The drone looks like it comes in a carrying case. Well, thats very convenient. All right lets see lets all right. We have some directions, we have the controller and we have the drone. This thing is: very compact. Lets see well fold these out, okay, there we go take this off now that this is the protector for the camera. Have a battery theres one? It says 60 minutes of flight time, which is two 30 minute batteries. We will put that to the test. We have some extra props and a charging cable. I will start my review by saying: ive tested a lot of drones, many of them beginner drones and one of the features that those beginner drones at the entry level price point lack is gps ability to hover and stay in one spot ability to resist any type Of wind or breeze – and i will tell you after testing this particular drone – this has the gps which allows you to hover in one place and uh. It actually is pleasant to fly so much so that my three year old was able to fly this thing uh. You know we didnt, let him go too far with it, but uh. It does stay largely in one place and it sort of hovers like this, but it does a really nice job of staying in one place. So really like this. This has a leg up on many many other beginner drones because of the more premium features it has.

The controller is great because you can fly it with or without a smartphone, once you hook in a smartphone, they have an app which you can view the camera, which is pretty good um over a wi fi network that is housed inside of the drone. So you simply open up wi fi on your phone you hook to to the drone uh. Now that does not have internet connectivity once you do so, but it does give you really cool visuals of um. What is above, you uh, theres, also good range on this particular drone uh. I went up about 50 meters. It was a a very windy day and this thing really held its own up there, uh and also i i held it up in the air until the battery was about dead, at which time the low battery mode came on and it returned to home. It returned to within, like a foot and a half where it originally took off from which was really cool, which is a nice feature that you see in the higher end drones that you probably would recognize in the big box stores and on the websites. But a lot theres a lot to like about this drone and the setup is, is a little bit. You have to work through a little a few things as far as leveling it, which ill show you in the video uh, but once you get it up in the air, get it connected, get the wi fi set up.

This thing goes its its reliable, its steady and the battery life is very good. They say 30 minutes up to 30 minutes of flight time. On that windy day, where i was testing and flying all over the place, uh using 100 speed, theres 50 100. Its kind of like first and second gear um, i got 24 minutes of flight time in a windy environment where i was flying consistently. So really a lot to like about this drone, and i would say this is a great entry level drone uh, because it is so much easier to fly than those that lack gps and the ability to just hover in one place were going to get started here And im going to start by scanning this qr code on my phone to download the app to get going to start were going to install the battery just clips in, like that turn on the power of the drone. First and well do that by pressing the button on top of the drone and now well turn on this and were automatically synced up. Okay, heres, a cool way that they have this set up to determine the geomagnetic correction. First thing you want to do is youre going to hit this top right button, which is actually a camera button and hold it for five seconds until it starts beeping, uh or flashing quickly, beep and flashes quickly and youre going to do this. The first time out of the box and then what you do is you turn until it beeps and once it beeps, you tip it down with the camera toward the ground and do it this way until it beeps and thats it all right guys.