Now i have pre recorded all of this, but i just want to say happy fathers day to everyone out there obviously um, if youre, not a father or whatever. You know im, sorry for you, but it is fathers day. So i myself, a father, will want to celebrate that with all the other fathers out there so happy fathers day. I hope you have a great day whether it be hanging out with the kids all day, whether youre working, whether youre sleeping in till the butt crack. I dont know have fun, enjoy it: enjoy the family family first always, but lets uh jump into this build video. I had this uh recorded, i believe on like friday or something, but i wanted to you know, release it today. That way, you guys dont go a full day without having a video. You know what i mean you know, try to keep it going, but anyways sit back, relax grab that popcorn dont forget to hit that like subscribe. If you havent already – and let me know what you guys think in the comment section below – but this is going to be my skill – damage crit build it is a turret drone build with a crap ton of crit. For my capacitor, my drone is at 174 and my turret is at 279. So those are the hit markers that i am getting on both of those skills and ill show. You guys that in the firing range and then ill do a little bit of heroic pve action, then ill.

Do a little bit of speed run action. That way, you can see that this build is a lot of fun to run, and it is really fun to use right now during the global event. Guardians so have fun with this enjoy the rest of your day. Um and yeah ill see you guys on monday, but without further ado lets jump into the gameplay ill. Do the build breakdown, and then i will see all of you on monday. So all right lets jump to the gameplay and well be right back all right. So lets look at these numbers. Shall we so with everything said and done? My turret is hitting for 279 279 now lets. Look at the drone, so turret is 279. Drone is 174. yeah, 174., so 279 on my turret and 174 on my drone, not too shabby 174 and then lets see. Maybe i can put the turret out again see the mayhem this going. There we go make sure i keep my stacks up there. We go. Look at that mayhem, so many hit markers its not even letting me read them all so, 279 and 174. Those are going to be my numbers heroic gameplay lets go so were doing a heroic, uh whats. This lincoln memorial. There we go with the latest global event. Active um: this is uh guardians for the global event. There we go pretty easy, theres a gate between you call that turret all right here we go.

I love the way that the weather outside is weather. Go go all right. This is tricky because uh theyre immune until i kill the guardian, oh im, about to go down, and i got him. I got him. The capacitor is doing some hella damage too. There we go yeah we got this lets. Go lets, go all right. Moving on! Oh, the guardians way on the right side and thats. What kind of makes this a little tricky like yeah the global events off. I messed that up. I messed that turret up crap. I messed that one up, oh man, yeah get them drone there we go nice. My drone got him there. We go there, push up top, oh they just spawned out again get the guardian. There we go. I need to shoot us back. I cant get to his back. Oh there we go yeah, nice good job. That drone is really helping me out. Nice lets go next stage. Lets see come on. Oh, i need to get closer there. We go, get him drone, get him. Turret always go for the guardian first and then get all the other ones makes your life a lot easier. Oh hes immune hes, immune crap. I need to get that guardian there. We go all right, its a bunch of uh heavies. There we go get out of here, get out of here, oh get out of here. Oh no, oh crap! All right give you a little heroic gameplay now lets do a little speed run real quick show you what its like doing that now.

Obviously, the speed run is not going to be as fast because im not using that status effects build, but i think i could probably still squeeze in a pretty damn fast time. So lets see what i could do. Im going to aim for a sub 10 minute run. We shall see theyre, not even coming out of the door. There we go come on all right run. Boom boom boom boom boom. There we go meet maya walsh, oh ouch ouch. This is going to be an interesting one to do with turret drone lets see how we do this there we go turd in the middle put on the guardian nice. There it is there. We go money, perfect, perfect, perfect nice. That was good, keep going, keep going! Thats another tricky spot too, but after this its pretty much lets say go to the boss come on take out the guardian. There we go check out the guardian. There we go set it uh, probably one more spawn. Yep there we go all right, run, run run run as fast as you can cant catch me. Im the gingerbread man boss time baby boss time baby. Now that turret drone on fleek there we go its coming out. Yeah there we go say hello to my little friend. Oh only one hit him. Oh, come on that sucked and hes down, though, damn that red bar hurt there we go hey, we did it. Sub 10 minutes lets, go thats good for a turret drone.

Build lets, get it man ggs lets, go all right. The gameplay wasnt that bad was it all right lets get into this. So heres your build breakdown for my turret drone build with the uh with the capacitor and a crap ton of crit. Now, when i say crit, let me just jump straight to it: im at 46, crit chance, 123 crit damage and then everything else is specked into skill damage. Now, looking at the specialization, i am using the technician specialization reason being. Is i get that plus one skill tier? I am using one piece of fenris and it comes with a red core attribute, so i use the technician specialization to give me that one plus skill tier that way, my turret and drone are both at tier six. All right now also im using the technician specialization for the linked laser pointer that comes for the uh king breaker. So if i ever get in a jam, i could switch off from the capacitor to the king breaker and have a lot of fun. But if you guys notice look at this! So if i look at the capacitor im sitting at 112 k primary damage right with 700 rpms. If i look at the king breaker im at 106 with 650, so it hits lower and it shoots slower than the capacitor and thats because of all these uh yellow core attributes and well talk about that right now, so heres, the capacitor.

