What im going to do today is not only give you the top five things. I love about the bike, but also the top three things i dislike about the bike. So if youre interested in the bonneville stick around stay tuned, this video is for you, Music, okay, so lets start the video with the negative. Should we, the top three things i hate about the bike? Now, of course, hate is a strong word. I do love the bike. Actually, i love all the shrunk, bonnevilles and uh. This one is very, very, very nice, but go and check out my video i made, i think about three years ago now, actually living with one of these. I had this bike or a bike very similar to this about three years ago and theyve just come out. I had it for a couple of weeks really got to know the bar ill put a link in the corner to that video go watch that dont watch. It now, but after this video and you can see how i felt about overall in much more in depth, but as i say for this video im going to give you my top three whinges, my top three likes. Okay, then so to the first dislike. I have at the t120, and this is something that a few of the tramps share and ive mentioned it before, and that is the way the daylight running lights work. I just think the lighting on the instrument panel is the wrong way around for the setting youve got it.

Let me show what i mean so if i turn the bike on okay and you turn it on and as standard uh with the button down here, ive got the dipped headlights on now. Okay, so im not showing anything on here and if we come around the front of the bike, we can see that there we go weve got the dipped headlight on and thats as youd expect all right. Now, if i come and turn the daylight running lights on you push it forward like that, you get a light on that looks like youve got dipped lights on now, but in fact, youve got the daylight running light on you see this bottom bit. It looks very cool, but to me i think the daylight running light should come on as standard without any sort of lighting on the instrument panel and then, when you turn the switch to dipped beam thats when that light should come on thats. My thinking about it anyway, it just seems the wrong way around to me so thats, the number three on my list of the things i dislike about the t120 bonneville okay, so on to number two of my list of the top three dislikes of the bike. Lets call them that, and that is the cost of the machine going to the website. When i checked yesterday, this machine costs 10 300 pounds and to me thats quite a lot of money for a bike at this time.

Why do i say that? Well, when you look at things like the royal enfield interceptor, famously probably the most uh popular retro bike of the last couple of years, you can pick one of those up for about five and a half grand, so youve got to ask yourself. The question is the t120 twice a royal enfield interceptor and as an owner of an interceptor and an owner of a speed twin, so im a trump fan boy as well. I have to say this bike is not twice a royal enfield. It dont get me wrong. Its a way way better bike than the royal enfield, its much more refined its much smoother. The quality of the build is better everything about the bike is better and, of course, its in a different league because its a 1200, not a 650. But all that said does that make the royal enfield half as good? No, it doesnt so thats number two on my list of whinges the cost of the bike. I just think its quite a lot of money for a retro machine, so the winches are nearly over youll, be glad to hear. So what is number one of my top three whinges, the things i dislike about the trump t120 bonneville well thats. Without a doubt, the weight of this bike is one of the heavier bonnevilles ill put the weight of the bike on the screen. Im used to my speed twin, which in fact is the lightest of the bonneville, so perhaps im being a little bit unfair with the t120.

But to me when you shift it around, it just feels flipping heavy. Getting it off the side. Stand it leans over. Quite a far away moving it around the garage. It just gets my arthritic shoulders so uh. If youre small wimpy have arthritic shoulders, you might want to have a bit of a think about it. I think, from a weight point of view, bikes like the t100, probably make more sense so thats, the top of the list of the three things i hate about the t120 thats its weight when youre moving the thing around the garage. Okay, nobody likes to wind. You do they so lets move on to the top five things that i love about the t120 bonneville so number, five of the top five things that i love about the trump t120 bonneville is just the build quality of this machine triumph in the last five years. Have really upped their game on build quality and the t120 is no exception. Just things like the finish on the clocks, the little uh stay on the mud guard. The engine finishes just little. Things like i dont know where it says: triumph on the seat, theyve just paid attention to the fit and finish on this bike and uh thats. The number five on my list of the things that i love about the bike so on to number four, the top five things i love about the truck t120 bonneville, and that is its got just the right amount of electronics.

