Having eaten is about 2 30 pm, no food today been trying to get my texas driver’s license, which not the easiest thing. The next available date at the dmv is like three months from now, and you need so many documents anyway. Finally, getting around to fooso figured i’d reward myself with some texas barbecue, and this is the downtown dallas area. This is where all the barbecue spots are, and today i am going to the number one most recommended barbecue place in dallas pecan lodge there’s cookies, there’s popsicles, there’s tacos, and here it is well my day of misfortune continues. Of course i came here. I wanted a beef rib, which is you know the cadillac. The rolls royce the halle berry of barbecue meat, of course sold out. They still help within one hour. So if you ever want to come here and get a beef rib get here within the first hour, otherwise you won’t get one. This is insane as soon as my fork penetrated the casing of the sausage. You just hear like a faint snap and juice just start flowing out from wherever i punctured it, and this is the brisket i kind of made a mistake. I should have asked for the fatty one i think they gave me lean. Brisket glorious smoke ring on the bottom, all that fat and crust on top. I think this. This is the best piece right here pulled pork. Oh look at this beautiful color it’s.

Just like a bouquet of meat. We got a little crust, some fat and look how easily this thing just comes apart. This thing looks like it’s about to just fall to pieces. Even if i jiggle a little bit oh look at this that’s all it takes to get a piece of that rib off the bone. There you go that’s it that’s how you deep bone more rib here. I also got their sandwich. This is some sort of brisket sandwich and this is chopped brisket. So hopefully these are fattier pieces here, some collard greens. Of course this is their infamous sweet potato. First of all, i’ve never seen a sweet potato as big as this before there’s bits of bacon pulled pork, just a ton of barbecue and scallions all on top of this sweet potato um i’m. Pretty sure this is considered an appetizer. This is amazing. The sweet potato is silky, smooth the brisket just peppery and spicy. Oh, my god, there’s smoke. You really got ta. Try this Music! Oh you get us extremely gentle, sweet potatoes. You got cheese, you got the texture from the brisket little crunch from the bacon bits and the scallions so much flavor, so much texture. I can’t believe this is an appetizer brenda’s here with me. You’Ve been here before right, no you’ve never been here before i haven’t been here: no there’s a lot of food, but brenda also has a big family, so they’re going to help us eat all this too.

I think the biggest mistake i made today was not specifying that i want a fatty brisket again. I think this is the ling brisket, but even the length brisket look at that. Please don’t be dry. Please don’t be trying a little drive. I told you it’s not my day today, i always specify fatty brisket. I don’t think i’ve ever had lean. Brisket that’s, not dry, flavor is good, but i think it tastes like the tumbleweed i hit on the way here this. On the other hand, this part – i know this is going to be a whole different story. Um it’s still not juicy, but this is a tender part. I don’t understand lean brisket. I don’t understand why anybody would opt to get that because again i never had a piece that wasn’t dry they’re big cuts of meat and they could be tender but they’re, never juicy. That was a good piece, a ton of fat in that bite. This is the jalapeno link. Amazing, you guys should see big pieces of jalapeno. This thing incredible, snack, great spicy, flavor, so smoky as well. That’S, amazing sausage pulled pork is good tender and just like um the lean brisket a bit on the dry side. I am excited about this: did you try the brisket? Try the brisket in case i’m, not trustworthy enough brendan doesn’t lie it’s dry dry, very dry, yeah tastes like texas, wish. I got the fatty brisket. I think my favorite thing so far is a sweet potato.

This is really good actually tied between those and the sausage. Sausage is amazing, also dish, good right, that’s, really good sweet but salty. At the same time, i don’t lie to you guys when i say it’s good it’s going to be good. This is good not even going to use my teeth. Oh ribs are so good. Haven’T tried their barbecue sauce let’s see if we can rescue the brisket a little bit. Well, you guys can already see on screen, that’s running really really dry, and this hasn’t been sitting on my plate for that long either i’ve been eating this pretty much as soon as we got the order it’s better with the sauce wow. I love the sauce. I went on everything now try a little barbecue sauce too. The sauce is so good. I just wish this place would have asked me if i wanted to lean or fatty brisket, not too late to fix this food regret. We got a lot of people that’s gon na eat this, like nine people, i’m gon na go, get some fatty brisket and while i wait for my meat to get here, just a huge shout out and thank you to the sponsor of this video raycon earbuds, you Guys know i’ve been using raycon for a while now ever since i first tried them out. I told you guys when they reached out to me i was using a different, much more expensive pair of earbuds, but as soon as i tried these, this is what i’ve been using ever since and again with any brand that jumps on my channel.

