TODAY, my Network hit 2 MiLLiON SUBSCRiBERS on YouTube! What a PERFECT, as well as Proper occasion FOR THiS ViDEO to Go down! The Final Occasion is the MUDDIEST BOG we could DISCOVER! These trucks are pitted against the crazy mud bog of ruin! Mud is flying, vehicles are being smoked, as well as the motorists are being supported on as they push their trucks to their death!

This mud bog is the last in a series of events that take place over a 2 day duration. These vehicles are beat down in that series. and also are already close to fatality. We simply do our task by aiding them on their means.


A special THANK YOU to all of the folks at the DISCOURTEOUS BOYZ RC CLUB involved at placing on an additional Top Vehicle Competitors and permitting RCSparks ahead down as well as catch the benefits for the world to see! We had an amazing time … and understand that the customers all over the world are influenced by what your club does!

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