I have the HD version, there's, also a version for analog. If you want to run that you have a CAD X, Loris option as well it's a little cheaper than the DJI version here. This is the Kennex nebula version and I've got my Vista at the very top right here mounted it's all ready to go we're going to do some flying today. We'Re gon na try out a little bit of freestyle one that we're also going to fly proximity. But what I want to, let you guys know is that this is one of the the lightest HD experiences that you can get out there right now. You can really get into some tight places with this quad and we're going to test out this xm receiver on the back. You can also vine it up to your DJI radio. If you already have a DJI radio, that will be a lot of fun, but today I'm gon na fly it on my new T 18. My jumper T 18 is in the house so I'm testing that, for you, guys, I'm gon na give a full review on that one coming up very soon, but this little guy weighs under 100 grams without a battery and we'll put that on the scale. I'Ll show you how much it weighs right now and you can see it is extremely light. Also we're gon na run 500 milliwatts today and 700. Millions, one here and we'll, give an honest look at the nebula camera and we'll talk about how that camera looks.

It is a little cheaper if you want to buy that setup it's around 125 for the mechanics, Vista and a nebula, so I'll try to put a link down below for that kit. If you want to put that on another style loop', but this is going to get you well over three minutes flight time with a 3 s, 450 that's my battery of choice. So I have a couple of G Langlands we're going to test out today and those those work pretty good. If you fly it a little milder, you can probably get well over 4 minutes and we're going to test out some different sized batteries. Now, one mod that I did on mine right away was snapping off the bottom tray. Here there was a little tiny sort of battery cage and I took my snips snapped it off and I put a strap down there so once I have the strap on there, I can run a much larger body. Look like they wanted you to run something like a 3 s, 300 milliamp battery. But honestly, I want to run something a little bigger just because I want a little bit longer flight times and the biggest battery I'll probably run on here would be something like a like a 3 s, I'd say 550 at the max. You might be able to put a 650 on there, but at that point, you're kind of pushing it and you're gon na start to feel the battery weight, so great quad for beginners.

If you don't see that well, if you need glasses, I always suggest that you go DJI digital version, because it looks a lot better in the goggles than analog. So you just see things a lot better and you can really get in there with DJI digital video, it's it's, really some 2020 stuff guys. So we have a dipole on the back back here we have a fairly durable looking frame four bolts on the bottom of each motor. We have little tiny quad props on here. We have 1103 8000 kV motors and we have an XT 30 in the back. I'Ve got a little spot for my xm back here, which is really nice and up front. We have that cat X nebula with plenty of camera protection and a fairly durable top plate canopy right here. The cool thing is it's only four bolts to up front to on the sides to release those and we have the gap. Rc, F. 4. This is a may tech. F4. 11 firmware on this board. It does have 12, AM es es on here. So don't try to run anything more than three s: 3. S is the recommended battery for this little thinking p16, but what a cool looking little quad super excited that this one is here. Finally ready for review. I'Ve done my flight tests on it. So let's go ahead outside now. Guys and let's have some fun with the P 16. Here we go another great quad, PhoneGap RC, as I expected let's go alright guys let's go ahead and get to thinking p 16 up in the air.

I have the three s. 450 million in there and it seems to be being pushed around a lot on my first flight, usually don't bank, around the sidewalk that hard there was quite a bit of wind. You can see that the leaves are blowing in the trees right here. It was blowing. Probably 15 mile an hour when it seems like it's a little bit too much for this quad outside, but I was still able to do punch outs and a mild amount of freestyle without having a lot of washout, which is really great news for this quad. So it will do mild freestyle, but let's get into some cruising now and let's see what kind of lines we can get with this quad. I wanted to try to go around the house too and see how the Vista works out with the nebula I'm able to get back here, really see where things are and with a little bit of extra wind got pushed into the air conditioner. There got a crash now. This is another day where the wind really calmed down a lot and it's early in the morning. So it's not super super bright out, but you can see the nebulous. It still looks a little bit overblown the white seem to be a little too white. There'S almost seems to be a little bit of haze in this camera as well. So maybe cat X will definitely work on that firmware to get it a little more saturated and less bright for you guys, but as far as the performance goes it's about as expected, I've flown this type of power system a lot.

The 3s combo with the 1103 motors it's, the micro brushless sweet spot, and it feels really good and the cool thing about this. Is it doesn't feel as heavy as like the mobula 7hd? Did it doesn't? Have that sort of hulky feel to it, which is really nice? If you want to do some cinema type stuff, you can also add a little insta 360 go on this one. It would definitely carry an insta 360 go and it's a shame that I didn't get mine on here, for you guys, but mostly I wanted you guys today to to look at the nebula and see how that works out and keep in mind if you don't have Dji goggles get the lowest version with the 4k so now up through the trees here, we'll try a little bit of proximity. We'Ll just go up to this tree here. I'Ll try to slow it down for you guys and just really get up there in the canopy. Some of my favorite stuff to do is canopy exploration. That really shows you. If a quad is a little bit overpowered or you can back off the throttle and have an extreme amount of control, and that is really good control and even there's still a little bit of wind today, so tiny bit of wind pushing me around but I'm, really Able to go places, I can't go with other quads, so that's. What these little guys are all about, but it's fantastic, to see DJI quality on something this small.