This is my primary weapon. Now this one is only expertise, level eight, so i do have some upgrading to do now. It is at 112 k, total damage, but thats because of the talent so lets talk about it. Now the attributes are maxed out everything so ar armor damage health damage. All maxed out now heres the talent, capacitance, so shooting enemies will build a stack of 40. youll gain skill damage for each of those stacks. Now that other part is whats interesting for each yellow skill tier you gain 7.5 weapon damage so thats why this has a higher base than my king breaker with a higher rpm, because im running all of those yellow core attributes which directly increase the damage of my Capacitor now my sidearm is nothing special, just back up boomstick, no, no real, rhyme or reason it hits like a truck and everythings maxed out with close and personal its hard to put that thing down now, looking at the build itself, pretty simple im using three pieces Of empress, one piece of fenris one piece: wyvern and then the sacrifice chess piece reason being is. I want my skills to hit as hard as possible and i also want my ar to hit as hard as possible. So, starting with the mask, i have wyvern now the wyvern brand set bonus. I get from this build 10 skill damage. It comes with a skill tier now i rolled on there crit chance it came with max skill damage and then i put another crit chance for that mod slot going to the backpack empress with combined arms.

So, every time i shoot an enemy, i get more skill damage highly recommend this backpack talent. Now the emperors international. I am running three pieces of it, so i get all of the brand set bonuses. I get skill health which helps my drone and turret. I get skill damage which also helps my drone and turret and then that skill efficiency, so skill efficiency gives you everything at once. So you get skill, hase skill damage, status, effects, skill duration and skill, health, all within skill efficiency, so thats. Why im running all three? Now, for this backpack it comes with a skill tier i optimize skill damage up to max. It also has crit chance and a crit chance mod going to the gloves fenris im using the fenris for that brand set bonus of 10 ar damage. Now it does come with that red core attribute, but remember we are using the technician specialization to offset that that way, we still have max skill tiers for our skills. Now, with that, it also has max crit damage and skill damage going to the chess pieces of the sacrifice chess piece. So the sacrifice chess piece is the named providence defense chest with perfect glass cannon. Now the providence defense brand set bonus. I get from this build 15 headshot damage. Now i rolled a skill tier for the core attribute. It comes with crit chance and skill damage with a max crit damage mod. Now the sacrifice comes with the talent, perfect, glass cannon.

So all the damage you deal is amplified by 30. That includes the capacitor. The drone, the turret everything you are doing is amplified just be careful because the enemies will hit you for a lot more, so just be careful with the way you play going to the holster. This is empress international holster, with a skill tier max crit damage and skill damage, and then finally, we have the empress. Knee pads comes with a skill, tier max skill, damage and crit damage. Now, for the two skills that im using im using the assault turret, this ones at expertise, level, 15 – and it is a tier vi now just sitting here on paper. It says the damage is at 133 786, but with all of the extra buffs and whatnot. That is applied to the turret. It goes up to 279 per bullet. My other skill is the striker drone, again expertise, level 15 tier 6 and the damage on paper 83, 582, but with all of the buffs and everything added to it. That goes up to 174 k per bullet and those are my skills thats. The build so lets finish up with these stats. So here is the capacitor stats without any of the buffs applied, so the skill tier buffs apply as soon as you go into combat. Now now that were not in combat and were just going through, the build, it dropped it back down to 89k for a pvp, its 45k with 46 crit chance, 123 crit damage and 90 headshot dont forget about the armor and health damage now going to the offensive Tab, we have 78 all weapon damage bonus with 40 ar damage bonus.

So every time i use the capacitor, i am starting off with 118 damage bonus total. Now it comes with combined arms and perfect glass cannon, defensive tab, 726k armor 337k health with 10 explosive and hazard, and that is because of my watch level. So here is my disclaimer for all my bill of videos. I am at shade level 3387. That means all of these attribute boxes are maxed out, 50 of 50.. So if you are at or above shade level 1000 and you copy and paste my build youll get the exact same numbers and results. However, if you are below shade level 1000, some of these attribute boxes will not be maxed out 50 or 50.. Therefore, when you copy and paste my builds, some of your numbers might be lower its okay dont freak out its still a great build to use. I promise you all you need to do is get up to that shade level. 1000. That way, your character is maxed and you get the most out of your builds until hitting shade level 1000. Just know that some of your numbers are going to be lower than other people, its okay, its not a requirement to hit shade level 1000, its just a recommendation that way you get the most potential out of your builds, but alright, everybody. This is my skill damage. Crit build pretty self explanatory with the capacitor as my primary. If things get hairy, i could use the king breaker and then uh yeah just use the turret drone and have a lot of fun like i was saying it is even more fun with the new global event thats going on right now, the guardians global event uh Highly recommend, but alright, everybody have a great fathers day and i will see you guys on monday.

I am kamikaze von doom.