I was on a dumpling diet when i first got to new york. This stuff is so cheap bought a bag of these frozen ones from a dumpling shop in manhattan, my favorite dumpling shop in manhattan. It was only like 10 for about 50., like 20 cents, a dumpling anyway. I needed to eat a little bit of something from my drive to the city, i’m, so hungry right now and since i’ve been back to new york. Like, obviously, i want to go film more videos in new york, but this whole region around new york, the east coast, are so many great food places. So i also want to kind of venture out a little more to different cities. Go on some food day, trips. That’S, what i’m going to do today and the food i’m about to eat today, i’ve been thinking about ever since i moved to new york and before we head out. I just want to give a big shout out to fetch rewards for sponsoring this video i’ve been talking about fish for a while. Now, if you guys don’t know what fetch is it’s an app that basically gives you free rewards for scanning your everyday receipts. You know the stuff usually toss away, that can now be free food or whatever else you want, so basically how it works is that they have thousands of participating products from diapers to cereal bunch of stuff. You use every single day and all you got ta do is that every time you go shopping, take the receipt scan it process takes seconds, and when you get enough points you can redeem it for rewards like amazon gift cards or burger king gift cards or other Stuff you can eat.

The app is really easy to use. It’S simple to sign up here. You can see the receipt just scan it with the app there. You go that’s all it takes. You get your points and when you have enough, go to the rewards section and can redeem it for all sorts of cool stuff and it’s, not just grocery stores, you can scan your receipts from restaurants, pet stores, basically anywhere or you just want to do. Some online shopping, you can utilize their e receipt feature and just earn rewards by shopping online. So if you want to give this a try, use my link down below download the app and use my promo called my keychain and for a limited time, you’ll get 4 000 points when you scan your first receipt. Alright, i’m gon na eat up watch an episode of food wars. I made the mistake of watching this show on the airplane. Once got some weird look from the flight attendants. If you know you know, i don’t know why love breaking icicles. I have to get something really quick. I have to stop by and get my cookie fix, levine’s bakery their cookies ginormous and amazing crispy outside gooey inside oh yeah. I miss these, oh by the way today we’re going to connecticut for pizza. Now, if you’re wondering like why connecticut for pizza i’ve always wanted to go there because connecticut is actually famous for their white clam pies i’ve been hearing about it for like well.

Ever since i came to new york but never made a trek out there, gon na do that today, all right first time here in new haven connecticut – and this is frank – is it i’ll get that right? But this is the most famous iconic piece of place here in new haven, and this place has been around for almost a hundred years: frank pepe’s and apparently they serve neopolitan pizza and they’re, really famous for the white clam pizza. Again, i’ve been hearing that for as long as i lived in new york and never been here before let’s try now i got two pizzas one is the white clam. One is the margarita and i took it outside because it’s a full house in the restaurant. I really don’t feel like i want to sit in there. So then do a little on the hood, dining let’s open this up. There’S, the margarita fresh basil, crushed tomatoes should be buffalo mozzarella because that’s requiring a neapolitan pizza, beautiful, charred crust on the bottom it’s kind of weird the way they chop it. It’S kind of irregular shaped slices, but this looks tremendous i’ve had pizza in such a long time ever since my favorite pizza place in new york city turn out to be kind of racist that’s, a good margarita juicy tomatoes, creamy cheese it’s got that awesome char, which Creates just a tiny hint of bitterness. I think the tomatoes are a little more sour and tangy than i would have liked.

I would like it a little more sweet other than that awesome all right now for the ultimate clam pie, big old chunks of clam on the pizza. Well, it looks like italian seasoning and again the slices are kind of irregular, but this thing looks like it just loaded with clams. Well, a dozen years in the making white clam pie from connecticut. I love this so much so much it’s a valentine’s day kind of love. With this thing i would buy roses and take it out to dinner god. I love this wow. It has things i really like it’s loaded with garlic loaded with clams loaded with, i think, it’s, oregano and other italian spices. Each bite is garlicky it’s, buttery, it’s, cheesy it’s got that great seafood flavor from the clams like a thin neopolitan crust. That is awesome. Oh, my gosh, i i feel like clam, is gon na, be my like go to pizza for at least the next several months, while i get over this craving i’m gon na be craving this for a long long time. Oh, that is good. Oh, i need another slice i’m, just going to try one of the clams on its own nice, mild flavor. They didn’t really season the clams much and just kind of kept its own unique brininess. This whole thing works so well. This is like poseidon’s pizza, loaded with seafood and fit for a king. I love that bit of brininess and also the tad sweetness that comes with the clams.