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I swear i’m, not picking on this place, and i want this place to be really really good, because i love texas barbecue and this place is highly recommended. That’S a tough bite of brisket. This part is really tender, but this end piece right here dry. As my dad jokes, i think this is going to be a good piece here, but anytime you get like a like an end piece on this brisket, even though it’s tender it’s, not all that juicy and this part it’s just flat out dry during the try dish. It looks dry already, try it let’s, try right tastes like the ling brisket. I think this place, maybe it’s just today. This is this – is what what i’m getting flavor’s all there is great it’s just dry, huh i’m, a little disappointed actually i’m. A lot disappointed when i think of fatty brisket. I want nothing juicy. I want a tender and again flavor is good tons of smoke. I may not be able to beat this up in a fight for everything i hear the sweet, potato marvelous, the ribs and the sausage three best things at this place. In my humble opinion, of course, i never got to try the beef rib. I bet you that would have been incredible that’s why it sold out so early, but just based on what i’ve had today. Those are the things i like. Oh, i forgot about this banana pudding dash crab, that’s, really good.

That would have been a fitting conclusion to any great barbecue meal. I think tomorrow, i’m gon na go back to my roots, to my first ever taste of texas barbecue, which was at terry black’s, which is right down the street. So tomorrow i think we’re going to try that place out by the meantime, i’m going to get back to my sweet potato Music wow blue steel drunken nut cloud9 that looks good, smooth operator. These all look good i’ll, take a key lime and a blue steel. I’Ve had a key lime pie since i was in the florida keys. A good killer empire is just always so tart and make you just want to puck your lips, a lot of kale and pie just made from lime or lemon actually tastes like key lime. That’S. A delicious pie is that your first time eating key lime. Yes, do you like it very, very hard? Oh, i love blueberry pie, blue still, all you guys might not have seen the movie zoolander how i do my best blue steel that’s. All i got Music! Oh cool filled, popsicles what’s, the what’s, the best one uh i’ll take a banana nutella. What do you Music want? That’S, pretty good nutella and a banana popsicle? I remember back when i was still living the bay area. We would go out to lunch, often at a given barbecue and right beside there. You weren’t there right there’s, a pop scope store right afterwards, so we get all you can eat korean bbq then go for popsicles most unhealthy day ever but that’s.

What we always do. Music, oh yeah, that smells like something i want to eat, and this is where the magic happens. What up guys wow this is where the magic happens, huh, absolutely Music. That was so pretty now let’s actually go get some Music. This might just be the best day of my life, maybe i’ll get married. Maybe i will maybe i have kids, maybe i won’t, but as of right now i can’t think of a day that might hop this. This is the same feeling i get when i’m waiting for, like a like a really awesome roller coaster at six flags or something the anticipation is killing me. I am beyond excited. This has to be the first bite just like. I remember that don’t even use your teeth, just give it a gentle kiss. That is all you need to do, and this thing will just come right off the bones. The most delicious fragile piece of meat you’ll ever lovingly hold in your hands too good, too ungodly. Good again, you can just break this apart with your plastic fork, Music same thing with a fatty brisket. Now i truly feel like i’m in texas, the biscuit the beef rib cheddar sausage. I remember how good that was. You got ta, get the cheddar sausage here, unbelievable that sausage would definitely be able to get like the front page of sports illustrator or something because it’s that smoking. I never had a smoked turkey because i literally eat turkey once a year during thanksgiving i’m, always shocked when i eat sliced turkey anywhere when it’s not dried.

This is not dry. This is tender that’s, so tender such a great smoke flavor and finally, the pork rib. Look at that beautiful smoke, green Music, that’s it no barbecue – is better than texas. Barbecue i’ll make that statement and i’ll stand behind it, there’s, absolutely nothing! I don’t love at this place. Actually, this pork rib might be my favorite thing here: i’m, like the most unfaithful barbecue eater ever like every time. I take a bite of something i fall in love with it. I uh i’m home. I can eat this like all the time now i’m home – and this is my homecoming meal i’m gon na just hang up the do not disturb sign for a little bit need some time alone. With this see in a bit Music. Everything is amazing. Here, oh perfect way to end this meal, a little banana pudding, a little soda water. I don’t know if i could be more happy right now, like food elated joy at a maximum that’s where i’m at also uh quick story. I don’t know if you guys care. I love sparkling water so much – and i started drinking this because when i was back in college – and i was rushing delta kai fraternity – i didn’t drink, so they bought me what they thought was the nastiest beverage out there with your sparkling water and i drink this. Instead of beer, and at the time i hated the taste of this, but after a whole pledge season love it loved it ever since anyway, just some random story that you probably didn’t ask for that was amazing and chew’s gon na take us on another little tour Of the barbecue pit area, what we got what’s up man, so in our pit room we have five.