This machine has got abs, of course, and traction control its got riding modes, and that is basically it and, to my mind, thats all you need on a modern motorcycle, okay, its a little bit different if youre going to get a top spec sports bike. Where you go on track days and then you maybe you want all the electronics, you can get to keep you safe and help you out on track and shave milliseconds off your track time. But if youre just out for a lovely sunday afternoon, ride like you would be on a bike like this, then you dont need any more electronics than that. So thats number four, the top five things i love about. The bonneville theyve got the electronics just right on this machine, not too much not too little. Okay on to number three on my list of the things i love about the bonneville then and thats something thats, not too surprising. That is just the comfort on this bike. I love the way that youre in an upright seating position, you feel almost like youre on arm chair thats. The sort of position youre in your legs are basically feel like theyre, almost 90 degrees theyre, actually at a slightly acute angle, but theyre very, very comfortable. There is, of course, no wind protection on the bike, its a naked bike, but youre not going to be hearing around on this bike at super duper speeds. If youre just going to the back lanes, then the wind lack of wind protection is no issue on this bike, so its quite comfortable as far as thats concerned, the handlebars, as well just in the right place not too wide, not too narrow.

Good leverage on the bike, the seats, nice and long, you can move down if youre, long, armed and long legged or you can move up close if youre a shorty you can find somewhere that works for you on the seat. So the seats, nice and comfortable as well so thats number three on my list of the top five things i love about the bonneville t120, and that is the comfort of the bike. You can ride this for hours and hours and youre not going to get uncomfortable. Okay on to number two are the top five things i love about the bonneville and thats. This listen yeah! Oh, you got ta love the way the engine on this bike delivers its power because its a 1200 cc bike, theres plenty of power. There dont go around thinking just because its a retro bike and it looks like something your granddad might ride. Dont go around thinking its a slow bike, its not and its got loads of low down grunt as well and thats. What i love about it, its only fast up to the speed limit, then it runs out of puff and all the grunt is nice and low down. So the the power on this bike is all exactly where you need it within the legal road speeds that youre going to be riding the bike on so thats number. Two on my list of the top five things. I love about the bike, its smooth, low down power delivery, its got all the power you need right where you need it, its just real world power on this bike.

I love that about it. Okay, then, to number one of the top five things i love about. The traffic t120 bonneville – and that is quite straightforward, uh very obvious, and that is its retro good, looks. I think, out of all the triumph bonnevilles. The t120 is the one to me that looks most authentic. It does look like a bonneville should look. I think its an absolutely cracking looking machine comes in all sorts of different variants. This is the uh ace cafe version which i think is lovely with the with the badging on it and so on, and the blacked out bits and the trinkets. And what have you that its got but uh the t120 in standard form comes in some lovely color schemes and i think its just a really lovely looking bike if youre uh after a retro machine, there are very few that look as good as this. So thats number one on my list: the top five things i love about, the t120 bonneville, its just retro good, looks its uh absolutely up there with the best of them. Okay, so there you have it thats, uh, the top five things i love about the uh t120 and the top three things that get. We knows a bit about the bike, thats all just my opinion. Of course, if youve got one of these box – and you love it – and you disagree with me – then ill be fascinated to read your comments down below.

Do stick them in there and, if i missed something out that you think i should have included then do put that in as well. It is only my opinion, of course, and its all done in the names of entertainment, so dont take it too seriously. I hope you enjoyed that as much as i enjoyed making its a beautiful day to be riding out today, if youre a little nippy. I dont just do bike reviews here on the mitten floor, either by the way, but i do uh bits and pieces on how to look after your bike in the garage cop slippy. I do monthly bike news. I do trips and tours at home and abroad. Basically, everything and everything to do with motorcycling. I cover it here on the mississippi floor. So, if youve not yet hit that subscribe, button, itll be fantastic to have you along do hit that ding the little bell thing, so you get notifications and that way i can see the next video okay thats it for now. Then look forward to speak to you again soon. Until then, this has been the missing fly, cheerio, where the hell am.