I mean it’s, very seafoody. So if you don’t like shape, you don’t, like clams, may not like this, but i love it. I love it. Oh this is so good. Next stop. I heard the place that i invented. The burger is here in new haven, so pizza in a burger let’s. Do this louie lunch? Apparently this place has been around for 130 years and apparently they created a burger, so let’s go see what the original burger looks like. So here the menu is just hamburger or cheeseburger with tomatoes and onions or potatoes, salad and chips. Oh, they got pie. Apparently this place they’re reading the little history here in 1900. Somebody came in here and asked for a meal like just something quick. So they took two pieces of bread and put a burger patty in the middle, and that was the first hamburger. Still have the original ovens from 1895 still cooking, these burgers and first glance they are juicy here’s why i think it’s interesting flavor, wise it’s, very basic. I think just some salt and pepper on there and that’s it. Oh potato, salad, so good, you kind of got ta, get used to the fact that it’s on toast and not a bun. The patty, though that’s a good patty. I could use a bit more salt and pepper on there, but what’s kind of shining through about this patty is first of all it’s. Incredibly juicy i mean you saw that beef waterfall flow down right, also quality of beef, that you is really really good, really fundamentally different than any burger i’ve had before, not just because of the of the different buns it’s, a very tasty color, a very basic burger, But again, meat quality is fantastic beautifully juicy.

It does taste like old fashioned, focused on the meat kind of burger, no frills, no pickles, no mayo. Also. What i like about this that’s a thick patio it’s, definitely something that, if you’re just expecting like a pack full of different ingredients, kind of burger, this won’t be your thing. This is just very simple: old fashioned tastes like a 100 year old burger. My second one potato salad, exceptional also, i got some blueberry pie because any restaurant i go to that tells me they make their own pie. I got ta get some. I think the best words i could use to describe all the food here there’s that it’s hauntingly delicious most likely, because this place is probably haunted. I mean 130 years old if i died, i’d be hunting, some burger place somewhere so i’m sure this place attracted some things, but what an awesome experience seriously like i love history. I love food and love like historical food, just seeing the ovens and tasting that that’s an experience, so apparently this little building here they they built in 19 around the 1910s or something each break, is from different parts of the world. This is like a little piece of history. I love places like this. I think the food is something that’s different, even though it’s a burger it’s, definitely a different type of burger. I, like this whole thing, that’s a nice experience. I don’t think i filmed a food video around this neighborhood before, but this is also a really diverse neighborhood in queens.

This place right here, ob cure seafood. I hear that’s amazing as this first time yeah the bronzing and blackening chicken grill, okay, it’s very good. I hear ya let’s: do it let’s? Try the shrimp, grill garlic, sauce yeah like three each? That sounds good, all right, i’m, afraid you want some calamari. No, i want to add this octopus or two one leg. I think we’re good for side dishes. We have eggplant rice, salad, honey. They just brought the bread out. This is gon na, be a good meal. Look at that homemade pita bread. This thing looks like it should have a string on the bottom, because it looks like one of those balloons. It should be floating in the air, then they give you the bread and some eggplant. So you put the eggplant inside the pita must come get this warm toasty, pita bread with some chilled eggplant and sweet and sour tomatoes, and this is even before all the seafood gets here already living this place. I need a second order, this bread, this warms my heart. How wonderful is this if you come here, 100 ask for eggplant as a side dish you’ll. Thank me later, oh i’ve been into a chili that really spicy too oh that’s, nice, not nice burn. Jumbo shrimp is here, look at this covered in olive oil and spices herbs, garlic, oh, that has so much garlic. How beautiful is that color golden, like the sunset with little pieces of char from the grill? Another game is starting to get interesting clash of citrus taste, the cumin and garlic and again the beautiful char octopus.

