The tt artisan 23 millimeter f 1.4 at only 99 us dollars its one of the lowest priced f, 1.4 camera lenses, ive ever tested and that focal length of 23 millimeter on the aps c cameras. The lens is designed for is incredibly useful. The downsides are that this is a fully manual lens manual focus and manual aperture, and its image circle only covers an aps c sensor: heres. What youll see, if you shoot on full frame the focal length is the full frame equivalent of 35 millimeter, so its a moderately wide field of view, but one which still gets you just a little nice emphasis on your subject. The lens comes in fuji x, sony e micro, four thirds, canon eos m and rf leica, l and nikon z, mount mirrorless cameras just about everything, thats mirrorless and it comes in black or black, with silver id like to thank tt artisan for sending one over to My test lab for todays video, but as usual, this is a totally independent review. Its trends will not be overemphasized nor its weaknesses ignored lets start by looking at build quality, considering the lenses by temperature, its actually very small, and only weighs a little over 200 grams. But its made of metal, so it does feel really solid at the rear, is the manual focus ring? It turns extremely smoothly with just about enough precision to make manual focusing achievable without too much of an issue. The lens displays some clear focus.

Breathing, as you can see here, zooming in noticeably as you focus more closely just above the focus ring lies the aperture control ring. Strangely, it has a very thin serrated grip, which feels uncomfortable to use. The aperture stops are not spaced out evenly, but it does have slight clicks to it to help you feel where you are when shooting with a camera, which is one nice thing, a slightly odd design. Overall, though, the lens comes with lens caps, but no hood its filter thread size is a very small 43 millimeters wide overall for a very low budget manual focus optic. The lens feels pretty solid and for those with the patience to manually focus itll work, just fine that aperture ring is a little awkward to use, though, lets move on and take a look at image quality. Then im testing it here on a sony a5100 with its 24 megapixel aps c sensor straight from f 1.4 picture quality in the middle of the image is fairly sharp. Contrast is ok, but we do see purple fringing on contrasting edges, im going to do something unusual here and show you the mid section, which is looking particularly soft. As we look further into the corners, though, the image quality takes us on a bit of a roller coaster, ride going sharp again to soft again right in the very edges. It didnt seem to be an issue of a warped plane of focus. In this case, i did test for that.

The sharpness is just pretty up and down as you look away from the middle, which isnt particularly desirable at f2, there is more brightness sharpness and contrast in the corners. Midsection still looks weak as you can see, but now the middle looks absolutely fantastic. Stop down to f 2.8 and the middle is the same. The mid section well a little better and the corners just a little better again, except for the very edges, stop down to f4 and the mid section and the corners become much sharper. And there are further improvements at f, 5.6, f, 8 and f 11. wow. Well, those sure were some interesting results. So when it comes to image sharpness, the lens is capable of good results, but only when you have the subject in the right place and when you stop down a bit, so your results might be a bit hit and miss here. Okay lets look at distortion and vignetting now the lens project moderate barrel distortion and the corners are quite dark at f 1.4 at f2, they brighten up a bit and at f 2.8. They look bright enough now lets see about close up image quality. The lens can focus down to 20 centimeters close enough for pictures of smaller subjects when shooting at f 1.4. The contrast bottoms out of your close up pictures stop down to f2 to see contrast, return and at f 2.8. We see excellent sharpness too. So if youre, shooting close up stop down lets see how the lens works against bright light.

We see a little flaring in the main part of the image in response to bright light, but im also clogging a bright halo around the light source itself and a flash of glaring when a bright light is on the edge of the image. So its not a good show here, really and while were working in the dark lets, take a look at the level of this lenses coma, as you can see at f 1.4. Coma. Smoothing is a serious issue here, however, stop down to f2 and its considerably tamed and at f 2.8. Its gone now lets see about this lenss bokeh, its actually fantastically nice and smooth the outer focus backgrounds in my images, always looked absolutely beautiful. With this lens and finally related tobacco comes longitudinal, chromatic aberration at f 1.4. It is there, although its hard to see because of the soft close up image quality at f2. Any colorful highlighting that was there is now reduced at f 2.8, its pretty much gone overall. Well, its an f 1.4 lens that costs under 100. There are going to be optical compromises. The technical image quality of this lens is not great. Those looking for critical sharpness and magical contrast should look elsewhere, but for the money youre paying still its able to get some pretty nice looking images as long as you dont want to blow them up too big to see fine details for the money youre paying here. Its quality is acceptable.

I hope you found this review helpful. I really enjoy putting them together and i know theyre useful to so many people.