Now one of the smallest DJI experiences I've ever had really cool, but it feels really good on the sticks. It'S great in stability mode. If you want to do some, beginner training learn how to fly a drone. This would be a fantastic choice for that, like just getting into fpv. Of course, you can also do the analog version and back over that power line nice little loop. There no problem is try another flip. That looks good, so not a lot of washout on this quad, which is really impressive and I feel like I can make it stop on a dime as well. So it has a lot of control. We'Re gon na try some extreme proximity here in a second I'm gon na fly under one of the Priuses out there, I'm gon na see, if I can make it underneath and decent punch out it's about what I'd expect on a 3s battery and now I'm gon Na come back over the yard here back underneath these Japanese maples nice control low to the ground. I really like it and I'm averaging about four minutes flight time with this battery I'm gon na try this tree right here. I haven't really found any lines through this particular tree. So again the nebula. Let me see where I'm going looking good, not gon na make it under that one, but let's let's try to make this gap underneath the Priuses. These priuses are really low to the ground.

So I make this awesome. We made it under guys, so a really fun quad to fly and it's one of those ones you want to keep flying it's. Just you want to do battery after battery with this quad, so definitely two thumbs up for this little p16. It'S a lot of fun to fly. I think you you guys couldn't go wrong with those. This one is really good, so let's go back and do some final thoughts about the p16. Here we go. Alright guys welcome back from the flight test. So what do you guys think put some comments down below? Let me know what do you think about this little guy first impression flying it right off the sidewalk for the first time and just kind of cruising across the yard, my first flight, it was really windy. So the first flight that you saw was probably about a 15 mile an hour wind and I was definitely having some issues with the wind, and that is not a surprise because any type of win on something this small it's gon na give you some some pushback On the flight controller and the flight controller is going to be kind of struggling to to make it in that high wind. So you can see the trees blowin when I was trying to do some proximity flying through the trees, but I had to fly quite fast too to keep it in control in all that wind.

So the next day I was able to fly it in almost zero wind conditions and it is a dream to fly in those zero wind conditions. It does extremely well so pick and choose your days indoors. This is great outdoors on the calm windy days. Less windy days, it's gon na be a really good, quad, very, very smooth, going down the street up and down the street, and I was able to slow it way down because we have the power system on here. That is the micro brushless. Sweetspot I've talked about this a lot on my channel, the 1103 motors with 3s battery at this weight and size. This is a really good, combo and it's almost like the perfect storm, because not only do we have the perfect power system for the frame, size and weight as well as power ratio. We have also digital video on here, which is, is just leveling. This quad up to the next level, so I think that that there probably could be some improvements to the firmware on the nebula. Maybe for brightness contrast adjustments. Maybe you can go inside your DJI goggles and turn down some of that brightness, because the stock setting on it seems to be a little bit high in the brightness department. So we were just going to talk about that right away. Other reviewers have been talking about it and it is a real thing. So, on the really sunny days, the the nebula is going to give you some pretty some pretty intense brightness, and it also seems to have a little bit of a haze, so you're gon na want to make sure that you clean off your camera lens really well.

Before you fly with your nebula just I usually do it every time before I take off and after that I'm pretty good to go but way up high is where you can see that lightness come into the nebula so down low. It looks pretty good down low. So it's only until I go way up high in the sky that I'm starting to see those super brights. So mechanics has a little bit of work to do on their brightness contrast settings for the nebula but I'm happy that we have DJI digital in this small format and I was able to fly it all the way around the house. I made it back out to the first time I crashed the XM plus receiver did not failsafe even below the foundation of the house, the concrete all that rebar in between me and this little guy. It didn't failsafe one time so other than my silly crash, but it will take a beating and it came back all in one piece: no cracks. I hit the concrete crush on the concrete, flew it into a car. It took some hits, so I think it's durability, wise it held up. I was concerned with the two bolts in the very front right here. This is your front plate, but it is flattened out up here and we have decent camera protection for this little lens. So it looks like it's going to be a winner in a lot of different apartments.

So I think this one is is definitely one to consider for 2020 with maybe with some of the changes of the the CAD X nebulous. My only drawback right now, but if you have DJI goggles, you can't go wrong with this little guy. It is absolutely awesome and for you guys that say, oh Justin, you never review things that you don't like well there's, there's, there's, a reason for sometimes not seeing a lot of negative negative reviews. I'M not going to sit here and talk about something negative for five minutes. I don't make videos that I'm, not like a product that would waste my time and your time so guys that are watching the channel that our subscribers yeah, if something is total shite I'm. Probably not going to waste my time when I'm not going to waste your time so I'm only bringing you guys the best of the best on this channel 90 of the time I will have some honest feedback on stuff as well, but that is my two cents On that subject, so guys keep watching the channel for more honest reviews. This one is a banger. It is a home run for them from gap RC, and we will continue to see upgrades on this nebula coming up this year, because the community is heard bike, addicts and CAD X would listen so I'll see you on the next one guys take care and be Safe out there and keep flying this one is a great quarantine.