I made a mistake. I hate making food mistakes. I hate food regret when he asked me how many legs i want in octopus. I said one. Why did i say that the answer is always like how many legs does the octopus have i’ll take them all? Oh that’s, so good a little bitterness from the grill and the legs are so tender. That part has some little crunchy parts too. Oh that’s, so good now, i’m going to dip my bread in that plate that plate is dry, not letting go. That way only way to deal with that leftover, spices and olive oil. Oh, this fish smells good. I just smell cumin and chilies, and oh my gosh. So much flavor come out of this all right, so they suggested open it from the stomach and and flip it that sliced like nothing and then open it up. Oh there’s stuff inside – oh, oh, that is beautiful, there’s tomatoes and onions inside of this fish and look at this delicate, flaky meat, that’s incredible. That is incredible. Flavors tips steeped through all the way to the meat i’m gon na try some fish with the tomatoes that was steeped inside the fish: oh that’s good me so mild and flaky and ginger. It doesn’t get bombarded with all the seasoning from the outside the skin. But you can definitely taste all that flavor wow, all the spice, just doesn’t cover up the grape natural flavor of the fish fantastic seafood place.

You guys got to come. Try this. It was awesome yeah that was good fish man. I appreciate that you guys do good stuff. Thank you. What should i try next time, jerry, uh huh? Oh, that sounds good, so you have to try it all right next time, i’ll be back thanks, appreciate it all right. I saw this cart from across the street. This looks crazy, lamb, chops, limb, kebabs. I would love a lamb chop because this place looks like oh. This looks good, oh they’re, using real charcoal to cook this stuff. All right, i got three pieces of lamb. Oh, that looks so good boy, oh shoot you you pretty much got ta slurp the juice. Let me bite you into this. Oh a huge difference when you barbecue this with charcoal and as i’m eating this i’m looking across the street – and i see this like homemade baklava, store i’m gon na finish this and give me some dessert. This is the place i’m talking about. I just saw this glowing like a spotlight: oh yeah. Oh this looks good. This looks like one of those stores i used to go to in uh, egypt or istanbul. Oh, this looks so. Oh my gosh. Oh, this is amazing. You came all the way from brooklyn for this next level. Oh my gosh, okay. I’M! So glad you told me it would be a show. It’S called strictly dumpling okay. So this is a chana cheese and noodles on top crispy noodles on top with pistachio, oh that’s, magical they’re, so good.

Thank you kind, stranger that i rented at the store for telling me not to bite sound, oh that’s, so good. That thing is so buttery sweet and the crunchy noodles in them. Oh scrumptious shoes. I don’t care what kind of bad mood you’re in one bite of that you’re gon na have a smile on your face like cheesy crunchy, so incredibly, heartwarmingly sweet. This stuff really goes well with cheap i’m gon na take this home because um a little tea in that that just be pure magic, god that’s good. I feel like that dessert for some reason kind of opened up my appetite again: i’m, like feeling hungry all the time. Let me know what’s happening it’s, so good that my hunger has come back. That ever happened like see someone so perfect. You fall right back in love again like right after a huge heartache, same thing with that that thing is so good, so tasty so delicious. You could be full one bite. It makes you hungry again home with a nice pot of tea. I can give this dessert. The attention and the companion it rightfully deserves this dessert is already amazingly good, prepared with some tea it becomes transformative. Food, just like life is always better when you find a good companion, so it’s a lot of fun i’ve been trying to go to different cities around new york. So i went to philly connecticut i’m, actually going to visit lancaster pennsylvania and some amish markets and there’s supposed to be this incredible.

Amish buffet as well i’m going to visit boston chinatown a place i haven’t been in years. I mean it’s great to go to different countries and places far away from here, but it is also nice to be able to just kind of visit around the local region and finding all these incredible gems like like this dessert place. Please do yourselves a favor and go get yourself. One of these. This will probably one of the best dessert items you’ll ever put in your mouth ever it’s kind of funny i wasn’t gon na go to a story. I just kind of came back from connecticut and i was driving through it and i was like oh wait. There’S a good seafood place. I wanted to go to the next thing. You know i went to the good barbecue car found this dessert place. There’S still so much to discover not only in this region but also in the city as well. So while i’m here we’ll go, do some food exploring and as always guys.