One thousand gallon offset smokers all made by sonny. Mulberry got a dripping springs. Texas, fire boxes are insulated. We only use post oak wood got ta, keep it central. Texas style all the way, so we’re, constantly cooking briskets we’re doing about 150 briskets 25 beef ribs a day, prime brisket kosher salt, black pepper, oh so pretty so, of course, this is further along within the cup got thrown on about 3 a.m. In the morning, coming up to about the 10 and a half hour mark we’re going to be wrapping here real soon, we have a saying at terry black’s brisket is king, but obviously the rolls royce of texas barbecue is our beef rib. That is so true again. Just kosher salt and black pepper, you got to get that when you come here. That was just that was love at first bite. For me, when i first came here, i just filmed this. I didn’t use my teeth. I told everybody i’m like yo, come here and you give that beef rib a subtle, kiss absolutely and it falls apart. I appreciate it man. Thank you. So much. You guys do amazing work here. I just moved to dallas so i’m going to be back a lot. So what yeah i did! I did i’m here now, so no of course, of course, get the jasmine milk tea, uh 30 sugar, not too much ice and no boba, i’m, too old for boba huh, no boba a lot of you guys, hating on me right now, but once you’re older, you Grow out of boba, i came here because i miss seattle, so i don’t know why the one of the best foot places around me is also called fell back.

What are the odds of that it’s like i’m? Taking a piece of seattle with me anyway? After a couple days of barbecue, i just want to rest my stomach a little bit so best way to do that is to your tummy up with Music, oh yeah, wow that’s excellent broth, since i live close to great vietnamese food now like this is all i Want to eat like whenever i’m hungry, i just want to boil noodles that’s. All i want, and this broth is great how’s. The broth that’s good mmm that’s excellent broth. Ask for a bottle of sriracha. Leave me this, so these last two days will be two of many meals of barbecue in in dallas and texas in general. Obviously i know like these two may be the most popular in dallas. They may not be the best and trying to eat through all the barbecue restaurants, even in dallas itself, it’s like trying to get out all the pizza places in new york it’s going to take some time but i’m in it. For the long run, i will try most, if not all the barbecue places in dallas and in texas. If i want to make this a live mission i’m going to try every single good barbecue place in texas, i don’t care. If it takes me the rest of my life i’m going to do it for, for you guys not because i’m going to enjoy it, a lot which i will i actually wanted to go to a third barbecue place.

I wanted to go tonight. Uh it’s called what’s called hutchins barbecue. I wanted to go there because we ran into that place on our way to get dumplings one day and it was like i’m lying around the block. So i wanted to go there. They got some crazy, jalapenos, stuffed with brisket and wrapped in bacon, but yeah. Then i realized, like three barbecue meals in a row. You ever for me might make me hate brisket for a while much better option. I love the use of scallions here anyway. A quick summary of the two barbecue plays i went to my favorite thing is that terry black’s? Definitely the beef rip. The pork rib, the cheese sausage was amazing. Banana pudding was awesome. Whole pork was good, oh soup. Turkey was amazing. That place by far is still probably my favorite barbecue place in texas. I know i haven’t tried a lot don’t jump on me, yeah i’m. Getting there. I will try a lot more, but as of now that’s my favorite barbecue place in texas, i feel like the pecan lodge, i think, is more popular, but the brisket, even the fatty one, wasn’t, all that great kind of dry, flavor wasn’t as good as terry black’s. I know i didn’t get to try the beef for it, but overall impression don’t like it as much probably won’t be going back. What do you think brenda? Which one was your favorite, terry black cherry black? Is your favorite yeah for sure that sweet potato was good? It was good, it was real.

The sausages were good too, but everything else of theirs, like the brisket and ribs, is not as great what she said. Kudos on that sweet potato and the jalapeno sausage was amazing. Rib was good, otherwise it’s, okay, anyway that’s. My first two reviews of i’m sure many more barbecue places to come. All right got ta get back to my phone. Thank you guys.