So what were going to do really quick is im going to show you all the cool flying in this super cool drone. Then im going to come back and give you a doug score from one to five. Let you know what i thought of it and then finally well come back to the past in the history and do the unboxing ill. Tell you about the details and the experience of it lets go see the rest of this cool video, Music, Music. Okay. This is a very strange review, because this is now called the franken drone. I dont know if you can see the tape and stuff on it. That would be because i crashed it being stupid, so you shouldnt do that tried to fly it under a bridge and lost communication. It tried to go up to 100 feet and there was a bridge between it and 100 feet and it came back down, and the point of that story is. This is definitely a five out of five drone, because i taped up those pieces replaced some blades, but it even has some crack parts on the back and it still flies perfectly. I mean this thing flies great. The controls are good. It still hovers perfectly the my one little complaint and ive had these before, with these top mounted um obstacle avoidance, lasers, theyre a little too sensitive for me like if i take off here, and you can see the trees in the background like if the tree is Like 20 feet 30 feet away, it wont go anywhere near it and its just too aggressive for me you know, but in any case all the other features work great.

The follow me work great, the droney shot, the classic dronie shot work great. It has a cool like spiral feature that worked well return to home is excellent as long as you arent under a bridge, but overall, i have to say i really really enjoy this drone. The gimbal is great all that kind of stuff. I will apologize in advance if any of the images are not so perfect because look what i did to my drone um, its, not the drones fault, its the drivers fault anyway. I hope this has been helpful. Lets go. Do that unboxing! Okay, you saw the flight. You saw the review. This is a modified unboxing because somehow the first half of the video got corrupted. So i am redoing. The first half were going to unbox it ill. Tell you a little bit about it and then well, go to the true pass and youll get to see the rest of the unboxing all right. So this is what it looks like when it comes. This obviously, is the 193 max 2s, which is just awesome image. Stabilization 4k, 3 axis gimbal obstacle avoidance, all that kind of stuff, ive actually reviewed a 193 max in the past, and this is definitely an improvement over that. This is the case that it comes with super nice case. A couple other key features. I wanted to tell you about before we go to the past. This is the remote control. I really love this remote control ergometrically its super comfortable.

For me, i love the way the phone fits in the top the way the antennas are here. The only complaint that i do have about this is you adjust the gimbal and the exposure with these little buttons back here, which for me, maybe because i have big hands or whatever i find them more difficult to use than the dials. I find the dials generally a little more comfortable and one other thing before we go to the past that i wanted to show you check out this massive 7.5 volt 5000 milliamp hour battery, which just great flight time with this it was awesome, comes with two in The particular kit that i got all right lets go to the real past and see the rest of the unboxing heres. What it looks like comes with a nice case for the 3 axis gimbal, which this 3 axis gimbal. Obviously it shoots in 4k, 3 axis gimbal, and it also has built in electronic image stabilization. So image should be rock solid. With this thing, and then the other thing im going to say about this, this may seem petty and silly, but this is like a cool light gray. So many of the drones are like that dark gray, so its nice that its like just a little different. I think thats awesome. I hope this was helpful. I think it might have been seeing as you watched it fly. You watch the review youre still here watching me unbox this.