they didnt do anything. They could have done a little bit to kind of update it, but nope nothing and there are people out there who have bought sydney but also own an air 2s and theyre using that controller in preference. I dont know what, but they are another thing, and it is the other thing is yeah, but it could theyre saying it cant i, and only theres a lot of arguments. Theres been a lot of pissed off people with the smart controllers. Ill. Tell you that right now i got one for sale. I got. I got an og smart controller for saying Laughter, yeah the build through the original smart controller. You know i had one um and it was fine as long as i just took it out of the box, ran it with the go4 didnt.

Have it cash more than a couple of gigs just left it out was it was okay, but you know working as a commercial by the time i loaded lychee on it, and you know a few other apps. You know the damn thing crashed every five minutes. You go into the the logs and it was always the same thing out of memory error out of memory error. You know the the processor in that thing was three years old before they even released it, and it only had. I think, four gigs around bare minimum. You know the new one.